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Air Astana to start buying its own aircraft by the end of the year

By the end of 2013, Air Astana, Kazakhstan’s
national air carrier, will eliminate leasing and go to buy its own aircraft, this
was announced by Peter Foster, President of Air Astana JSC, when launching the direct
flight en route Astana – London, reported.

“This year, we have increased the carriage capacity by 15% and, by the
end of the year, we have plans to expand our air fleet. This is also the year
when we begin to change the portfolio of leasing for the purchase of our own
aircraft and all aircraft that have been delivered over the past 12 months will
be purchased in the ownership of the air company”, Peter Foster said.

He also noted that the purchase of these aircraft are financed by the
assets of the Air Company without the involvement of shareholders or the state.

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Sky Bishkek Airline denies its relationship with Prime Minister

Today, October 31, 2013, the Sky Bishkek Airline has denied information stating
that the Kyrgyz Prime Minister’s daughter, Asel Nurmatova, participated in establishing
this Air Company.

“Among co-founders of the Sky Bishkek Airline LLC, there are no Mr. Zhantoro
Satybaldiev and/or his relatives”, J. Abdullayev, CEO, Sky Bishkek, said in his
letter to the Vecherniy Bishkek Newspaper today, October 31, 2013.

Recall, Mr. Erkinbek Alymbekov, Ata-Meken Faction, Kyrgyz Parliament
Member, declared today in the Parliament that the Prime Minister’s daughter participated
in establishing the Air Company.

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Air carriers to be provided with discounts for services and aviation fuel

The airlines launching their flights to new destinations and operating
transit flights through the Manas and Oshinternational airports will be given a discount on services and aviation fuel
from project participants on forming an aviation hub in Kyrgyzstan.

The Memorandum of Understanding on providing discounts to air carriers
have been signed by the management of Manas International Airport OJSC, Civil
Aviation Agency under the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Kyrgyz
Hydro Navigation Agency, Gazprom Neft Aero Kyrgyzstan LLC, TCC JSC, Intek LLC, Manas
Handling Group LLC and Manas Management Company CJSC.

According to Dair Tokobaev, Vice President on Investment and Economic Development
of Manas International Airport, this practice is introduced for the first time
in the history of the domestic civil aviation. The purpose of the document is to
develop aviation infrastructure, and encourage airlines to launch flights to
new destinations and operate transit flights through the Manas International Airport.

 “By this decision, we create favourable
conditions for all project participants on forming an aviation hub in Kyrgyzstan.
For example, the Manas International Airport will provide a discount of 30 to
40 percent for its services, the Civil Aviation Agency will reduce approval
time for all permits from 60 to 35 days, the Kyrgyz Hydro Navigation Agency will
provide 20 percent discount for its services, Gasprom Neft Aero Kyrgyzstan – 2-3
percent, and our subsidiaries – some 30-40 percent. This measure will
contribute to develop a hub logistics center at the airports of the Republic”, Mr.
Tokobayev said.

One should note that the initiative of signing the Memorandum was submitted
by top managers of  Manas International Airport. The document was
signed to be active during six months and provides for extension for the same

Currently, the parties have initiated internal procedures to develop
appropriate regulations for providing discounts for their further approval.

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Possibility of initiating Taldykorgan – Almaty flights under consideration

The domestic flights en route Taldykorgan – Almaty are planned in the
Almaty Region, Kazakhstan, Peter Zhuravlev , Vice President,
Zhetisu Airlines, reports for Novosti-Kazakhstan News Agency.

When launching a new airline, the time spent on this way will be reduced
down to 30-40 minutes instead of 5-7 hours on the motor-road that is presently
being repaired.

“The issue on launching the additional airline is really under consideration.
If it is resolves positively the Airline will operate its Yak-40 aircraft with its
capacity of up to 32 passengers. The air tickets’ prices depend from subsiding
this project”, Mr. Zhuravlev said.

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Small terminal to serve passengers

Construction of a small passenger terminal unfolded in Ashgabat,Turkmenistan, as a part of
an ambitious project to construct a new airport in the Turkmen capital
implemented by the Polimeks company, Turkey. Exactly the small terminal will
take the service on departing and arriving passengers to Ashgabat in March 2014,
during the period of building the main passenger terminal.

The fact that the new airport building at Ashgabat International Airport is capable of
handling 1,600 passengers per hour, will soon build on the site of an existing
airport. Over an area of
​​1,200 acres, one will erect a new passenger terminal, cargo and VIP-
terminals; one will reconstruct the existing runway and build a new one, including
the taxiways, apron and parking area for aircraft. In total, over forty
facilities will be built in the airport complex, which will be the largest one inCentral Asia, and they will be equipped with
the most modern equipment that will allow the new airport in Ashgabat to take
aircraft of any type and capacity, while ensuring international standards of

The small terminal, capable to serve 1,250 passengers per hour and is summoned
to avoid problems for air travelers while building the main terminal, will be
able to simultaneously send and receive ten passenger flights. The small
terminal is being built on the site of a pre-existing bus station in the street
number 2013 ( Cosmonaut Blvd.).

In the small one-story building of this terminal, consisting of three
separate blocks (domestic airlines, CIP section, and international flights),
one will create optimal comfort for the passengers arriving in and departing from
Ashgabat. These services include cozy lounges and reception rooms for mothers
and children, facilities for religious observances, information boards, help
desk, touch help system, ticket offices, phone booths, kiosks, currency
exchange, ATM, luggage storage, cafeteria, shops, and duty-free shops. Near the
passenger terminal, one is building a technical unit for providing with independent
heating, air conditioning and uninterruptible power supply for airport building

Simultaneously with the construction of a temporary passenger terminal,
one is being reconstructed the apron. It will be equipped with about 20 parking
areas for aircraft, taxiways will be paved to the runway, and lighting
equipment will be installed there. As regards the apron, a decision was made to
equip several car parks, equipped with a system throughput. The parking area
for 335 cars will be in front of the international flights’ unit and  one for 100 cars – in front of the domestic airlines’

Later, after the commissioning of the main airport terminal, the small
terminal will be used to check-in the passengers flying by charter flights.

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Kyrgyz Prime Minister clarifies the issue of his daughter’s involvement in Sky Bishkek Airline

Today, October 31, 2013, the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, Zhantoro
Satybaldyev, told journalists at a press conference in the Government, as
regards an issue related with his daughter’s involvement in the Sky Bishkek Airline.

First of all, the Prime Minister said his daughter is an adult. “She has
two children and she is independent. As soon as I found out that she was among the
founders I asked her to get out. But she was there before I became the Prime
Minister. As I became the Prime Minister, I gathered my family and asked for
leaving from work in public institutions. My younger brother and elder son were
working, and they left”, the Prime Minister informed.


Erkinbek Alymbekov, Member of the Kyrgyz Parliament, reiterated that, at
present, the Prime Minister Zhantoro Satybaldyev, the Minister of Transport and
Communications Kalykbek Sultanov and the Secretary of State Maksatbek Dyikanov “protect”
certain air companies and they have a monopoly; from each passenger, a citizen
of the Kyrgyz Republic, they put about US $300 in air
companies’ pockets.

As the Parliament Member said at the Parliamentary meeting on October
31, 2013, one creates certain conditions for corruption in some air companies. “Yesterday,
a Spokesperson for Prime Minister, Melis Erzhigitov, gave his information that
the Prime Minister has no affiliation with any airline that this information
does not correspond to reality, and that this was allegation. And I would say
that the Government is misleading the people of Kyrgyzstan. I appeal to the Anti-Corruption
Service under the National Security Committee and the General Prosecutor’s
Office, and, on November 4, 2013, there will be a meeting of the Defence
Council under the chairmanship of the President Almazbek Atambayev, which will
address the issues of corruption and the President Atambayev has to pay
attention to these facts and draw conclusions with respect to the Prime
Minister of Kyrgyzstan. The first fact is as follows: the Sky Bishkek’s Memorandum of Association issued on June 7, 2013,
states that Nurmatova Asel Zhontoroevna was one of the founders, who owns 12.5%
of the initial capital. Mrs. Nurmatova is a daughter of Mr. Satybaldiev. This
is the beginning. Secondly, Mr. Satybaldiev is directly related to Sky Bishkek,
which has a relation to Air Bishkek. I have an agreement signed on February 22,
2013, when the Istok Avia Airline transfers Saab 340 aircraft worth US $3
million in installments to Sky Bishkek, as a gift. A citizen of unknown
nationality, Alexei Janchuk, is an owner of Istok Avia, and he was sentenced to
death by United Arab
”, Mr. Alymbekov said.

The Parliament Speaker, Asylbek Zheenbekov, Social Democratic Party, asked
the deputy to convey the information he has in writing.

Tazabek News Agency’s reference

According to the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic,
Zhumabek Abdullayev is a President of Sky Bishkek, the founders of this air company
are as follows: Frank Seifert, Kochkonbaeva Jyldyz, Begimkulov Melis, and Chyrmashev

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Astana – Aktau flight returned to Astana International Airport

When operating a flight #CS 313 en route Astana – Aktau the night
before, at 20:05, local time, the right engine of Embraer-190 aircraft
malfunctioned. At 20:44, the aircraft made
​​a safe landing at Astana International Airport’s
parking area. There were no any victims, the Press Service of the Department of
Internal Affairs on Transport reported.

According to the report, the commander of the aircraft found the problem
and decided to return to the departure airport and requested an emergency
landing. The message came from the Flight Manager working with the Kazakh Air
Navigation Agency and the personnel of the capital city’s airport was raised by
a signal “Collection”, 70% of the personnel had been prepared to emergencies by
the time of landing. Upon receipt of the signal, the investigative team of 10
people and the rescue team gathered at a certain place. The landing site was surrounded
and all the services of the airport were alerted.

At present, the situation is under investigation.

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Manas International Airport tries creating conditions for its passengers’ convenience

At the request of our customers, and with the support of the leading
cellular operator, MegaCom, the Osh International Airportbegan operations of the MegaCom Sales and Service Center.

The Center is located on the 1st floor in the Airport’s arrivals area.

In this new Center, subscribers can pay for cellular services, get
advice from experts of the company, restore their SIM-card, plug in the roaming
service and more.

The Osh International Airport is one of the largest airports
in the Ferghana Valley, serving approximately one
million passengers a year.

The MegaCom subscribers are welcomed to the new MegaCom Sales and Service Centerat Osh International Airport.

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«Uzbekistan Airways Technics» – maintenance services for SCAT and Ural Airlines

The aircraft belonged to SCAT Airlines, Kazakhstan,
and Ural Airlines, Russia,
are under technical  maintenance at Uzbekistan
Airways Technics (UAT) 
Aircraft Maintenance Enterprise nowadays.

The SCAT Airlines delivered its Boeing-757-200 for a complicated C-check
form. Foreign customers were satisfied with the quality of the work and they  signed a contract for the next year to
organize maintenance of four B-757s operated by SCAT.

Ural Airlines is also repeatedly served at the UAT Aircraft Maintenance Enterprise.
A320, on which they presently finish the MRO on the simplest form, 1C-check,
was the first of five aircraft of this type, which will be served at Uzbekistan
Airways Technics under the contract before the end of 2013.

The UAT’s order backlog on maintenance is very tight, thanks to the
competent work of the leadership and the marketing, sales, and advertising
department of this Aviation Enterprise. This, in turn, has a positive effect on
the image of the 
Aircraft Maintenance Enterprise, and the status of the National Airline
(Uzbekistan Airways) at the international air services market.

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Aviation Commission to discuss issue on closing night flights

A meeting of the commission that studies the issues existing in the
Georgian aviation market, will resume its work after the presidential elections.

The first meeting of the commission that has a familiarization nature
was held in May 2013, the second meeting was announced in September, but it did
not happen.

At the request of a member of this commission and the Director General
of Airzena-Georgian Airways, the commission will review the details of the new
contract with TAV Georgia, limitation of take-offs and landings for aircraft of
large carrying capacity before the runway’s repairs are completed, and the
closure of night flights.

According to Iase Zautashvili, the commission will also discuss removal
of restrictions, as regards imports of jet fuel by airlines, under which all
airlines will be able to import jet fuel themselves.

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