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Uzbekistan Airways gets Il-114-100 airсraft

The Uzbekistan’s
National Air Company, Uzbekistan Airways, has received its seventh Il-114-100 aircraft,
the Noviy Vek (New Century) edition reported.

The Chkalov Tashkent Aircraft Production Association (CTAPA) delivered
the seventh airplane, Il-114-100, and fully executed its contract liabilities.

It is worth to mention that Il-114-100 aircraft meets requirements of
modern market of aviation transportation and differs with optimal flight and
commercial characteristics, as well as accuracy of air navigation.

The Airline noted that Il-114-100 aircraft economically uses jet fuel,
which is important in conditions when the prices for jet fuel are growing. The aircraft’s
carrying capacity is 52 seats.

We will mention herein that Il-114-100 has similar cabins, as Boeing and
Airbus, and this fact simplifies training for crews.

Il-114-100 is used to operate regional/domestic flights. Currently, five
Il-114-100s of various modifications are used to operate flights to all cities
of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Airways marked its 10th anniversary of exploitation of
locally produced Il-114-100 aircraft, the Air Company’s Press Service said.

The Uzbekistan’s
National Air Company has received its first Il-114-100 aircraft on January 10, 2003.
On July 4, 2003, the airplane had its first domestic regular flight en route TashkentBukharaTashkent.

Source – http://www.uzdaily.uz/

Air Astana launches new flights, Almaty – Kostanay and Kostanay – Hannover

As of May 18, 2013, the Kazakhstan’s
national air carrier, Air Astana, launched its new air routes.

The flights en route Almaty – Kostanay will be operated four times a
week, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The flights en route Kostanay – Hannoverwill be operated once a week, on Saturdays.

Air Astana was incorporated in late 2001 and its maiden flight was on
the 15th May 2002.

The inaugural was attended by President Nursultan Nazarbayev and Sir
Richard Evans, representing the two shareholders, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstanand BAE Systems PLC of the UK.

These shareholders remain committed partners in the airline, with the
Government holding a 51 percent share through its Samruk-Kazyna National
Welfare Fund, and BAE Systems PLC holding 49 percent.

Operating to the highest standards

The airline’s mission is the same today as in 2001: “to provide
profitable domestic and international air services to the highest standards of
safety and service using modern generation aircraft in order to serve and
complement the needs of Kazakhstan” (one of the world’s fastest-growing

Air Astana maintains its fleet to audited EU EASA 145 standards. In 2011
it was admitted to the register of the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA). The
audit was completed with Air Astana remaining the only airline from Kazakhstan to
maintain repeated audit success, since it was first undertaken in 2007.

Growing the fleet

Today the airline operates a fleet of 26 Western aircraft, with an
average age of 11 years for its aircraft, and close to 50 domestic and
international routes. Its passengers are served by more than 3,500 highly
qualified staff, the majority of whom are from Kazakhstan, supplemented by
experienced foreign personnel. Since autumn 2005 the Air Astana team has been
headed by Peter Foster, an airline executive with more than 30 years’
management experience, who reports to the Board of Directors.

Air Astana recently placed an order for purchasing Boeing 787, Boeing
767, Airbus A320 and Embraer 190 family aircraft that will further expand the
fleet up to 34 aircraft by 2016 and up to 43 aircraft by 2020.

Source – http://www.itplus.kz/ , http://www.airastana.com/

SCAT airline launches domestic flight en route Ust-Kamenogorsk – Zaysan and international one, Atyrau – Mineral Waters

The SCAT Airline, Kazakhstan, announces on lunching a new domestic
flight en route Ust-Kamenogorsk – Zaysan – Ust-Kamenogorsk on June 3,
2013. The flights will be operated twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays.

Also, SCAT announces on launching its new air route en route Atyrau, KazakhstanMineral Waters, Russia – Atyrau. The flight will be
launched on May 30. These flights will be operated on Mondays and Thursdays.

The SCAT Airline has been the second largest air carrier of passengers
(after the Kazakhstan’s national
air carrier, Air Astana) for many years, as it carries its passengers in the
country of Kazakhstanand abroad. Regular flights allow the Air Company to permanently launch new destinations.

Source – http://www.itplus.kz/

Belavia launches its flights to Kutaisi

On May 28, 2013, the Belorussian national airline,  Belavia, operated its first scheduled flight en
route Minsk, Belorussia – Kutaisi, Georgia – Minsk, which was the third
destination to Georgia.

The flights to the Kutaisi International Airportnamed after the King David will be operated mainly by CRJ-100/200 aircraft. The
frequency of flights is three times per week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Saturdays. The
 flight  time is two hours and 45 minutes.

A ceremonial launching of the new air route was held at Kutaisi International Airportnamed after the King David. The presentation was attended by the leaders of the
Airport and Belavia.

“I am confident that launching the third destination in Georgia will increase the number of both direct
and transit passengers traveling through Minsk to
points in Europe and the CIS countries.
Hopefully, passengers will appreciate the services and opportunities offered by
Belavia on international air routes”, says Vladimir Barkun, Deputy General
Director on Information Technologies, Belavia, during the flight presentation
at Kutaisi International Airport.

Flight timetable. Time is local for each airport.

Destination Airport

Flight number


Days of flight operation


Dep. Arrival

Return flight number


Dep. Arrival

KUTAISI since May
28, 2013

В2 731


Tuesday, Thursday,



В2 732



Belavia is the largest air carrier in Belarus. It is based at Minsk International Airport and operates regular flights
to 42 airports in Europe and Asia. Belavia was
created on March 5, 1996. Since 1997, it has been a member of International Air
Transport Association (IATA), since 2010 – the member of the European Regional
Airline Association (ERAA). Belavia meets the highest international safety
standards. As a result of the International Air Transport Association’s operational
safety audit (IOSA – IATA Operational Safety Audit) in 2008, the Airline has entered
into the register of IOSA operators. Its fleet consists of 21 aircraft
including six Boeing-737/500s, six Boeing-737/300s, two Embraer-175s, four
CRJ-100/CRJ-200s, and three Tu-154Ms.

Source – http://www.aviaport.ru/


Rising utilization of composite materials calls for urgent attention to the aviation training industry

From the first fiberglass materials used in Boeing 707 in 1950s to the modern
Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the utilization of composite materials in aviation has
been rapidly developing, particularly over the past decade. However, despite
significantly reducing aircraft weight, composite materials are less
‘predictable’ than the aluminum-based components and are harder to be examined
for various cracks and flaws. As a result, composites remain a topical issue
within the MRO community, particularly in the segment of maintenance training.

At the dawn of the composite era they accounted for a mere several
percent of all components in commercial aircraft. However, over the past 20
years jet fuel prices have risen from approx. $23/bbl. to $125/bbl thus
triggering a natural demand for aircraft with more effective fuel systems. This,
amongst other factors, has encouraged manufacturers to develop and introduce
new materials which would ensure uncompromised performance with reduced fuel

‘Weight is essential when it comes to aircraft fuel consumption. The
utilization of composites in such aircraft as Boeing 787 Dreamliner, where they
correspond to about 50% of the structural weight, helps to reduce the final
weight of the aircraft by approx. 20% in comparison to the usage of aluminum
materials. 53% of the upcoming Airbus A350 will be also made of composite
materials,’ comments Kestutis Volungevicius, the Head of FL Technics Training.

However, in spite of the accelerating trend of their utilization,
composites still remain relatively new materials, particularly in the aircraft
repair segment, as aircraft with a significant amount of composite content have
only recently started penetrating the market.

According to Mr. Volungevicius, composites are characteristic of a much
more complicated structural design than aluminum components. Furthermore, they
are less ‘predictable’ than traditional materials and more prone to such issues
as complex damage (fibre cracks, flaws, etc.). Handling and inspecting
composite materials requires not only more sophisticated Non-Destructive
Testing (NDT) methods, but also higher qualification of the staff specializing
in complex composite repairs.

‘Practical experience is essential when it comes to composite repair
training. Unfortunately, not every MRO provider has an extensive experience in
composite repair segment, left alone a training organization. Then there is the
lack of an industry-wide standard with regard to the training programs to
consider. For these reasons, whether it is an MRO company or an individual
wishing to develop a career in aircraft maintenance, one has to choose a
composite repair training organization especially carefully. It is vital to
evaluate the opportunities for both practical internship after theoretical
courses and the compliance of such an organization with standards of the major
aircraft manufacturers,’ concluded Kestutis Volungevicius.

FL Technics Training is a global provider of technical training for the
aviation industry. Based in Vilnius,
, FL
Technics Training is certified as European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)
Part-147 training organization for the performance of courses for basic,
aircraft type training and customized training programs according to the
individual client requirements. Company serves a wide range of customers from
across Europe, the CIS, Africa and Asia-

FL Technics Training offers specialized training programs of general
interest for technical as well as administrative personnel from Engineering and
Planning, Quality system, EASA Regulation Part-145, Part-M to Fuel Tank Safety
courses. Training programs can be adapted individually to the specific needs
and requirements of the clients.

Source – http://www.fltechnicstraining.com/

Georgian Airways to place Business Time Georgia magazine on board of its aircraft

The Business Time Georgia magazine is being placed onboard aircraft
belonged to Georgian Airways, an appropriate agreement has been reached between
the editors of this magazine and the Airline’s management.

These magazines are presented on such flights, as TbilisiMoscowTbilisi,TbilisiBatumiMoscow and Tbilisi– Tel Aviv – Tbilisi.

“It is important for us that as many people as possible would know about
the current business environment and investment potential in Georgia.
Therefore, placing the magazine onboard Georgian Airways’ aircraft, especially
in the business class, is a good chance that information about our country will
be known for as many as potential investors as possible, for which, we are
grateful to Georgian Airways”, said Levan Tchitanava, Chief Editor, Business
Time Georgia.

In the near future, the magazine will also be placed onboard Air Caucasus’

Source – http://bizzone.info/

Kazaviaspas owed nearly KZT 44 million to its employees

The Air Transport Prosecutor’s Office (ATPO) in Almaty, Kazakhstan,
conducted analysis, as regards protection of labour rights in relation to the workers
working with surveillance companies serving the aviation transport, the ATPO
Press Service reported.

“Our analysis revealed that the Kazaviaspas JSC has a debt on wages to
348 employees on a total of KZT 43.099 million. In this context, the Prosecutor’s
Office made
representation to the management of Kazaviaspas JSC to eliminate the violation
of the law”, the statement says.

Upon review of the public prosecutor’s response, the arrears of wages to
employees in the amount of KZT 43.099 million including mandatory pension
deductions in the amount of KZT 5,494,800 were repaid in full.

Source – http://www.zakon.kz/

Altair Air, Air Astana and aircraft repair factory fined for breaking ecological legislation

Altair Air, Air Astana and aircraft repair factory were fined for
violating the ecological legislation, the press service of the Aviation Transport
Prosecutor’s Office in Almaty,

“The Air Transport Prosecutor’s Office in Almaty conducted checks of applying
the ecological legislation in the activities of Air Astana JSC, Aircraft repair
Factory #405 JSC and Altayr Air LLC”.

The check in these economic agencies revealed numerous violations of the
ecological legislation related with placing solid waste products in
undesignated areas, soil contamination and other violations”, the Aviation
Transport Prosecutor’s Office said.

According to the acts introduced by the prosecutor, these violations have
been eliminated and the responsible officials were subjected to disciplinary
and administrative responsibility with imposing a fine in the amount of KZT 1,393,335.

Source – http://www.zakon.kz/

Qatar is interested in launching direct flight from Doha to Kazakhstan

Yousuf Hussein Kamal, Minister of Economy and Finance,Qatar, offered launching an international
air service between Qatarand Kazakhstan, in
particular, between Dohaand Astana or Almaty, when he met with Aset Isekeshev, Deputy Prime Minister –
Minister of Industry and New Technologies (MINT). This meeting was organized by
the Kaznex Invest Agency,  the Kaznex
Invest Press Service reported.

 “We are talking about direct
flights that would be operated by Qatar Airways, the state airline. The Minister
of Economy and Finance of Qatar said that with a relatively small number of
indigenous people of Qatar(about 300,000 people), the Airline’s total passenger flow  is about 20 million people annually. Qatar
Airways operates flights to more than 80 international destinations in the
world and is among the list of air carriers that have the highest five-star
rating”, the statement said.

The issue of launching direct flights has already been discussed during Isekeshev’s
numerous visits to Qatar,
including the meetings with the leadership of Qatar Airways. The leader of MINT
expressed his willingness to consider the proposal of Qatar and his hope
to have long fruitful cooperation in the future.

Source – http://www.newskaz.ru/