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Regulations for foreign airlines to be developed in Kazakhstan

The Kazakh Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) will make
changes to the Regulations for issuing and grounds for refusal to issue permits
for charter flights. These changes will come into effect upon registration in
the judiciary and official publication. Procedures for registration and
publication will take at least two months, the MTC Press Service reported.

As previously reported, in Kazakhstan could legally prohibit operation
of charter flights by foreign airlines. In this case, the law provides for the issuance
of permits for one-time operation of such flights.

Meanwhile, experts have already identified a number of problems that may
arise due to the prohibition of foreign airlines’ charters. According to them,
it can be difficult to transport tourists to the height of the holiday season, it
is possible to revise the intergovernmental agreements relating to the already
scheduled flights. In addition, analysts have noted that the airlines operating
in the sector of business and private aircraft, fall under the category of
charter operations.

A substantial portion of the business aviation aircraft operators in Kazakhstanincludes foreign companies that have more experience in serving both business
jets and VIP-passengers.

 “However, their work also fall
under the concept of charter operations. But it is necessary to understand that
business aviation is fundamentally different from the charter transportation of
tourists. The situation that has arisen with the Sky Airlines’ passengers is
not possible in this segment by definition. Therefore, in the future, one will
probably make some changes in the recently approved law”, Gediminas Zhemyalis,
Chairperson of Avia Solutions Group, previously explained.

In this regard, the decision of the Ministry of Transport and
Communications to amend the Regulations,  according to which, in some cases, it will be
possible to refuse to foreign air carriers to operate charters, seems to be the
most balanced and logical one.

 “We are working to change the Regulations
that will be used to stimulate the development of our airlines, which will
determine the cases in which we refuse (to issue permits for non-scheduled
international flights), and the cases where we’ll permit so that the process is
transparent”, said Askar Zhumagaliev, Minister of Transport and Communications
of Kazakhstan.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications explained that following
the introduction of changes to the Regulations, permits for foreign companies
may be issued only for organizing charter transportations and providing assistance,
flights for personal or business trips, in the case of single flights operated by
aircraft with a cabin option, as well as the flights operating in the framework
of agreements between the aviation authorities of Kazakhstan and other state
and if there is no possibility to operate such charter flights by Kazakh air

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New airport to be constructed in Azerbaijan’s capital

This airport which will be constructed in Alat settlement is considered
for cargo planes, said the spokesman f Ministry of Transport Namig Hasanov.

According to him, the negotiations on this issue are being conducted:
“Construction of international sea trade port in this area makes necessary
constriction of airport. The area is in the useful place. Construction of
international airport and carrying transit cargos will cause Alat settlement to
change to logistics center”.

Note that International Sea Trade Port Complex is under constructed in
Alat. A canal with the length of 7.5
and depth of seven meters has already been launched
toward the shore.

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Airliner flying en route Rostov-on-Don – Tashkent returned to departure airport for medical workers to provide aid to passenger

A passenger Boeing that was flying en route Rostov-on-Don,RussiaTashkent, Uzbekistan,
returned to the airport in Rostov-on-Don because one of the passengers had a
heart attack, Don-Air Press Service reported to the Interfax-South News Agency.

“A Boeing aircraft flying from Rostov-on-Don to Tashkentlanded at the airport in Rostov-on-Don at 22:57, Moscow time, on Tuesday. The reason of this unplanned
return to the airport of departure was concluded in the fact that a 20-year-old
passenger suffered a heart attack on board. The aircraft commander decided to
return to the departure airport. The crew called for ambulance, which drove up
to the plane after its landing and picked up the passenger”, the Press Service said.

According to this source, after that the plane flew to the airport of
destination – Tashkent.

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Ural Airlines launches Krasnoyarsk – Samarkand flight

Ural Airlines, Russia,
launches a flight en route Krasnoyarsk, RussiaSamarkand,Uzbekistan, that will
connect the center of Eastern Siberia and one of the largest cities of Uzbekistan, the
Air Company’s Press Service reported.

“The first flight en route KrasnoyarskSamarkandKrasnoyarskwill be operated on August 8, 2013, and it will be operated once a week, on
Thursdays. One way air ticket will cost EUR 210+ (fees are paid in addition)”, a
press release said.

Samarkand has become the third city in Uzbekistan, where the Airline will operate its flights
from Krasnoyarsk.
Passengers will be carried by Airbus planes.

Samarkand is one of the major tourist centers in Uzbekistan. The
city has many architectural monuments of different eras including the Mausoleum
of Khoja Daniar, Gur-Emir, Ensemble of Ulugbek, Sher Dor and Tilla-Kari.

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Ural Airlines operated its first flight to Uzbekistan today

Ural Airlines, Russia,
has operated its first flight on the ChelyabinskNamangan air route,
the Air Company’s Press Service reported.

The passengers of the new flight went to Uzbekistan today, July 31, at 10:00am,
local time, on a comfortable aircraft, Airbus 320.

We remind herein the flights on the new destination, ChelyabinskNamangan, will
be operated once a week, on Wednesdays. The minimum airfare for a one way air ticket
is EUR 200 (taxes not included).

Since 2005, Ural Airlines has been delivering passengers from
Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod and Krasnoyarsk to Namangan.
The new flight, ChelyabinskNamanganChelyabinsk, will
be operated  before the end of October

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Plane of frontier service that caught fire at Aktobe airport restored

The aviation technicians forces under the Aviation Border Service of the
Kazakhstan National Security Committee (KNSC) restored a frontier plane An-26 in Aktobe after replacing
a failed left engine, the KNSC Press Service reported.

The AN-26 aircraft, which was to carry home a body of Almat Kazybaev, Chief
of the Bolashak Frontier Service, who was killed in a car accident, caught fire
at Aktobe Airport on July 23, 2013. All the
passengers were evacuated, no injuries were reported. As reported later, the cause
of this emergency situation was drastically increased gas turbine compressor
temperature above permissible in the left engine. One has assigned
investigation of this incident.

“At the moment, AN-26 performs its tasks of guarding the state border
and flying in a normal mode”, the  statement

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Загоревшийся в аэропорту Актобе самолет погранслужбы восстановлен

В Актобе силами авиационно-технических
специалистов авиации пограничной службы комитета национальной безопасности
Казахстана восстановлен самолет погранслужбы Ан-26 после замены вышедшего из
строя левого двигателя, сообщает пресс-служба ведомства.

Самолет АН-26, который должен был перевезти
на родину тело погибшего в ДТП начальника пограничной заставы «Болашак» Алмата
Казыбаева, 23 июля загорелся в аэропорту Актобе. Всех пассажиров эвакуировали,
пострадавших не было. Как сообщили позже, причиной ЧП стал заброс температуры
газов за турбиной компрессора левого двигателя выше допустимой. По данному
факту назначено расследование.

«В данный момент Ан-26 выполняет задачи по
охране государственной границы и полеты в штатном режиме», – говорится в

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Summer sales on flights to Tashkent from Ural Airlines

Ural Airlines, Russia,
announces a sale campaign on flights flying from Chelyabinsk,Russia, to Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Until the end of this summer, a roundtrip from Chelyabinskto the capital of Uzbekistanwill cost EUR 242+ (taxes not included). One may fly before August 31, 2013.

Tashkent is the largest city in Uzbekistan and Central Asia.Tashkent is translated
from the Uzbek language, as a “stone city”. Here, you may see the wonderful
preserved monuments of antiquity, for example, Kukeldash, Sheikhantaur and
Zangi-ata constructions, an Hazrat Imam Jami Mosque Ensemble, Tilla Sheikh and
many others.

The flights en route ChelyabinskTashkentChelyabinskare operated every Thursday by a comfortable aircraft, Airbus, equipped with economy
and business class seats.

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Manas International Airport – We have started to cover the loss of revenues from TTC

Despite the fears of many experts, the Manas International Airportconfidently declares that it can handle without revenues from the U.S. air base.

The issue of withdrawing the Transit Transportation Center (TTC) was repeatedly
discussed in the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan, and, as a result, a decision was made
to denounce the Agreement and withdraw the U.S.air base from Manas International Airport.
Such solution has both supporters and opponents.

The Government’s uncompromising position to withdraw the air base is not
supported by many people, the main argument against the fear was concluded in
the fact that the airport can not cover the loss of revenue from reduced number
of takeoffs and landings.

Based on the analysis in the beginning of 2013, the revenues from the Manas
TTC accounted for 60% in total in the Airport’s financial structure. However,
according to Nurlan Mamyrov, First Vice-President of Manas International Airport,
after the decision to denounce the Agreement, this figure began to decline “by
leaps and bounds”. For the H1 of 2013, the loss averaged to about 30%.

“First of all, it is necessary to take into account that the airport is
the manager. We do not accept the decision to extend or denunciate of this Treaty
with the U.S.air base. The issue regarding the TTC is a political one. If the leadership of
the country has taken a decision on its withdrawal then we will certainly have
to be prepared ready for this. Today, we have developed a series of measures
that will help as gently as possible to experience a challenging time when we
completely lose our income from TTC operations”, he told to the Vecherniy
Bishkek (VB) Newspaper.

At the same time, Mr. Mamyrov emphasized that the loss of income from TTC
will not be critical to the airport as the last time the new management team
was able to mobilize domestic resources and attract new civil airlines to the
airport, as they have a positive impact on Airport’s earnings, which earns on
takeoffs and landings. And now, according to him, the management was able to
compensate the loss of revenues from the TTC.

Also, one of the priorities for the Manas International Airportis to develop a project of establishing a regional freight aviation hub based on
the Manas International Airport.
Such an initiative is supported by many experts in the industry including Omor
Rustenbekov, Head of the Cargo Kyrgyzstan Project, who believes that, when
applying the right policies, Kyrgyzstanpresently does not have strong competitors in the Central Asian region. He is
confident that you need only one condition – approve the Opened Skies Mode to
attract air carriers to work with Manas International Airport,
as a transit center,.

“Then we will be much more competitive, rather than the airport in Navoi, Uzbekistan,
not to mention the one in Almaty,
. This
is because the Almaty International Airportis located in the city. Its possibilities are very limited, and our Manas International Airport, having one of the longest
runways in Central Asia, is able to take any
type of aircraft, and it is much more efficient in implementing the Cargo Hub Terminal
Project”, Mr. Rustenbekov told the newspaper.

He also said that another factor that speaks in favour of the airport inBishkek, Kyrgyzstan, is concluded in its sufficient
distance from the city, and therefore, it has greater opportunities for
expansion, as part of the aviation hub. The only thing that needs to be done
today for the successful implementation of this project – the officials should temper
their zeal and they should not think about parochial interests and the
long-term benefits for the country.

“In my opinion, the officials do not fully understand the nature and
meaning of the Opened Skies Mode. They also, as employees of their agency,
pursue their narrow corporate and short-term interests. The Opened Skies Mode forManas International Airportmay yield further development. This will be a good signal for other foreign
companies to send their aircraft and logistics companies to the airport in
Bishkek, as a center of transit and accumulation of goods with subsequent
redistribution”, the Head of the Cargo Kyrgyzstan Project assured.

Earlier, Dair Tokobayev, Vice-President, Investment Development and
International Cooperation Project, Manas International Airport,
told the Newspaper about the project of establishing an aviation hub at Manas International Airport, which gives the new
investment, a considerable number of jobs and well-developed infrastructure to Kyrgyzstan. The
President Almazbek Atambayev also supports the initiative to create the aviation
hub, as he assured that, in 2014, after the withdrawal of the U.S. air base from
the country, the airport will become “a major transit center for aircraft”. In
turn, the Airport’s leadership has emphasized the importance of the Opened
Skies Mode, without which the formation of this aviation hub would be impossible.

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Six months passed since air crash when aircraft was flying en route Kokshetau – Almaty

Five crew members and sixteen passengers were killed in that crashed plane.
EK edition found out that crashed CRJ-200 aircraft had enough jet fuel to get
back …

After six months, the relatives of the victims still do not know the
details of the investigation. All the little information they derive from the
media. Some are skeptical that any investigation will reveal the true causes of
that air crash. In addition, there are persistent rumors that the crashed plane
did not have enough fuel to complete the second round and land safely.

The EK reporter was able to talk with Uzifulla Azhmoldaev, President of Kokshetau
Airline JSC, who reported some of the details of the investigation. “One conducted
an internal investigation and there are no complains to the airport”, he said. “Aircraft
had enough jet fuel to return to Almaty from Kokshetau or fly to the alternate one
in Shymkent. According to the source, the results of the investigation will be
announced throughout the year. We add herein that the Main Transport Prosecutor’s
Office initiated a criminal case under the article, “Violation of Safety Regulations
Resulting in Death of Two or More Persons”. One develops two basic versions
including the human factor or a technical failure of the aircraft.

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