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Plans to launch new flight en route Baku – Athens

The website reports the Greek Foreign Minister, Dimitris
Avramopoulos, said, while staying in Baku,
he met with the Azerbaijani Minister of Culture and Tourism, Abulfaz Garayev.

According to him, an achievement was reached at this meeting to launch a
flight en route Baku, AzerbaijanAthens, Greece.

The Greek Minister stressed the new flight would boost tourism between
the two countries.

We remind herein Dimitris Avramopoulos, Greek Foreign Minister, started
his official visit to Azerbaijanon April 29, 2013.

The development of relations and cooperation between Azerbaijan and Greece is at a high level, and the trade
circulation between the two countries has reached US $1 billion.

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Flydubai: Air traffic between UAE and Tajikistan to expand trade relations between the two countries

Presentation of the start-up of the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, flydubai, was held in Dushanbe, Tajikistan,

The first flight from Dubai to Dushanbe will land at the capital’s airport on May 1,
2013, at 02:30 (flight from Dubaito 22.05, local time).

The return flight from Dushanbe will be operated
on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 04:50, local time (arriving in Dubai at 07:30, local time).

The flights will be operated on Boeing 737-800, which meets all the
standards of the safe air travel, the company says. The roundtrip airfare will come
to US $545, including the baggage weighing up to 20 kg and hand luggage
weighing up to seven kg.

For comparison, the present airfares offered by Tajik private airline, Somon
Air, (roundtrip flight to Dubai)
are not very different and come to US $593. The Tajik airline flies three times
a week to this destination.

Ghaith Al Ghaith, CEO,  flydubai, reported
at today’s press conference the Arabian airline intends to operate flights all-year-round,
without allocating the flights to summer and winter flight schedule.

 “We are interested in expanding
trade relations between our two countries. Our airline is the first one in the United Arab Emirates, which began its activities
with flights to Dushanbe, Tajikistan”, he noted.

According to Ghaith Al Ghaith, flydubai operates flights to many
countries of the CIS, and launching the flights to Dushanbe was a logical step,
as Tajikistan and the UAE have close cultural, economic and trade ties.

 “The tariff policy is dependent
on the company’s operating costs, depending on supply and demand in the market.
Our goal is to increase passenger traffic between the Emirates and Tajikistan.
Give people the opportunity to fly in transit through Dubai to other destinations. For example, one
of the passengers who will arrive by the first flight in Dushanbe,
is flying from Sudan.
Previously, it was difficult to get from the North Africa to Dushanbe, and it is possible now”, he noted.

According to the flydubai CEO, the Airline is using the right tools and
policies, and is confident that it will continue to develop activities in Tajikistan.

flydubai started its activities in 2009 and, at present, its total air fleet
includes 29 aircraft and a network of air routes includes 57 destinations.

flydubai is better known for being the low-cost airline, that offers
extremely low fares in exchange for giving up most of the traditional passenger

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Construction of aeronautical tower at Manas International Airport at Kyrgyz Parliament’s meeting

In the past, the Profile Committee of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan decided
to stop the construction of the aeronautical tower at Manas International Airport, said Almazbek
Baatyrbekov, Parliament Member, on Monday, April 29, 2013, at a meeting of the Parliament’s
Committee on Foreign Affairs.

According to him, the Parliament should punish the Government if it
turns out that the construction of this aeronautical tower at Manas International Airport is done through
an international scam. “The issue related with the Turkish company SERKA’s
activities should be considered at the meeting of the Chamber. The agreement
must be deeply considered, and, if necessary, one should attract international
lawyers. If necessary, we should apply to the U.S Congress. If this is an international
scam indeed, they should also investigate this case. Let the corresponding
commission check this”, he said.

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Kyrgyzstan Airline OJSC: Objective – leadership in the country’s aviation industry

On April 26, 2013, Kyrgyzstan Airline OJSC,  the largest airline in the country, held its board
of directors meeting. The Air Company managers have reviewed and discussed the
two-year development strategy. The successful implementation of the developed
document to life until the end of 2015 guaranteed “Kyrgyzstan”, 100 per cent of
its shares, recall, belong to the state, the first place on the national market
for passenger and freight traffic, the Air Company’s Press Service reported.

At present, according to the data reported by the board of directors,
the Airline operates scheduled and non-scheduled international and domestic air
routes. The Kyrgyzstan Airline permanently works to expand the route network,
improve passenger services, air fleet renewal, professional development of
personnel in order to ensure safety. As a result, the air route network has
grown to 18 destinations in Kyrgyzstanand other CIS countries for 11 years of its existence.

The Strategic Development Plan for 2013-2015 was developed in line with
the trend in the global air transport market, which is undergoing
consolidation. Local air carriers – there are 16 such air companies in the
country – can not remain aloof from the changes taking place. The strategy of Kyrgyzstan
Airline development is a detailed list of measures. They need to be taken to
strengthen the leading position, which the company presently has in the

This document is a basic starting point to guide future of the airline,
it should be noted that the previous such document approved in 2010, a strategic development
plan for Kyrgyzstan Airline for the period of 2010-2012 was implemented by 95%,
it provides fully replacement of the Soviet-made aircraft (Tu-154, Tu-134 and
An-24) on the Western model aircraft, such as Boeing, which has been
implemented with success due to the Air Company’s own financial resources and attracting
loans and grants from its main shareholder – the state.

In early 2012, the Kyrgyzstan Airline operated regular services from Manas
and Osh airports to 13 destinations, most of
which are in Russiaand the CIS. The Kyrgyzstan Airline operates such aircraft, as Tu-154,
Beechcraft King Air 350, Boeing 737-400 and Boeing 737-500. Acute shortage of
aircraft forces the Airline to lease aircraft on a “wet leasing” conditions
when the customer is provided with an aircraft with a crew, and it pays for
completed flown hours –  in such
conditions, the Airline operates such aircraft, as A-320, Boeing 737 – 300 and

All aircraft operated by the Airline are currently operable, licensed
and have the certificates required for operations in the prescribed manner. In
order to comply with aviation safety at the appropriate level on the continuing
airworthiness of aircraft, the  Kyrgyzstan
Airline spends considerable resources.

To date, virtually all personnel of the Airline was and is trained in
the Western academic and technical centers in Europe,
and they successfully operate Boeing aircraft. New services have been
introduced in the airline’s management structure, including service marketing
and management service for safety that meets all the standards of ICAO and thee
service workers are trained by Turkish Airlines in compliance with the ICAO standards.
As the flagship of the country’s civil aviation, the Airline staff actually
shows an example in the shortest possible time mastering the new technology,
and successful activities in the aviation services market.

The main types of services provided by the Airline, include the regular
transportation of passengers, cargo and mail on domestic and international air
routes. During 2012, the volume of the traffic totaled to 273,100 passengers.
Thus,  64,223 people were carried by
domestic flights and 208,877 – by international ones. According to statistics, the
Air Company receives the highest revenues on sales of air tickets for
international airlines for flights to and from Russia – 98.3 percent. The revenue from
the sale of air tickets for flights to Chinacomes 4.5%, the UAE – 3%, and Tajikistan– 1.3%.

As regards the domestic flights in 2012, the highest indicator of air
tickets’ sales was demonstrated by the Bishkek – Osh – Bishkek flight that totaled  156.9 million KGS. The second largest revenue
was demonstrated by the Bishkek – Dzhalal-Abad – Bishkek flight – 7.57 million KGS.

In total, the Kyrgyzstan Airline’s revenue for 2012 totaled to 2,730,109,000
KGS. The Air Company’s expenses amounted to 2,691,881,000 KGS. The net profit
after tax is about 34 million KGS.

As noted in the presented Strategy, the Air Company’s strengths include
over 10 years of experience in the aviation industry, the operation of special
flights to carry the leaders of the state and official delegations, tested
routes for passengers in the CIS countries, and wide agency network on selling
air tickets.

But, however, there are weaknesses, too. They are as follows: a small
aircraft fleet, lack of own reserve of aircraft, as well as a lack of aircraft
to expand the geography of flights, the lack of sources of additional
financing, and the ability to use borrowed funds due to lack of assets that may
be the subject of collateral, lack of marketing strategy development and
promotion services in the market, lack of access to global distribution systems
and an international system of mutual settlements, being in the EU’s “black
list” and, as a consequence, the inability to expand the geography of flights
to Europe.

The latter should be discussed separately. According to the Air Company CEO,
Zholdoshbek Bekturganov, the Airline complied with all recommendations for its
exclusion from the EU notorious blacklist. We remind herein this list includes
the air carriers, whose planes can not fly in the airspace of the European
Union for safety reasons.

The Kyrgyzstan Airline’s Strategic Development Plan for 2015 suggests the
ways to overcome the above drawbacks. The main objectives of the company for
the next two years will be: building assets (acquisition of new aircraft of
western production), quality assurance of the production process, the expansion
of the geography of flights (new flights to Russia, Asian region and Europe),
future plans on operating regular flights jointly with other international air
companies, such as Turkish Airlines, Transaero, etc. It will give impetus to
develop the Manas International Airport,
as a transit hub, and the optimization of the human resource management system (new
personnel policy, improving performance discipline and team spirit), including
bringing the passenger service to a new higher level.

The Company’s strategy in reality has become a document for the Airline,
which was taken up and through step-by-step implementation of this plan, it allowed
the Airline to reach the heights presently allowing developing the strategy that
will allow the team to be optimistic about the Airline’ future, and if the new
strategy is executed as the previous one, then we should expect a quantum leap
forward for the Airline, pointing the way to compete with other airlines in
terms of development and growth of the air company itself.

“Our mission is to provide a safe and comfortable carriage of passengers
on domestic and international routes. The goal is to become a leading air carrier
on the Kyrgyz market”, summed up Zholdoshbek Bekturganov,  general manager, Kyrgyzstan Airline.

By the way, the development strategy was highly appreciated at the Board
of Directors by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and
Communications, Maksat Dyikanov. According to him, the state will help the
Airline to achieve the stated objectives.

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British Airways and Ali & Nino launch ’Shakespeare, the United Kingdom and I’ competition

British Airways, in collaboration with bookstore chain Ali and Nino, has
announced the launch of the ‘Shakespeare, the United Kingdom and I’ competition,
the airline reported on Tuesday. Dedicated to the birthday of the great English
poet William Shakespeare, the competition will run from April 29, 2013 to May
03, 2013 in Baku.

Participants can visit Ali and Nino’s Facebook page to take part in the
three round competition. Within these rounds, contestants will answer questions
in a quiz, the main theme being that of Shakespeare’s poetry, and then write an
essay based on the “Shakespeare, England, and I” theme. The
first place winner will be awarded two round trip tickets to London in World Traveller economy class,
courtesy of British Airways. Two runner-up finalists will get a chance to win
other exciting prizes. The winners will be announced at an awarding event at 28
Shopping Mall on May 4, 2013.

“British Airways is excited to bring a bit of Britain to Ali and Nino’s customers, and welcome
visitors from Azerbaijan to
experience the very best of British literature,” said Paolo De Renzis,
British Airways Regional Commercial Manager, Middle East and Central

“Our daily flight schedule to Londonenables travellers to experience Britain first hand and enjoy all
that it has to offer,” added De Renzis.

“William Shakespeare is one of the greatest English writers, whose
poetry and plays still remain highly popular and are constantly reinterpreted
in diverse cultural and political contexts throughout the world”, says
Nigar Kocharli, director of Ali and Nino bookstores chain. “We are
extremely happy that we can celebrate his birthday along with British Airways
and our booklovers”.

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US $2 million to be allocated to reconstruct Batken Airport

“Hopefully, the Investment Forum organized in Batken, Kyrgyzstan, will
become an annual one”, said Zhenish Razakov, the Plenipotentiary of the
Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in Batken Region, when summing up the results
of the First International Forum on Investment and Development in Batken
Region, “Batken-2013”.

He reported that, as a result of this Forum, at least 600 projects were
offered to donors and investors.

At the end of the Forum,  a number
of memorandums of understanding and agreements were signed.

In particular, the Memorandum of Understanding between the Batken Mayor’s
Office, Manas International Airportand a Group of NUR Companies was signed to build a terminal for passenger
services at the airport in Batken. The project will cost US $2 million.

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Money laundering in the form of an international fraud registered when building aeronautical tower at Manas International Airport

On March 26, 2013, the Kyrgyz Parliament’s Committee on Transport, Communications,
Architecture, and Construction adopted a decision at its meeting on the draft
measures to  modernize air navigation
equipment of the Kyrgyz Republic through the United States’ assistance,  Galina Skrypkina, Parliament Member, said  at a meeting of the Parliament’s Committee
on Foreign Affairs today, April 29, 2013.

According to her, the issue is concluded in fact that the Committee had
to approve the disposal of the Government on measures to modernize air
navigation equipment of the Kyrgyz Republic through the United States’ assistance. “We are
talking about the same tower and about the same air navigation equipment. The
only thing that the Government would like to add, was the fact that the
authority of signing any other agreements will be transferred to the Kyrgyz Air
Navigation Agency. Moreover, it is not clear what further agreements would be. The
justification paper states that no any agreements may be signed within the
framework of this contract, as they’ve all been signed. What was that? The
attempt of the Ministry of Transport and the Government to absolve themselves
of the responsibility that came to this point, and restart it all to the Kyrgyz
Air Navigation Agency. It involves the transfer of the equipment on the balance
of the Kyrgyz Air Navigation Agency, which was provided by the Agreement signed
in 2009. It does not really matter what structure is responsible – whether the
State Property Fund, or the Kyrgyz Air Navigation Agency. As regards this
equipment, this is a separate conversation, and there is no questions here”,
said Mrs. Skripkina.

As noted by Skripkina, the present basic dispute is regarding the height
of this tower and its construction. “One invested US $12 million and we are
saying that the Commission has established money laundering in the form of an
international scam, because the U.S does not fulfill the agreement and does not
involve any Kyrgyz company, as a contractor. Okay, we do not mean an agent-contractor,
well, Kyrgyz builders could be brought to the contractors. Nothing of this is
in the reality but the agreement has this statement saying that Kyrgyz
companies may participate in the tender. A year later, the Kyrgyz side is,
roughly speaking, gets a pig in a poke, saying that here is a company that’s
won and that it will now be the general contractor. The general contractor is drawn
in the face of the Turkish company, SERKA, and everything went on. And we do
not understand here why the U.S.,
carrying a few items and agreements, continues to insist that “We will
construct 22 metersand that’s enough”, the Deputy reported.

We should note herein that the working group on studying the situation on
building the aeronautical tower at Manas International Airportincludes:

– Parliament Member, Zhyldyzkan Zholdosheva (Ata-Jurt);

– Parliament Member, Maksat Sabirov (Republic);

– Parliament Member, Galina Skripkina (SDPK).


On March 26, 2013,  The Parliament’s
Committee on Transport, Communications, Architecture and Construction at its
meeting considered a draft order of the Kyrgyz Government on measures to
modernize air navigation equipment of the Kyrgyz Republic through the United States’ assistance,
the Parliament’s Press Service reported on March 27, 2013.

Maksatbek Dyikanov, State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and
Communications, talked on this issue. The project involves the modernization of
air navigation equipment for the U.S. grant. According to Dyykanov, US
$28,995,900 are required for these purposes. The necessary parts are made in
the USA.

Kenzhebai Ilipaev, Deputy of the Kyrgyz Air Navigation Agency, submitted
his information about the construction of the object having a height of 28 meters.

The Committee members suggested adding the Kyrgyz Air Navigation
Agency’s words to the paragraph two of the draft order with the following words:
“representatives of the authority conducting the civil aviation policy and
governmental  civil aviation agencies”.

The Committee approved the proposed draft order. The Committee’s
decision was directed to the Ministry of Transport for implementation.

Mass media representatives were not invited to this meeting.

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After building air navigation tower at Manas International Airport by the U.S. Kyrgyzstan’s national security to be endangered

When the Committee of the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic on Transport, Communications,
Architecture and Construction studied the current situation in building the aeronautical
tower at Manas International Airport the members of this Committee  have expressed
many right notes,  Galina Skripkina,
Parliament Member, said  at a meeting of
the Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs today, April 29, 2013.

According to her, the comments were made by both the Ministry of Justice
and the National Security Committee. “When we talked about the fact that air navigation
equipment will be installed and brought by the U.S., then yes, the experts of
Kyrgyz Air Navigation Agency necessarily should be involved because they are
professionals and they know what kind of equipment is necessary. But at the
conclusion of the National Security Committee, our national security will be
violated because, by means of this equipment, the U.S. Government will monitor
the airspace of the Kyrgyz territory at the altitude of 8,000 meters. The
Ministry of Justice also objected to and does not give its consent to sign this
order by the Government … The Government is considering the construction of
this  air navigation tower, as a positive
step. But is it really necessary to Kyrgyzstan or not? Let’s we become the
owners in our state, not the U.S. Government”, Mrs. Skripkina said.

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Kazakhstan, Croatia discuss changes in regulatory framework in aviation and tourism

Kazakhstan and Croatia are developing a series of treaties
to improve cooperation, Joshko Klisovich, First Deputy Minister of Foreign and
European Affairs of Croatia, reported during the Kazakh-Croatian business
forum, reports.

“Our countries are of the same age. In 2011, we also celebrated the 20th
anniversary of our  independence. During
this time, we have built our country and achieved good results. We consider Kazakhstan, as
wonderful partners, and believe that the cooperation between our countries is
possible in many directions. As compared to 2011, we have doubled our trade
volumes, but these figures are modest and we have to make an effort to improve
these figures. At present, there are treaties and agreements that are being
negotiated or signed. These documents help us to avoid double taxation and
protect common interests. One also discusses the regulatory framework in the civil
aviation and tourism sectors, which need to be improved to ensure that our
partnership has become possible”, Klisovich said.

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Azerbaijani Interior Ministry issues statement on incident at Baku/Geidar Aliev International Airport

Azerbaijani Interior Ministry has issued a statement on the incident at Baku/Geidar
Aliev International Airport.

APA reports quoting the website of the Ministry that a brawl occurred
between 33-year old Bakuresident Emil Seyidov and 28-year old Babek resident Yunis Alakbarov in front
of the domestic terminal of Baku/Geidar Aliev International Airport on April
28, at 22.35. Alakbarov was hospitalized.

The criminal case has been launched on the fact, investigation is

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