Turkmenistan Airlines’ air fleet replenished with new helicopters

The air fleet of the Turkmenistan Airlines State National Service was added
with two new helicopters of the VIP-class produced by the AgustaWestland Company.

Reliability, safety and ease of maintenance are the recognized features of
the delivered helicopters, as they have excellent flight characteristics and are
successfully operated in many countries of the world.

The helicopters are maximally adapted to the geographical conditions of Turkmenistanand equipped with the most modern navigation equipment, allowing to fly in
almost any weather conditions.

Regular purchases of the latest engineering from the best manufacturers
is a part of the “Turkmen Civil Aviation Development National Programme for
which is an important part in
?modernizing the Turkmenistan
Airlines’ air fleet, which has been added with a number of new aircraft and
helicopters for recent years.

Source – http://www.turkmenistan.ru/

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