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“Questions and Answers” from Tazabek – Can I return back a non-refundable air ticket?

Under the “Questions and Answers” rubrics presented by the Tazabaek News
Agency, Kyrgyzstan, where readers can ask questions to various ministries and
government agencies regarding economic issues,  S.Omorova, a lawyer, answers the question of
whether it is possible to return a non-refundable air ticket or not.

The lawyer said that so-called non-refundable air tickets really exist. “They
may be by a lot, sometimes by several times cheaper than conventional ones.
Generally, a refund on the cheapest air tickets is very problematic. Also, as
regards expensive air tickets, it is impossible to get the amount in full for
such paid air ticket when you return it back, as an air carrier is sure to take
a penalty. Each company has it’s own rate and they are different. In general,
according to the rules, if you return your air ticket less than 24 hours prior
to flight departure, you should be refunded the cost, retaining the fee, the amount
of which can not exceed 25% of the amount paid for air service. If you return your
air ticket no later than one day prior to departure, you will have to be refunded
the full cost of it. But some air companies issue their documents with the
following clause: “If the air service rules established by the Air Company do
not define a grace period”. In other words, this clause allows the air carrier
not to pay 100%. And be sure, some amount will be retained for your air ticket
returned. This depends on the airline”, Mrs. Omorova informed.

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Sanitary aviation to be tested on Kazakh national roads

In the near future, sanitary aviation will be tested on Kazakh national
roads, one announced today at a press briefing in the Central Communications Service
said Erlan Turgumbayev, Deputy Interior Minister.

“Today, there are ambulance aircraft. Special helicopters were purchased
and will soon be tested on the Kazakh roads of national significance. This program
is cooperative, as almost all traffic police points work in cooperation with
the Ministry of Emergency Situations”, he informed.

According to him, at present, a program for creating route medical and
rescue points is developed jointly with the Ministries of Transport and
Communications, as well as the Ministry of Health.

“At present, 12 such points have already been opened. As regards the
next year, there are plans to launch 14 more ones”, the Deputy Minister said.

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Air tickets may become more expensive by 15-20 percent

Since January 2014, air tickets selling by airlines of Kazakhstan, Russiaand Belarus may rise in prices
by 15-20 percent, Rosbalt reports referring to the Prime News Agency, Russia.

The change in rates will occur if one does not extend benefits to the
temporary importation of foreign aircraft, provided for in the Customs Union.

A preferential (zero) fee for a number of aircraft has been valid in the
countries of the Customs Union since 2010. Last week, the Deputy Prime Minister
of Kazakhstan (Kairat
Kelimbetov), Russia (Igor
Shuvalov) and Belarus(Sergei Rumas) signed the document, according to which, the imported aircraft of
Kazakh and Belarusian airlines with the capacity of 50 – 300 seats will be permanently
exempted from the duties.

Thus, one will have to pay fees for all the new planes. Those aircraft that
have already been in the air companies’ air fleets will be subjected to duty of
20 per cent in five years.

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New flight connects Volgograd, Russia, and Tashkent, Uzbekistan

On September 25, 2013, the Uzbekistan’s
national airline, Uzbekistan Airways, operated its first flight of the new
regular air route, VolgogradTashkentVolgograd.

A delegation of dignitaries led by B. Sulaimanova, Deputy Director
General, Aviation Safety Department, Uzbkeistan Airways, arrived in Volgograd
by this first flight.

The flight is operated on Wednesdays by Airbus A-320. The aircraft’s layout
is composed of the Business Class (12 seats) and Economy Class (138 seats).
Arrival in Volgograd is at 9:30, departure from Volgograd is at 11:05,
time is local for each airport.

Uzbekistan Airways indicated that it plans to introduce additional
frequencies from its regional airports in Uzbekistan.

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Five airports to be opened for international flights

The Government of Uzbekistan adopted a resolution “On opening airports
of Andizhan, Namangan, Ferghana, Karshi and Termez for
international flights”.

The resolution said that the Government approved proposal of the State
Inspection of the Republic of Uzbekistan for flight safety supervision on opening
of airports of Andizhan, Namangan, Ferghana, Karshi and Termez for
international flights.

Uzbekistan Airways was entrusted to prepare and publish data on status
of airports of Andizhan, Namangan,
Ferghana, Karshi and Termez in international catalogues of air navigation
information in cooperation with the State Inspection of the Republic of Uzbekistanfor flight safety supervision.

The Government ordered National Security Service, State Tax Committee,
Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management, Ministry of
Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Interior Affairs of Uzbekistan to ensure
customs, border, sanitary-veterinary control, as well as passport-visa services
at the check-points at these five airports.

Uzbekistan Airways should provide premises, communication means,
equipment and tools for effective operations of above mention organizations in
ensuring customs, border, sanitary-veterinary control and providing
passport-visa service.

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Passenger kicked and insulted SCAT Airline stewardess – media

One of the passengers of the Atyrau – Astana flight kicked and insulted a
SCAT Airline stewardess during the flight, the Ural Week regional newspaper writes.

As the newspaper writes, with reference to one of its readers, who was
flying by this flight saw what happened, on September 18, 2013, a passenger asked one
of the flight attendants in Kazakh language making claims about the inscription
on the back of the seat armchair, as if the text their written in Kazakh
language misses one letter. The stewardess did not know the Kazakh, her partner
also did not speak the state language. The man demanded to call a “chief”, but,
since the crew consisted of only two flight attendants and two pilots, no one came
to this passenger during the flight. When stewardesses began serving drinks,
the man, according to an eyewitness, kicked the flight attendant, and when she
asked for help from others, jumped up, tried to hit her and began to insult.

According to the newspaper, Nurlan Nogaev, Governor of the Western
Kazakhstan Region, was flying by this flight, who tried to calm the man.

According to the publication made by the Airline, they did not contact
the police. The rowdy apologized to the flight crew. The Governor also said
that this person is (or previously was) an official from the Governor’s Office
in Atyrau, Kazakhstan.

One also reported that the passengers have signed a statement about what
happened on board.

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Pegasus Airlines was unable to operate its flight to Istanbul

Pegasus Airlines was unable to operate its TbilisiIstanbul flight.
Passengers reported to “IPN” the plane landed at Tbilisi International Airport a few minutes later
after taking-off. According to them, there was fuel leak and the pilot decided
to land the plane.

“According to our information, the Air Company’s head office demanded
that the pilot should operate the flight, but he did not obey and returned the
aircraft to Tbilisi International Airport.
The Air Company says that passengers will be able to fly to Istanbul today late
in the evening, but this proposal was not acceptable for about 15 people, as
they have urgent business in Istanbul”,  the passengers declared. According to them,
people complain because of the Airline’s carelessness. Some of them returned back
their air tickets.

“IPN” tried to contact Pegasus Airlines, however, no one answers on the
hotline phone number stated on the official website of this Air Company.

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Turkmenistan arranges special flights to Mecca for pilgrims

The State Aviation Service, Turkmenistan Airlines, operates special
flights on Boing-757 aircraft at its own expense to deliver pilgrims to Saudi Arabiaand back, the Turkmen Government said. The decree was signed by the President
Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

“Great responsibility should be taken by the organizers for ensuring
that our residents successfully participate in the Hajj Programme and have light
feelings in their hearts after they return home”, the President of Turkmenistan
said at a recent Government’s meeting.

To perform the Hajj Programme, during the period of October 8-29, 2013, 188
pilgrims will fly from Turkmenistanto Saudi Arabia.

In Turkmenistan, the Government
has been sponsoring delivery of pilgrims to Mecca since 2001.

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Kazakh President meets with Monaco infrastructure companies’ heads to cooperate in developing Kazakhstan’s airports

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev during his official visit
to the Principality of Monaco has had several meetings with the heads of the
leading infrastructure companies, the press service of Akorda reports.

“The meeting was attended by the president, chairman of the
Swissport International Mr. Utnegard and Vice President of Finance of FlughafenZurich AG Mr.
Shmukki ,” the statement said.

During the meeting, they discussed the issues of Eurasian transport
infrastructure, as well as the prospects for cooperation in the development ofKazakhstan‘s
airports and bring them to international standards.

During the meeting, it was agreed to sign memorandums on establishing
joint ventures to manage the network of airports.

Swissport International is a leading global company dedicated to the
provision of ground services, operating in 192 airports in 38 countries. Flughafen
Zurich AG acts by the owner and operator of the airport of Zurich,
as well as participating in the management of 10 other airports around the

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IAC extends certificate to aerodrome in Almaty for aircraft’s flights by ICAO’s IIIB Category

The Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) has extended certificate to
aerodrome in Almaty, Kazakhstan, for aircraft’s flights by
ICAO’s IIIB Category in adverse weather conditions, the IAC Press Service reported.

“The aerodrome in Almaty remains the only airfield in the CIS that has a
certificate from IAC on the ICAO’s IIIB Category and, as regards its technical
equipment, this airport is among the best airports of the world”, the IAC explained.

The IAC also told that experts from the airport and Kazakh Air
Navigation Agency continue their work to bring the airfield and its facilities
to the level of the most advanced international requirements. A new air traffic
control center equipped with the latest equipment from leading manufacturers has
been built at the airport.

“The most modern radio light-technical and meteorological equipment, the
new center of ATS (Air Traffic Service), all this allows us not only to provide
automatic approach and landing aircraft without limitation on decided altitude,
but also improves safety”, the Press Service noted.

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