Georgian International Airlines returns to aviation market

An old player returns on the Georgian aviation market. The Georgian International
Airlines (GIA) reports that they have already received an initial approval from
the Civil Aviation Agency, in connection with the resumption of flights.

After receiving the final permits, the Air Company will start flying to
several destinations. They hope that, starting from July 15, 2013, they will start
operating charter flights to Antalya, Turkey, and Egypt,
and, starting from August 10, 2013, – to Frankfurt and Cologne, Germany.
Before the end of the year, the Air Company plans to launch flights to Moscow, Lvov, Kiev and Vilnius.

It is generally known that Georgian International Airlines began operations
in 2004. But in 2010, the Civil Aviation Agency (CAA) deprived of their right
to fly. As one stated in the Air Company, it happened illegally and, because of
this, they brought their suit to initiate court proceedings against  the CAA leadership at that moment.

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