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New flight, Omsk – Tashkent, launched

On June 28, 2013, the Iraero Airline, Russia,
has launched a new international air route, Omsk,RussiaTashkent,UzbekistanOmsk. These flights will
be operated weekly, on Fridays, by CRJ-200 aircraft.

Departure from Omsk is at 01:00, and fromTashkent is at
02:55, the flight time is two hours. Time is local for all airports.

The flight will be operated, as a part of the summer schedule for 2013. One
may buy air tickets on the Airline’s website or air ticket sales offices.

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Azerbaijan gets rise in passenger and cargo transportation via air transport

The Azerbaijani State Statistical Committee says that, during the period
of January – May 2013, 590,100 passengers have been transported via air
transport, up 10.1% from previous year.

99% of all passengers were carried by state, and 1% – by private
enterprises. Cargo transportation via this type of transport has been doubled up
to 45,800 tons.

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JICA expert holds courses to improve quality of servicing passengers for Manas International Airport employees

Training courses to improve the quality of servicing passengers were  conducted at Manas International Airport (MIA)
JSC under the umbrella of the Kyrgyz Republic Japan Center (KRJC) for Human
Development under the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The education
under the “Customer Relationship Management Programme” was held in May 2013 at
the Manas International Airport’s
training center.

Shigeru Teramura, consultant at the international level, who has
extensive experience in the aviation industry, marketing, and human resource
management,  was invited, as an expert.
The course participants gained new knowledge about modern international
standards of passenger service and advanced technologies of hospitality used in
the best airports of the world.

Over 140 people were trained, as they are members of the departments involved
in servicing passengers, namely, the agents of passenger transportation
services, servicing official delegations, inspection, security group,
information and reference works, VIP-hall, the MIA branch establishment in Osh,
as well as representatives of the Customs, Air Transport Interior Department and
Manas Airport checkpoint.

Shigeru Teramura trained the course participants to customer-focusing skills
necessary to improve the quality of service. He explained that the work quality
of everyone, who encounters with a passenger at the service, depends on how
soon the Manas International Airport will become the best one in Central Asia. The expert vividly demonstrated how it is important
to be friendly and attentive to customers.

We note herein the Manas International Airport OJSC plans to carry out
work to improve the level of passenger service on an ongoing basis.

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Another Turkish airline refuses to carry tourists from Kazakhstan

Following the bankrupted Sky Airlines, another Turkish airline, Pegasus
Airlines, has also refused to comply with its obligations, KTK reported.

Kazakh travel agencies urgently negotiate with their partners. To send
tourists, the companies are forced to re-buy air tickets. According to the
owners of travel agencies, these unplanned expenses have put them on the brink
of ruin. Insurance companies refuse to reimburse these losses.

“One should already resolve this issue at the state level, we can not
solve these issues, we have no way out to the Turkish police, we have no way to
Turkey’s economic police, for their financial police, and Interpol”, said Asel
Mambetova, Director General, tour company.

Recall that in early June, because of the Turkish air company, Sky
Airlines’ bankruptcy, almost 1,000 Kazakh tourists faced with the problem of
returning to their homeland. The Kazakh Government decided to take their
citizens by the airplanes belonged to the Ministry of Emergencies.

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Turkmenistan Airlines’ air fleet replenished with new helicopters

The air fleet of the Turkmenistan Airlines State National Service was added
with two new helicopters of the VIP-class produced by the AgustaWestland Company.

Reliability, safety and ease of maintenance are the recognized features of
the delivered helicopters, as they have excellent flight characteristics and are
successfully operated in many countries of the world.

The helicopters are maximally adapted to the geographical conditions of Turkmenistanand equipped with the most modern navigation equipment, allowing to fly in
almost any weather conditions.

Regular purchases of the latest engineering from the best manufacturers
is a part of the “Turkmen Civil Aviation Development National Programme for
which is an important part in
?modernizing the Turkmenistan
Airlines’ air fleet, which has been added with a number of new aircraft and
helicopters for recent years.

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Georgian International Airlines returns to aviation market

An old player returns on the Georgian aviation market. The Georgian International
Airlines (GIA) reports that they have already received an initial approval from
the Civil Aviation Agency, in connection with the resumption of flights.

After receiving the final permits, the Air Company will start flying to
several destinations. They hope that, starting from July 15, 2013, they will start
operating charter flights to Antalya, Turkey, and Egypt,
and, starting from August 10, 2013, – to Frankfurt and Cologne, Germany.
Before the end of the year, the Air Company plans to launch flights to Moscow, Lvov, Kiev and Vilnius.

It is generally known that Georgian International Airlines began operations
in 2004. But in 2010, the Civil Aviation Agency (CAA) deprived of their right
to fly. As one stated in the Air Company, it happened illegally and, because of
this, they brought their suit to initiate court proceedings against  the CAA leadership at that moment.

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Decision on airports in Tbilisi and Batumi to be made in July

The issue related with an operator of the airports in Tbilisiand Batumi, Georgia,
TAV Georgia, will be finally resolved in July 2013.

The Deputy Minister of Economy declares that a project proposal was sent
to the Turkish side last week and TAV requires some time for detailed
familiarization with conditions. According to Natia Mikeladze, the Georgian
side has evaluated the project cost and is willing to pay the appropriate
amount to the investor, but the Ministry did not name a specific value of the
investment project.

According to the Deputy Minister, the Ministry of Economy, in parallel to
negotiations with TAV,  holds its meetings
with the investors interested in Tbilisi International Airport.

TAV planned to invest 65 million to build a new runway at Tbilisi International Airport,
in return for which the right to manage the airport would last until November
2037 instead of 2027. However, the new government changed the decision and
decided to reconstruct the runway independently.

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Amadeus Shareholder General Meeting

Total dividend for 2012 of EUR223.8
million, an increase of 35% on 2011

Amadeus, a leading technology partner for the global travel industry,
announces that at its Shareholders’ General Meeting (SGM) held all proposals
put forward by the Board of Directors were approved following a vote by

The full agenda and complete accompanying documentation (in both Spanish
and English) presented at the SGM can be downloaded from the following webpage:

The proposals approved included the dividend, the total value of which
will be EUR223.8 million, an increase of 35% on the previous year. This total
represents a pay-out ratio of 45% of the 2012 Reported profit for the year
(excluding extraordinary items related to the IPO), an increase on the previous
year’s pay-out ratio of 36%. This higher pay-out ratio follows the Board of
Directors agreeing to a new dividend policy in October 2012, increasing the
dividend  pay-out ratio to between 40%
and 50% (applicable for the year ended December 31, 2012 and onwards) vs. the
previous 30% to 40%.

The per share (gross) value of the dividend is EUR0.50, of which an
interim dividend of EUR0.25 was already paid in January 2013, and therefore a
complementary dividend for an amount of EUR0.25 (gross) will be paid on July
30, 2013 (ex-coupon date).

Luis Maroto, President & CEO of Amadeus, commented:

“We are grateful today to our shareholders for their approval of the
agenda and continued endorsement of the senior management team.

“The markets we operate in continue to be challenging, but our strong
business model and product portfolio helped us to grow both revenues and
profits in 2012 – leading to a strong cashflow generation. That in turn has
allowed us to increase the dividend significantly this year. 

“I would like to take this opportunity to pay thanks to our customers
for their partnership and also give recognition to our employees, who are
Amadeus’ biggest asset and lay behind our every success.”

During the SGM electronic copies of the 2012 Annual Report were made
available. An interactive version is available (in both English and Spanish)
via the Amadeus Investor Relations website:

Electronic copies of the 2012 Corporate Sustainability Report, published
by Amadeus in May, were also made available. The document, which has been
granted the Application level A+ by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI),
analyses the economic, environmental and social impacts of Amadeus’ business,
as well as its contribution to helping meet sustainability objectives. An
interactive version of the document is available (in both English and Spanish)

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New light helicopter from Bell Helicopter

Bell Helicopter has announced a new project to manufacture a light
helicopter, equipped with a gas turbine engine, Turbomeca Arrius 2R.

The new model will operate its first flight in 2014. Certification is
expected shortly thereafter. By listening to users, Bell Helicopter has
developed a new design using a large number of customers’ recommendations.

New lightweight single-engine helicopter will have large windows with
excellent visibility, five seats, the speed of 232 km/h, its range will
be 667 miles,
the payload will be 608 kg.
Engine is Turbomeca Arrius 2R, which will be installed on the helicopter, is
the best in a class of engines with a capacity of 450-550 hp. To maintain the
optimum performance of the engine with efficient fuel, the new helicopter will
be equipped with FADEC, a fully automated control system of the engine.

“The Russian market will be pleased with the new helicopter. This is the
best option for those who would like to have is not expensive and modern
helicopter”, says Alexander Evdokimov, CEO of Jet Transfer, Spokesperson for
Bell Helicopter in Russiaand Ukraine.
“Bell Helicopter’s high quality is known around the world and the emergence of
this model can make adjustments to the balance of power between the competitors”.

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Flights on light and ultra-light aircraft legalized in Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz Parliament (Jogorku Kenesh) adopted a bill in the third
reading to legalize flight operations on light and ultra-light aircraft. The draft
law was adopted by the Parliament on Thursday and sent to the President for his

Prior to the adoption of this bill, all flights of light and ultra-light
aircraft were not regulated by law. The adopted bill would legalize and
legitimize the use of ultra-light aircraft in the small aviation sector.

One noted earlier that ultra-light aircraft were illegally and without
any control operated throughout the country.

The bill is supported on the third reading and is sent to the President
for signature. The document will come into force upon signing.

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