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Iraq and Azerbaijan continue negotiations to open direct air links

Negotiations between Iraqand Azerbaijanon the opening of direct air links between the two countries are still
on-going, Secretary of the Iraqi Embassy in Azerbaijan Jassim Mohammed Ahmed
told Trend on Friday.

He said today freight air transport flights are carried out between the
countries out six times a week.

“Negotiations are underway to open a representative office of Iraqi
Airways in Azerbaijan,”
Ahmed said.

Azerbaijan and Iraq signed a memorandum of
understanding on the possibility of opening direct air links between the two
countries in June 2012, Ahmed said.

According to Ahmed, the memorandum was signed by Deputy Director of the
Civil Aviation Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan Fuad Guliyevand CEO of the Civil Aviation Administration of Iraq Nasser Hussain Bandar
during the visit of the Iraqi Civil Aviation Administration to the country.

Earlier the embassy said the sides are considering the opening of direct
air links between the Azerbaijani cities of Baku,
Nakhchivan, Ganja and Gabala and the Iraqi cities of Baghdad,
Najaf, Erbil and Basra.

Source – http://en.trend.az/

Emergency Ministry: Boeing 707 belonging to Transit Center crashed near Chaldovar village in Kyrgyzstan

Boeing 707, belonging to the Manas Transit Centerhas crashed today near Chaldovar village Chui oblast, the press service of the
Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic reports.

According to data of the MES, the plane fell at 14:55. Details of the
incident to be ascertained. Group of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is
working on the place of the incident.

Kyrgyz Prime Minister Zhantoro Satybaldyev held an emergency meeting in
connection with the crash of Boeing 707 of the Manas Transit Center. Spokesman of the
Prime Minister Melis Erzhigitov told.

Today, at about 14:55, Boeing 707, belonging to the Manas Transit Center has crashed near Chaldovar village Chui oblast, Kyrgyzstan, between the villages Chorgolu and

In connection with this incident J. Satybaldiev charged to form a
commission. Minister of Transport and Communications Kalybek Sultanov will head
the commission.

Head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Kubatbek Boronov flied to
the place of incident by helicopter.

According to preliminary data, a thunder storm, which is now observed in
the western part of Chui oblast,
caused the
U. S.aircraft’s air crash near the Chaldybar village, Alexander Nastayev,  former director of the Civil Aviation Agency, said
referring to air traffic controllers.

According to reports, the American aircraft went around thunderhead,
causing faults. Now a civilian helicopter has flown to the air crash place for
emergency inspection.

Mr. Nastayev also noted that the refueling aircraft of the airbase are
old, their depreciation is very high.

Residents of the Jayil area, Chui Region of Kyrgyzstan, were the witnesses of the crash of the American tanker, and they argue that the plane exploded in the air.

“The plane was very high in the air and it collapsed. We saw it. 15 minutes later, we heard a loud roar. At once, there was short-circuited electricity”, – Jaiyl district residents reported to KyrTAG.

As previously reported, a plane, the KC-135 Stratotanker tanker, assigned to the U.S. Air Force Base – Transit Transportation Center at Manas International Airport in the Chui region crashed 

Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker is a distant tanker, up to 86050 kg of jet fuel may be in intra-fuselage wing tanks of the KC-135A aircraft; its maximum margin for refueling comes to 43,500 kilos.

The Emergency Rescue Service firstly reported that it was a KC-135
Stratotanker plane; later the press service of the Ministry of Emergency
Situations reported that Boeing-707 crashed. Then, the Emergencies Ministry
reported that, according to specified data, the brand of this aircraft is C-130.

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Azerbaijan National Aviation Academy, AZAL get IATA certificate

The Azerbaijan National Aviation Academy and the
Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) have received a certificate of the International Air
Transport Association (IATA).

 An event on the occasion was held
at the International Mugam Center bringing together IATA Director General &
CEO Tony Tyler, rector of the National Aviation Academy, Arif Pashayev, and
AZAL President Jahangir Asgarov.

 Hailing Azerbaijan`s development
in the field of aviation, AZAL vice president Arif Mammadov spoke of national
leader Heydar Aliyev`s attention to the sector.

 He expressed confidence that a
memorandum of understanding signed between IATA and the Azerbaijan National Aviation Academywould contribute to developing the relations between the two organizations.

IATA was founded on 19 April 1945, in Havana,
, as a
successor to the International Air Traffic Association. At its founding, IATA
had 57 members from 31 nations, mostly in Europe and North
. Today it has about 243 members from more than 126 nations
in every part of the world.

IATA Director General & CEO Tony Tyler gave a lecture on “The role
of Azerbaijan civil aviation in the country`s economy”. He said that IATA
represents some 240 airlines comprising 84% of scheduled international air

After his speech Tylerpresented the IATA certificate to rector of the National Aviation Academy Arif
Pashayev and AZAL President Jahangir Asgarov.

Source – http://azertag.com/

IATA Chief speaks highly on Azerbaijan’s aviation

Aviation in Azerbaijanhas tremendous potential to play bigger role in the country’s development,
Director General and CEO of the International Air Transport Association (IATA)
Tony Tyler believes.

“There is tremendous potential for aviation to play a much bigger
role in the development of Azerbaijan-and
indeed across the whole of the CIS”, Tylersaid at an event marking the 75th anniversary of commercial aviation in Azerbaijan in Baku, IATA’s official website reported.

According to Tyler, connectivity provided
by aviation will be a critical enabler of future growth, development and
prosperity,” Tylersaid.

Tyler also reiterated IATA’s support for Azerbaijan as a
committed partner in helping to grow the benefits of air connectivity through
the safe, secure and sustainable development of aviation.

Tyler noted that the government of Azerbaijan is
focusing on the successful development of aviation. IATA’s report said that
this is notable particularly in its impressive airport infrastructure. Over the
last decade, both Bakuand Nahichevan airports have been completely re-developed and modernized. In
addition, the new airports in Ganja, Zakatala, Lankaran and Gabala have been
opened to provide air connectivity across the country, the report said.

Alongside, Tyler noted Azerbaijancould go beyond the cooperation agreement and make the IOSA registration a
formal requirement.

IATA represents some 240 airlines comprising 84 percent of global air

Source – http://www.today.az/

Azerbaijan, Iraq sign agreement on resumption of air transport

Iraqi officials this week signed final agreements with seven countries
to resume air transport between Baghdadand their capitals, the Iraqi Ministry of Transport said Thursday (May 2nd),
APA-Economics reports quoting Al-Shorfa website. “Government committees
this week signed seven final agreements with Romania,Georgia, China, Malaysia,Russia, Sweden and Azerbaijan to resume air
transport,” ministry advisor Karim al-Nouri told Al-Shorfa.

According to al-Nouri, direct flights will resume on a regular schedule,
and Iraqi Airways will open offices in those countries in an effort to boost
diplomatic, economic and tourist relations.

Source – http://en.apa.az/

EBRD allocates US $3 million to modernize the second largest airport in Tajikistan

The State Committee on Investments and State Property Management and the
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) have signed an
agreement, under which the Bank will allocate US $3 million to renovate and
modernize the airfield of the port Hudzhand International Airport Open Joint
Stock Company (OJSC) located in the north of  Tajikistan.

 “This agreement was signed by Davlatali
Saidov, Chairperson of the State Committee on Investments and State Property
Management of Tajikistan, and Ulf Hindstrom, Head of the EBRD in Dushanbe, Tajikistan,
the State Committee reported to CA-News on Friday, May 3, 2013.

The total cost of this project is estimated at US $7.2 million, of which
US $3 million will be provided by the EBRD, and the remainder will be allocated
by the Airport itself.

In addition to the runway reconstruction, the project also involves the
purchase and installation of the new lighting systems (strip lights) of high-intensity,
measuring instruments and radio navigation equipment.

The EBRD declares the project will improve the safety of the runway and will
allow serving more flights.

The majority of 700,000 passengers served annually at the airport in Hudzhand
are migrant workers who provide with  remittances to Tajikistan, and businessmen who provide
business activity in the northern region of the country.

The Hudzhand International Airportis the second largest airport in Tajikistan,
as regards the number of servicing passengers after the airport in Dushanbe. It is located in11 kilometersfrom the center of Hudzhand near to Chkalovtown.

The airport has one runway with its length of 3,185 meters and a
width of 50 meters.

Source – http://www.ca-news.org/

Kyrgyzstan, Russia to study issue to supply Sukhoi Superjet-100 aircraft to Kyrgyzstan

The Intergovernmental Russian Kyrgyz Commission on Trade, Economic, Scientific,
Technical and Humanitarian Cooperation has commissioned the Ministry of
Industry and Trade of Russia and the Ministry of Transport and Communications
of Kyrgyzstan to consider an opportunity to promote  SSJ-100 (Sukhoi Superjet 100) aircraft to the Kyrgyz Republic.

The appropriate decision is in the Minutes of the 15th meeting
of the Intergovernmental Russian Kyrgyz Commission on Trade, Economic, Scientific,
Technical and Humanitarian Cooperation, which was held in Moscow, Russia,
on April 22, 2013.

Thus, the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft CJSC jointly with the Kyrgyzstan Airline
were instructed to study possible acquisition of these aircraft and the financing

Reference information

One Sukhoi Superjet 100-95 aircraft costs US $35.4 million.

The maximum flight altitude is 12,100 meters. The range
is from 3,048 to 4,578
, depending on the version/modification (in
future, there are plans to produce a version of this aircraft with the increased
range up to 7,500-8,000
and its business version). The aircraft is
equipped with two PowerJet SaM146 engines, located under the wings; the
aircraft is in compliance with all the standards, including noise, adopted in
the European Union. The overall length is 30 meters, its height is 10 meters. The cabin
layout includes 2+3 seats per row. The plane’s capacity is 78-95 passengers,
depending on the number of classes and selected distance between the seats. The
estimated payload is 12.245 tons.

Source – http://www.tazabek.kg/


Contract with Russian Rosneft on jet fuel supplies enhances Manas International Airport’s competitiveness

The low cost of aviation kerosene and convenient location give advantage
to Manas International Airport  over the airports
in Navoi, Uzbekistan, and Almaty, Kazakhstan, in terms of creating a hub, Dair
Tokobayev,  Vice President, Manas
International Airport, told on Thursday, the KyrTAG News Agency, Kyrgyzstan, reported.

 “One of our strengths is that we
have the lowest price for jet fuel. Because of this, we decided to agree on jet
fuel supplies not only with Gazprom, but also with Rosneft. This is a very
strong step from our part in terms of competition with the airports in
neighboring countries”, the representative of “Manas” declared.

Mr. Tokobayev continued that the Airport’s location is convenient for flights’
reaching and a wide range of services is also an advantage over the airports inAlmaty, Kazakhstan,
and Navoi, Uzbekistan.

As a final argument, the Vice President called a liberal legislation,
which gives more rights and opportunities to foreign investors, as compared
with the ones in Uzbekistanand Kazakhstan.

We remind herein the Kyrgyz authorities are planning to create a civil
aviation hub at Manas International Airportfollowing the withdrawal of the Transit Transportation Center (TTC) in 2014. However,
skeptics have criticized these plans and call the major airports in Almaty and
Navoi to be more appropriate for opening a hub.

We note herein that the Manas International Airporthas only one runway, while the airports in Almaty and Navoi have two ones each.

The Kyrgyz Russian joint venture, Neft-Aero Kyrgyzstan, delivers aviation
kerosene to the Airport. In 2012, the company supplied 217 tons of aviation kerosene
to “Manas”. At the end of April 2013, the Rosneft Company, Russia, and Manas International Airport signed a contract
on jet fuel supplies.

Source – http://www.trend.az/


Lufthansa to come to Kyrgyzstan after the establishment of stability – representative of Manas International Airport

The leading German airline, Lufthansa, has suspended its work to enter
the Kyrgyz market, but they did not give up from this idea, Dair Tokobayev,  Vice President, Manas International Airport,
told on Thursday, the KyrTAG News Agency, Kyrgyzstan, reported.

 “Lufthansa will come to us only
if we give them important conditions – stability and reasonable prices. As
regards the prices, they like the Manas International Airport,
but now, the air company is waiting for stability in our country, and studying
the situation for a while. But I think they will enter our market”, the airport’s
representative informed.

Mr. Tokobayev added that Lufthansa faced with strikes of its employees
in Europe. This is also one of the reasons why
the air carrier has not transferred to “Manas” and remained in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

We remind herein the Lufthansa delegation visited Kyrgyzstan in
2012 and met with the Deputy Prime Minister, Dzhoomart Otorbayev. The air company
planned to fly to South-East Asia through Bishkek’s Manas International Airport. However, the
leadership of the Kyrgyz aviation industry declared on May 2, 2013, that the Airline
left at the airport in Almaty, which is currently used, as a transit point.

Source – http://www.trend.az/