Experts – Kazakh civil aviation sector is in a deep systemic crisis

Discussion of the problems and development prospects in the Kazakh civil
aviation sector was held in Almaty,

According to experts, there are many problems nowadays in the Kazakh civil
aviation. The most important of these include the lack of control by the state,
lapses in personnel training, outdated equipment, lack of competition, poor aviation
administration, the rise in fuel prices, and many others.

Thus, a former pilot, aviation veteran, Dmitry Dushimov, declared that Kazakhstan’s
civil aviation system is in a deep crisis. “It is not uncontrollable, and it has
no scientific support and prospects for development. That is how the system of
increased danger, it just hangs out and is bounded to fall”, declared the
expert. He believes that it is time to change the manageability of the system,
namely, to introduce the state control of civil aviation industry, as of high
risk. “Let’s take Civil Aviation Committee. They can not even punish or dismiss
any airline or airport manager. This is absolutely uncontrolled industry.
Today, the car road transport is more controlled than the civil aviation”, Mr.
Dushimov added.

Azhani Tleulesov, associate professor, Academy of Civil Aviation,
took part in these discussions. He told that there were no planes that the Academy
would own nowadays, on which  pilots would
be able to have trainings. However, under the rules, students must fly 150
hours, after which they may obtain the necessary pilot’s certificate. According
to the experts, to prepare a Kazakh pilot, it is necessary to spend up to US $75,000.

The pilot training problem was supported by the chairperson of the Kazakh
Air Carriers Association, Vladimir Kuropatenko. “What is the Academy, which
produces the pilots who do not have flying service, they provide with no original
??asks the expert. He notes that since
independence, Kazakhstanhas abolished the Supreme Qualification Commission, which carefully selected aircraft
commanders for the first-class airplanes. According to him, they also abolished
the “class gradation” for pilots. “At present, we may graduate from such an
academy, fly on simulators, in quotes, and become a pilot. Without experience, with
nothing. For 22 years, there has been no any verification of flight personnel. Do
 they check technician engineers?No. They check papers.

We have sunk to the fact that because of the Aviation Administration’s incapacity,
the air companies were included to the blacklist”, Mr. Kuropatenko summed.

Schmidt Sabirov, Chairperson, the Legal Entities Association for Aviation
Workers Trade Unions,  told that the
majority of airfields of local airlines are out of order in Kazakhstan. “And
when there is no local airlines, it means that there is no recharge for general
aviation as well”, said the expert. According to him, the country, because of
the large areas and small population, cannot build motor roads everywhere, as it
is impossible. Therefore, the civil aviation, the speaker believes, is
necessary for Kazakhstan,
as air.

Serik Muhtybaev, Deputy Chairperson, Civil Aviation Committee, responded
on the issues voiced. According to him, the Committee’s structure has already been
changed. The Government plans to allocate over three billion tenge (KZT)to the Academy of Civil Aviation to purchase an aircraft,
simulators and so on. In addition, there are plans to open a regional center
for aviation security, as well as a center for aviation training at the Academy
in September 2013.

The official declared that the changes in the legislation, which are
scheduled soon, will affect the current situation in the Kazakh civil aviation.
They will strengthen the role of the state in the field of civil aviation. “It
is also usual notion of a “State Aviation Inspector”. He will have the right,
in case of any violation of safety regulations, to stop the aircraft, to
suspend the air companies’ activities, ones of airports, and so on. By autumn of
2013, this practice will be applied”, declared  Mr. Muhtybaev.

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