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Turkish Airlines makes decision on cooperation with Azerbaijani tourism companies

Turkish Airlines that refused to pay the commission to Azerbaijani
travel companies, made a decision on the form of cooperation with these

Turkish Airlines will apply the bonus system for Azerbaijani tourism
companies, Nahid Bagirov, Manager of  the
Tourism Association of Azerbaijan, told the Trend News Agency, Azerbaijan.

According to him, Turkish Airlines paid commissions to Azerbaijani
tourist companies. Under the new agreement, Turkish Airlines, instead of the
commission, will issue a bonus to tour companies, and each such company will
receive bonuses based on the number of air tickets sold.

The payment of commissions is beneficial for Azerbaijani tourism
companies, but the bonus system is used worldwide, Mr. Bagirov added.

Turkish Airlines promised that the bonus system would be more favorable
in comparison with yjr bonus systems used in other countries.

It should be noted that the Turkish Airlines’ refusal to pay commissions
to Azerbaijani travel companies called their discontent. On February 12, 2013, the
Azerbaijani travel companies decided to suspend selling Turkish Airlines’ air tickets.

Source – http://www.trend.az/

AZAL launches direct flight to Yekaterinburg, Russia

Starting from June 20, 2013, Azerbaijan Airlines will launch a direct
flight on the Baku, Azerbaijan– Yekaterinburg – Bakuair route, says the statement posted on the Air Company’s website.

According to the report, the flights will be operated by A-319 and A-320

These flights will be operated twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays. On
Thursdays, the plane will depart from Bakuat 15:25, local time, and from Yekaterinburg at 20:25, local time. On Sundays,
the aircraft will depart from Bakuat 20:00 and it will depart from Yekaterinburg at 01:00 (+1).

We note herein
that Ural Airlines, Russia,
also operates direct flights on the Baku –Yekaterinburg
– Baku air route
on Thursdays.

Source – http://www.trend.az/

Ministry of Economy continues its negotiations with TAV Georgia

According to Georgian Minister of Economy, George Kvirikashvili, “The
Tbilisi International Airport is the object of strategic importance for us and
we do not care at what level it will be developed”.

“There is a process of negotiations at this stage, and I will refrain
from any comments. We have absolute partner relations with TAV Georgia. As it
happens with all investors, we have our own requirements. The Tbilisi International Airport is the object of
strategic importance and we do not care at what level it will be developed”, Mr.
Kvirikashvili noted.

Previously, there were several statements that the Ministry of Economy
intends to renegotiate the agreement with TAV Georgia, the Turkish operator of Georgian
airports. There have also been discussions that the Economy Ministry was
considering termination of the contract with this company. At present, we know,
the Government will not renew the agreement with the Turkish company to serve the
airports in Tbilisi and Turkey.

Source – http://bizzone.info/

Remains of all crew members from crashed U.S. Air Force KC-135 found in Kyrgyzstan

Pamela Spratlen, the U.S. Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan,
declared one has found the remains of the crew, who died on May 3, 2013, as a
result of the crashed U.S.aircraft, KC-135 tanker, Interfax reported.

“Based on the information received from the United
, we have confirmed that the remains found belong
to three people”, she declared to the Azattyk (Liberty) radio station. “If we talk about the
technical operations, we conduct a joint investigation with Kyrgyzstan”, the
Ambassador stressed.

The Main Investigation Department of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Internal
Affairs that investigates the criminal investigation on the fact of the crashed
the U.S. Air Force aircraft, the news agency was reported, “They do not have any
official information” about the discovery of the remains of the third pilot, the
searches of whom  have been conducted since
May 4, 2013.

Source – http://www.aex.ru/

Training against avian flu held at airport in Karaganda, Kazakhstan

One should prevent avian flu (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome – SARS)
appearance in Kazakhstanand work out coherence of such threats. A training was organized at the airport
in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, in an environment at
maximum close to reality.

Epidemiologists examined all the passengers using thermal imaging. One of
the arrived passengers was sent to the infectious diseases hospital directly
from the aircraft.

A new strain of avian influenza is rampant in China. Since March 2013, one has
been registered over 130 cases of this infection. At present, scientists are
working on a vaccine. The new virus is recognized as the most dangerous one of
all recorded in recent years.

The sanitary doctors’ main task nowadays is to prevent a new strain of avian
flu in the territory of Kazakhstan. Over  30 people have died from H7N9 in China for the
last three months. Therefore, each plane, flown from China, is subject to special

According to the scenario, a passenger complained to the flight
attendant on malaise during a flight. The young lady had all the symptoms of this
dangerous disease including fever, cough, fatigue and headaches. On the ground,
a medical team was already waiting the plane.

They surveyed all the passengers and crew. A thermal imager allows determining
the temperature of the human body at a distance of two meters. The ailing lady was
admitted to the infectious diseases hospital in Karaganda.

Doctors admit that during the flight, the symptoms of the disease may
not manifest. Therefore, all the passengers arrived from China are taken
under control by doctors.

Kanat ASKAROV, Acting Manager of the Sanitary Inspection Committee Department,
Karaganda Region, says, “Information throughout the country is received from sanitary-quarantine
posts. That is, we trace the path of a Kazakhstan’s citizen or tourist
visiting our country because the incubation period of this disease has a
certain period”.

By now, the anti-epidemic service has worked out a set of actions in
relation if this dangerous infection is delivered from outside. Up to now, people
infected with this new kind of influenza from birds. However, doctors fear that
the virus will mutate and spread from person to person.

training exercises are conducted at international airports of Astana, Almaty,
Atyrau and Ust-Kamenogorsk.

Source – http://www.zakon.kz/


SCAT Airlines’ passenger plane made emergency landing in Aktau, Kazakhstan

The aircraft CRJ 200 belonged to the SCAT Airline,Kazakhstan, had emergency
landing in Aktau, Kazakhstan, the KazTAG News Agency reports
citing the Press Service of the Kazakh Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA).

“On May 14, 2013, the aircraft was operating a flight en route  Aktau – Baku, Azerbaijan, and  made ??an emergency landing at 22:55, local time”, the MIA Press Service said on

According to preliminary data, the failure of the aircraft’s cabin air
conditioning system caused this forced landing. According to the source, there were
47 passengers and four air crew members onboard.

The MIA Press Service explained that passengers departed from Aktau at
01.45, May 15, 2013, to fly to Bakuin SCAT Airline’s Yak-40 aircraft.

Source – http://www.zakon.kz/

Search engines work on U.S KC-135 tanker’s wreck place not renewed

Search engines work on the wreck of the American KC-135 tanker is not
maintained, Abdysharip Bekilov, chief of the press service,  Ministry of Emergency Situations, told the AKIpress
News Agency, Kyrgyzstan.

As previously reported, the U.S. military men appealed to
members of the Government’s Commission involved in investigating the causes of
the incident, asking them to complete the search work.

According to him, the decision to resume work may be made by the Government’s
Commission. Wreckages of the plane are still at the air crash site.

The plane crash occurred at 14:55, local time, May 3, 2013, in Cholok-Arik village,
Frunze AO, Panfilov district, Chui region of Kyrgyzstan. The KC-135 Stratotanker
aircraft owned by the U.S. Manas Transit Transportation Center fell apart in
the sky. Its debris fell within the radius of one kilometer.

Source – http://www.akipress.org/

Baku – Lvov regular flights to be launched in July

An agreement was reached that AZAL (Azerbaijan Airlines CJSC) will
operate scheduled flights en route Baku, Azerbaijan – Lvov, Ukraine, reported Alexander
Mishchenko, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Baku.

According to him, the operation of these flights will begin in July and
will be continued until September 2013. “The flights will be operated twice a
week, which will allow the citizens of Azerbaijan not to fly to Kiev, as
transit passengers, on their way to the resort centers of western Ukraine”, the
Ambassador noted, saying that flights to Simferopol will also be operated.

Mr. Mischenko also pointed out that the Embassy of Ukraine continues to
pursue measures that would more fully inform the public of Azerbaijan with the kind of recovery, treatment
and rest, which are available in Ukraine.

“Our cooperation with Azerbaijandoes not set a goal to compete, but it presupposes mutual complement”, the
diplomat said.

Source – http://www.1news.az/