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Aviation profession in the list of the most popular in Russia and in the world

Over 56 million people are employed in the international aviation
industry, and the contribution of the aviation business in the global economy is
by 3.5 times more than in any other industry. Aviation plays an important role
in modern society, and aviation professions are again among the most attractive
and promising specialties in Europe, CIS and

Aircraft manufacturers predict that, in less than 20 years, airlines
will be delivered from 27,000 to 35,000 new aircraft from regional Embraer,
Bombardier and SSJ to wide-body Airbus A380 and Boeing 787. High volumes of
deliveries of new aircraft are due not only to the growing demand for air
travel, but the decommissioning of aging equipment.

However, not only aircraft and helicopters eventually go on a holiday.
Retirement of experienced aviation professionals and lack of new cadres leads
to a point where the lack of qualified personnel is beginning to have a
negative impact on the airline plans to expand its business . This trend has
been observed in Asian countries and may soon reach other regions, particularly
in the CIS.

“In the 1990s – early 2000s, aviation was not the most popular
profession, especially in Eastern Europe.
Everyone wanted to become businessmen, managers, lawyers, etc. As a result,
today we see that in some areas there is an excess of specialists, while in
others, particularly in aviation, keenly felt the effects of 15 – 20-year gap
in the training of new workers”, says Kestutis Volungyavichyus, Training Center
Manager, FL Technics Training.

Today aviation profession regaining its popularity . In contrast to such
segments as law or medicine, aviation specialists are not tied to any one
country or region. Moreover, experts from European licenses can operate in most

One should not necessarily move to Chinaor Indiato market itself, as a professional aviation. Average monthly salary of
licensed aviation mechanics in Europe reaches
4,000 euros. For comparison, the average wage rate in Western
is about 1500-1900 euros per month. In Eastern
and the CIS , this figure is even lower.

According to Boeing, Europe should
annually produce more than 5,000 young aeronautical engineers and technicians
to meet the growing demand for such specialists. At present, the region produces
only half of the required number.

“The profession of pilot, no doubt, is too promising, but with each new
model aircraft manufacturers strive to minimize the workload of the pilots.
This, in turn, leads to the fact that aviation technology becomes more
difficult to maintain, and service providers have to constantly invest in new
skills and improve the skills of existing staff. This is one of the main
reasons why the pilot profession presently conceded the superiority aircraft
mechanic is in the list of the most promising aviation professions. We are sure
that everyone who has chosen or only considers aviation, as his/her profession,
could successfully become a part of a new generation of aviation professionals,
and bring industry to a new height”, Mr. Volungyavichyus shared.

FL Technics Training is recruiting a new course of aviation
professionals. You may apply online at the company website. For more
information about the prospects of aviation professions, visit: http://dream-job.fltechnicstraining.com/.

Source –  http://www.fltechnics.com/

FL Technics to launch Line Stations in Ukraine, Georgia and Libya

FL Technics, a global provider of tailor-made solutions for aircraft
maintenance, repair and overhaul, successfully develops its Line Maintenance
support network by launching two new Line Stations in Lvov,Ukraine and Kutaisi, Georgia.
The company also plans to open a Line Station in Benghazi,
the second largest city in Libya.

The new stations at Lvov Danylo Halytskyi International Airport (LWO) and
David the Builder Kutaisi International Airport (KUT) are already operating and
offering comprehensive Line Maintenance services, including on-call
maintenance, pre-flight, daily, weekly and transit checks as well as component
replacements, inspections and repairs, etc. All new Line Stations will be
operating under EASA Part 145 regulation, while maintaining 24/7 availability
for both AOG and scheduled services.

“We are constantly monitoring development plans of our current and
potential customers in order to be in the right place and in the right time.
Both local and international carriers are expanding their flights to/from
emerging aviation markets. But the rising demand for air travel is not the only
factor which influences carriers’ decision to start operation to a certain
airport. Technical infrastructure and the level of MRO service provided in
airport are also playing a vital role, as airlines need to ensure European
quality of aircraft maintenance support. That is why we have decided to expand
our Line Maintenance network to Ukraine,Georgia and subsequently to Libya. We are
certain that the new stations will not only contribute to our clients’
successful performance on new destinations, but also assist local markets in
improving the level of MRO services and bringing them to the European practices
as well as safety and quality standards”, commented Asta Zirlyte, Head of Line
Maintenance Dep., FL Technics.

New FL Technics Line Stations will be servicing various aircraft types,
including Boeing 737NG, Boeing 737CL and Airbus A319/ A320/ A321.

Source – http://www.fltechnics.com/

Shymkent – Istanbul flight operated by SCAT Airlines, Kazakhstan, departs from Shymkent International Airport after three-hour delay

The Shymkent – Istanbul flight operated by
SCAT Airlines, Kazakhstan, has
departed from Shymkent International Airportafter three-hour delay (after inspection and troubleshooting).

The reason for this delay is concluded in  non-operation of the Boeing-757 aircraft’s sensor
navigation system, the Press Service of the Interior Transport Affairs Department

There were five crew members and 102 passengers on board.

Upon receipt of the signal, the  officers
of the Linear Interior Affairs Department at the airport in Shymkent, Kazakhstan,
as well as  the Shymkent City Transport Prosecutor’s
Office arrived in the airport.

The situation is under investigation.

Source – http://www.inform.kz/

Azerbaijan Airlines increases flight frequency to Tehran

Starting from December 28, 2013, the planes belonged to Azerbaijan
Airlines will operate their daily flights to Tehran, Iran, said in a statement
posted on the Azerbaijan Airlines official website.

According to the report, as of December 28, the Air Company’s aircraft
will operate their flights from Baku, Azerbaijan, to Tehran (roundtrip) on Saturdays. The plane
will depart from Bakuat 11:15, local time, and arrive in the capital at 13:55 on the same day.

According to the flight schedule posted on the Airline’s website,
currently,  Azerbaijan Airlines aircraft flies
from Baku to Tehran six times a week (except Saturday).

Source – http://www.trend.az/

Air Astana acquires new Airbus A320, air company’s fleet is one of the youngest ones in the world

The air fleet of the national air carrier of Kazakhstan, Air Astana, is one of
the youngest ones in the world, the Air Company says on its page on the social

The Air Company reports that in late November, 2013, it added a new Airbus
A320 with sharklets to its air fleet. This plane will fly on international and
domestic air routes.

“This is the seventh own aircraft that has been acquired by the Airline for
the last 14 months. With the arrival of other new aircraft, Boeing-767 and
Embraer-190, the average age of the air fleet will reach six years by December 2013
and this will be one of the youngest air fleets in the world”, the report says.

The contract to supply six aircraft of the Airbus Consortium was signed
in 2008 during the official visit of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev to France.

Source – http://www.newskaz.ru/

Turkmen Airlines’ planes to fly on domestic airlines in Turkmenistan

The Turkmen Airlines’ planes will fly on domestic airlines in Turkmenistanthus providing air traffic with many district centers of the country. One will
need to purchase new aircraft to carry up to 50 – 100  passengers and equip peripheral airports to develop
domestic air service, the Turkmenistan.gov.tm website reports.

In this regard, Turkmen Airlines worked out a program to develop
domestic air traffic. Experts working with Turkmen Airlines chose their
selection on  ATR-42-600 and L-410 aircraft.

Along with studying aeronautical engineering, one analyzed the state of
pre-existing airports in such towns, as Magdanly, Gazachak, Hazar, Karabogaz and
Esenguly, as well as in Kunyaurgench District of the Dashoguz Region Serakhs in
the Akhal Region and Kalaymor in the Mary Region. On the basis of the survey,
one developed standard construction projects to build peripheral airports. They
include building new aerodromes in cities and district centers having a nominal
amount of space for passengers and aircraft and the runways having the length
of 2000 meters.

According to the Small Aircraft Development Program in the country,
there are plans to build new airports in two stages – in 2014 – 2016 – in the towns
of Atamyrat and Magdanly, Lebap Region, in Khazar and Karabogaz, Balkan Region,
and in Kunyaurgench, Dashoguz Region. In subsequent years, new airfields will appear
in Gazachak, Esenguly, Kalaymor, Serakhs and Tedjen.

Source – http://www.ca-news.org/

First snow in Dushanbe caused rerouting some flights

Deteriorated weather conditions, in particular, the  first snow fallen today, December 5, 2013, in Dushanbe,
Tajikistan, as well as wind and fog caused some changes in flight routes, Mukhammadyusuf
Shodiev, Spokesperson, Dushanbe International Airport (DIA) OJSC, reported to
the Avesta News Agency, Tajikistan.

According to him, according to aviation rules every plane flying to its destination
has a few spare towns for landing.

 “This morning, the plane belonged
to Tajik Air was flying from Saint Petersburg, Russia, to Dushanbe, Tajikistan,
but because of bad weather in the Tajik capital, it landed at the airport in Kulyab,
Tajikistan”, Mr. Shodiev told.

Also, according to the Spokesperson, a plane belonged to Ural Airlines
was flying from Yekaterinburg, Russia, to Dushanbe but landed at the Hudzhand
International Airport; after the weather conditions have become better, this
plane flew to its destination.

 “The aircraft belonged to Somon
Air was flying en route Moscow – Hudzhand and, due to worsening weather in Hudzhand,
it landed in Dushanbe. In the near future, the plane will fly to Hudzhand”, Mr.
Shodiev stressed.

“At the moment, despite the fresh snow, the Dushanbe International Airport is operating
normally. Arrival and departure of aircraft is carried out according to
schedule”, the Spokesperson concluded.

Source – http://www.avesta.tj/

Plane belonged to Nordwind Airlines, Russia, makes emergency landing in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

A passenger plane, Boeing-767-300, belonged to Nordwind Airlines, Russia,
was flying from Bangkok, Thailand, to Ufa, Russia, on Wednesday, December 4,
2013, and made
​​an emergency
landing in Uzbekistan.

The plane made ​​the emergency landing in Tashkent, the
capital of Uzbekistan,
due to a fault in one of the engines. The airliner landed in Tashkent at 9:30 am, local time, the Interfax
News Agency reports.

According to passengers, the problems arose in the liner during takeoff
from Bangkok. Boeing-767-300
was not able to take off from the first attempt. People were taken out of the
cabin, and, after a brief repair, they were invited back. Then the plane failed
to gain altitude, Ural Inform Bureau reported.

There were nearly 300 passengers onboard the aircraft. Tourists spent the
whole day in the transit area of
​​the Tashkent International Airport.

Specialists of Tashkent International Airport’s
technical services eliminated the detected fault in a short time. After that,
the plane took off on Wednesday evening from Tashkentand landed in Ufaon Thursday night.

About 30 people did not dare to fly in a previously broken plane and
they remained in Uzbekistan.
They will get home independently.

Source – http://www.uzdaily.uz/

Georgia becomes the 40th member of European Air Navigation Safety Organization

Starting from January 1, 2014, Georgia will become the 40th member
of the European Air Navigation Safety Organization (Eurocontrol), the Georgian Ministry
of Economy reported yesterday. Decision on adoption of Georgia into this organization was taken at a
meeting of the permanent Eurocontrol Council in Brussels, Belgium,
on December 3, 2013.

The Ministry of Economy reported that Frank Brenner, CEO, Eurocontrol, said
at a reception in Brussels that “Georgia has done a lot for the integration of its
navigation systems with the European system, has successfully coped with the
commitments made under the Agreement on establishing a unified Georgian
airspace and unification with Europe, thus resulting in improved safety in the

Natia Mikeladze, Deputy Minister of Economy, who represented Georgia at the Council meeting, stated, “the membership
in Eurocontrol is an important event in terms of Georgia’s
integration with Europe”. She noted that
Eurocontrol experts permanently carry out retraining and qualification
improvement for Georgian civil aviation excepts; in addition, there is a
maximum approximation of the relevant legislation of the country to the
standards of the European Air Navigation Safety Organization.

For the purpose of Georgia’s
membership in Eurocontrol, relevant documents were signed in Brussels in December 2012, and, on April 4,
2013, the Parliament of Georgia ratified the International Convention on Cooperation
in Ensuring Air Navigation Safety.

Memberships in Eurocontrol allows Georgia to become a full partner of
the EU in the field of air transport, and will promote the country’s gradual
integration into the European aviation market.

Source – http://kavkasia.net/

Gazprom Neft Aero Kyrgyzstan transferred KGS 638 million to Kyrgyz budget for Jan-Sep 2013

For the period of Jan-Sep 2013, Gazprom Neft Aero Kyrgyzstan, a joint
venture of Gazprom Neft Aero JSC and Manas Refueling Company SE, has transferred
KGS 638 million to Kyrgyzstan, Tilektesh Isaev, Director General, Gazprom
Neft Aero Kyrgyzstan JSC,  said  at a press conference in Bishkek on December
4, 2013.

According to him, the interim dividend paid on the share owned by the
Government of Kyrgyzstan in this joint venture, amounted to over KGS 432
million in 2013, whereas KGS 206 million were the
​​tax and social contributions of this enterprise.

“In late November, a decision was made to distribute dividends for Jan-Sep
2013, and these money starts to come in the budget, in this relation, the share
in the joint venture does not change”, the Company’s Press Service
Manager/Spokesperson said.

Bakit Sharshenaliev, Deputy Chairperson, Kyrgyz State Property
Management Fund, reported that Gazprom Neft Aero Kyrgyzstan has paid dividends,
fees and taxes to Kyrgyzstanworth about KGS 2.5 billion for the entire period since 2011. “These funds are
allocated to address the important issues of the country”, he said.

The Spokesperson of the Company added for the volume of tax revenues has
exceeded the level of 2012 for Jan-Sep 2013. “We are expanding the clients’ functions,
expanding the business, which is reflected on the tax transfers”, he said.

Maksatbek Sharipov, Director, Manas Refueling Center State Enterprise, clarified
that the decision on the early distribution of dividends was accepted by both
parties. “You can not say that it is from the Government. Last year, they paid
quarterly, last year, we planned to make payments for nine months”, he said.

Mr. Isaev informed that Kyrgyzstankeeps the lowest prices for jet fuel in Central Asia.
According to him, the price of jet fuel in DushanbeTajikistan, comes to US $1,900
per ton, in Almaty, Kazakhstan– US $1,200, in Kyrgyzstan– US $970. “This is the lowest rate in the region”, he said.

According to the Press Service, these are the ambiguous figures and they
are formed according to a formula . “We are in the lower price segment”, the
report says.

Source – http://www.tazabek.kg/