JICA expert holds courses to improve quality of servicing passengers for Manas International Airport employees

Training courses to improve the quality of servicing passengers were  conducted at Manas International Airport (MIA)
JSC under the umbrella of the Kyrgyz Republic Japan Center (KRJC) for Human
Development under the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The education
under the “Customer Relationship Management Programme” was held in May 2013 at
the Manas International Airport’s
training center.

Shigeru Teramura, consultant at the international level, who has
extensive experience in the aviation industry, marketing, and human resource
management,  was invited, as an expert.
The course participants gained new knowledge about modern international
standards of passenger service and advanced technologies of hospitality used in
the best airports of the world.

Over 140 people were trained, as they are members of the departments involved
in servicing passengers, namely, the agents of passenger transportation
services, servicing official delegations, inspection, security group,
information and reference works, VIP-hall, the MIA branch establishment in Osh,
as well as representatives of the Customs, Air Transport Interior Department and
Manas Airport checkpoint.

Shigeru Teramura trained the course participants to customer-focusing skills
necessary to improve the quality of service. He explained that the work quality
of everyone, who encounters with a passenger at the service, depends on how
soon the Manas International Airport will become the best one in Central Asia. The expert vividly demonstrated how it is important
to be friendly and attentive to customers.

We note herein the Manas International Airport OJSC plans to carry out
work to improve the level of passenger service on an ongoing basis.

Source – http://www.24.kg/


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