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Somon Air changes it’s IATA code from 4J to SZ

Somon Air’s two letter IATA Code will change from 4J to SZ starting June
1st, 2013.

The change of designator from 4J to SZ has no impact on Somon Air’s customers,
suppliers and agents who have previously booked flights bearing 4J code. Somon
Air will be updating booking records over the next few days. Customers
presenting for check-in with an itinerary showing the old designator will still
be accepted as normal.

All other aspects of the booking, including flight departure and arrival
times, will remain unchanged, unless notified separately by Somon Air.

No action is required on the part of customers and agents, unless they
have advised flight details to external parties such as travel insurers,
airport transfer companies or meters and greeters. These customers may wish to
update these parties the change in designator from 4J to SZ.

Meanwhile, air tickets for Somon Air’s flights are available for booking
at www.somonair.com or through the call
centre at +992446404040 or +992446404051

Source – http://www.somonair.com/

Aviation Service under Turkmen Ministry of Internal Affairs celebrates four-year anniversary

Four years ago, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) created an Aviation
Police Service. Such helicopters, as  R44
Ravyen-II policye produced by the Robinson Company, U.S.,
as well as Mi-17 and Mi-17V-5 produced in Russia were acquired for the new Service.
Professionals working with Mi-17V-5 helicopters were specially trained in Kazan, Russia.

According to the Press Service of the Turkmen Ministry of Internal
Affairs, the pilots successfully perform their tasks to support public order
and fire safety, prevent car accidents, accompany transport corteges or
individual transport, transport personnel and cargo.

The Aviation Service in cooperation with the Fire Safety Office under
the Turkmen MIA also flies in the foothills, and other places where there is a
likelihood of fires. At the tactical exercises, Khazar-2012, in August-September
2012, the pilots’ work was given a high rating. Also, airmen distinguished
themselves during their search-and-rescue training flights in December 2012 in the Caspian Sea region.

Source – http://www.turkmenistan.ru/

Islamic Development Bank allocates US $270 million to Uzbekistan to purchase Boeing aircraft and modernize power plant

Uzbekistan has signed an agreement with the Islamic
Development Bank (IDB) to allocate US $270 million to purchase Boeing aircraft
and modernize a power plant, IDB website reported on May 28, 2013.

First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Uzbekistan, Dr.
Rustam Azimov, accompanied by a senior delegation comprising Mr. Saidakhmat
Rakhimov, Chairman of the National Bank of Uzbekistan for Foreign Economic
Activity and Mr. Egambergen Palvanov, First Deputy Director-General of
Uzbekistan Airways, singed two agreements with the IDB to finance purchase of
two Boeing airplanes for the Uzbekistan Airways (US$ 170 million) and for
modernization of hydro-power stations (US$ 100 million).

During the meeting with IDB Group Chairman Dr Ahmad Mohamed Ali, the
Uzbek First Deputy Prime Minister praised IDB’s developmental role and stated
that the agreement signing is reflective of the ongoing partnership between his
country and the IDB. “I am proud that other developing nations are recognizing
the growing role of the IDB,” Dr. Rustam Azimov said adding that Uzbekistanshall be relying more on IDB for the structural reforms in the country.
Referring to the last week’s decision by the IDB Board of Governors at their
38th Annual Meeting in Dushanbe,
, to
triple the capital of the Bank.

The First Deputy Prime Minister called the decision a wise one and
reiterated that “Uzbekistanlooks forward to further strengthening its partnership with the IDB.”

The IDB Group Chairman expressed the Bank’s preparedness to cooperate
with all member countries and to provide the best support to see increased
development of partnership with Uzbekistan.

Source –  http://www.ca-news.org/

Airport in Semei, Kazakhstan, owed KZT 14 million paycheck to employees

The Semei Transport Prosecutor’s Office protected the constitutional labour
payment rights of 133 airline workers, the Press Service of the Semei Transport
Prosecutor’s Office reported.

“The Semei Transport Prosecutor’s Office (STPO) revealed that employees
working with the Semei International Airport LLC have not been paid for their
labour since February 2013. As a result, the total debt amounted to KZT 14,060,765”, the STPO reported.

The Prosecutor’s Office addressed to the Director of Semei International
Airport and made
??a determination to eliminate
violations of the law, and, as a result of consideration thereof, all debts were
paid in full to employees.

Source – http://www.newskaz.ru/

Offer to make 40 amendments in legislation to modernize civil aviation industry of Kazakhstan – Ministry of Transport and Communications

The ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) employees gave their
recommendations to Kazakhstanon entering at least 40 amendments to the legislation to modernize the civil
aviation industry. This was announced yesterday during an online conference on
BNews.kz by the Minister of Transport and Communications of Kazakhstan, Askar
Zhumagaliev, BNews.kz reports.

 “We conduct an active work with
ICAO. We signed a contract with them, and nine people (representatives of the
organization) cooperate with us nowadays and work in Kazakhstan. They have fully
analyzed the legislation, which is questionable now, as regards safety and general
issues in the aviation industry. And they gave their recommendations on making
at least 40 amendments to the legislation”, said the Minister.

At this point, according to Mr. Zhumagaliev, one has already established
appropriate coordination with governmental agencies, and appropriate amendments
were submitted to the Parliament.

 “The first reading on these
amendments and corrections on transport in general has taken place. We expect
the second reading in the Parliament and then in the Senate. After the approval
of the bill, which is presently held in the Parliament, we expect that there
will be a missing legal framework that is required on the ICAO recommendations”,
he added.

We remind herein, in July 2009, according to the results of the ICAO
(International civil aviation organization) audit, all Kazakh airlines with the
exception of Air Astana, were entered to the “black list” of the European

According to information published on the website of the European
Commission on April 3, 2012, 37 out of 59 airlines are still in the “black list”.

Source – http://bnews.kz/

A number of Azerbaijani civil aviation employees won awards and titles

On Wednesday, the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, signed a decree
awarding a number of employees working with the Azerbaijan’s civil aviation sector with a Shohrat order
and Tereggi medal in connection with the 75th anniversary of the Azerbaijan’s
civil aviation sector and for their fruitful activities in this area.

Another decree issued by the President assigns honorary titles of “Distinguished
Engineer” and “Honored Pilot” to a number of civil aviation workers of Azerbaijan.

Source – http://www.trend.az/