Kazakhstan faces a sharp reduction in the number of airlines

Kazakhstan faces a sharp reduction in the
number of air companies due to the re-certification, which is carried out in
accordance with the ICAO standards and participation of ICAO representatives, Vladimir
Kuropatenko, Manager, Kazakh Air Carriers Association, shared such an
assumption with Tengrinews.kz.

Earlier, the Minister of Ministry, Askar Zhumagaliev, said that
recertification will affect the safety of flight operations and the output of
the Kazakh aviation from the blacklist. According to Mr. Kuropatenko, Kazakh
carriers were entered into the so-called black list of the EU due to
incompetent Aviation Administration, and it is necessary to restore order, first
of all, at the leadership level and not at the airlines themselves.

 “We have to carry the message of
the President of Kazakhstan to establish a strong professional aviation
administration, but, to do so, one should create such an aviation
administration (…) We must stop be under the control of the Ministry of Transport
and Communications (MTC), it is necessary to deduce it from the civil aviation
sector and subordinate it to the President, as this the industry is high risk,
as well as astronautics. Next, one should define the criteria for personnel, to
which the officials managing the aviation sector should be in compliance with”,
Mr. Kuropatenko told.

According to the Manager of this Association, after all, it is necessary
to decide on establishing the country’s Air Code. He also stressed that the
consultation on aviation issues should be conducted by the Interstate Aviation
Committee and not by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), which “will
create obstacles so that Kazakhstanwould not become an aviation power”.

“Perhaps, the number of air companies will be reduced but this
recertification (ICAO) is illegal, since they recognize all airlines including
Air Astana to be almost nothing. They admitted their impotence, as I mean both
the Committee and the Ministry of Transport and Communications. This is a
politically illiterate action, causing damage to our country”, he concluded.

Source – http://tengrinews.kz/


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