Another Turkish airline refuses to carry tourists from Kazakhstan

Following the bankrupted Sky Airlines, another Turkish airline, Pegasus
Airlines, has also refused to comply with its obligations, KTK reported.

Kazakh travel agencies urgently negotiate with their partners. To send
tourists, the companies are forced to re-buy air tickets. According to the
owners of travel agencies, these unplanned expenses have put them on the brink
of ruin. Insurance companies refuse to reimburse these losses.

“One should already resolve this issue at the state level, we can not
solve these issues, we have no way out to the Turkish police, we have no way to
Turkey’s economic police, for their financial police, and Interpol”, said Asel
Mambetova, Director General, tour company.

Recall that in early June, because of the Turkish air company, Sky
Airlines’ bankruptcy, almost 1,000 Kazakh tourists faced with the problem of
returning to their homeland. The Kazakh Government decided to take their
citizens by the airplanes belonged to the Ministry of Emergencies.

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