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Kazakh medical aviation needs modernization – Manager of the Republican Coordination Medical Aviation Center

Nurlan Ahilbekov, Manager of the Republican Coordination Medical Aviation Center, believes that Kazakh
medical aviation needs modernization.

“I would like to dwell on the problems at the stage of planning and
organization of the emergency. At present, we have insufficient material and
technical equipment, providing with qualified flight crews and air tools for
each task. There are no regional offices, no a system for monitoring and
real-time tracking of all vehicles. We establish these tasks for ourselves”,
Mr. Ahilbekov said at a meeting, “Development and Improvement of Emergency Medical
Services and Air Ambulance in Kazakhstan”,
in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan, on Friday, December 06,

“We propose to build our own specialized building, a training center, to
create a single telephone service, integrated monitoring of vehicles, as well
as to open branches in Almaty, Aktobe and a national center to reach the
north-east”, he added.

According to him, only as regards the current year, medical aviation
operated 1,107 flights, of these, 727 flights were to various regions. At
 the same time, 1,422 patients were helped, KazTAG writes.

“As regards all operated flights, injuries are on the first place, as
there were 21.1% of all flights for this reason and the problems with blood circulation
is on the last place, 13.9% of all flights. I would like to pay more attention to
women’s health and their salvation. This year, we have delivered 279 women to
republican centers, of these, only two women died later”, Mr. Ahilbekov said.

Source – http://www.zakon.kz/


Runway at Petropavlovsk Airport to be reconstructed

The Governor of the North-Kazakhstan Region, Mr. Samat Eskendirov, reported
the following about the problems of the airport, which has had a lot of
problems in recent years, “In 2012, the airport was returned to be in a communal
property”, the Governor said.

“Regarding the transport and logistics infrastructure development in the
country, our airport is included in the plan for the reconstruction of the
runway in 2014-2015, with funding amounting KZT 6.7 billion, to be exact – this
is a feasibility study. But when considering the participation of the national
operator in this work to provide with infrastructure, I think this issue has
been resolved and we will have no any problems with this airport”, Mr. Eskendirov

Mr. Eskendirov also commented the situation on wages for workers working
with the Petropavlovsk Airport,  BNews.kz reported.

“As regards non-payment of wages, the airport in Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan,
is one of the enterprises. Over the years, one has been continuing financial
difficulties, but the process of the airport’s rehabilitation involves, first
of all, all payments of salaries”, the Governor of the North-Kazakhstan Region noted.

Source – http://www.zakon.kz/


Turkmenistan to buy French and Czech aircraft for light aviation needs

Guided by the task set by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on renewal
and development of air traffic between cities and regional centers of Turkmenistan,
the State Air Service will buy new aircraft capable to carry 50 and 100
passengers and develop the infrastructure of peripheral airports.

In this regard, the State Air Service “Turkmenhowayollary” (Turkmenistan
Airlines) has come up with a program on development of local air traffic and
conducted international monitoring of aircrafts. The Turkmen aviators
considered several options, including French aircraft ATR-72-600 for 72
passengers and ATR-42-600 for 50 passengers, as well as Canadian “Bombardier”
for 82 passengers. The Turkmen specialists also checked Czech L-410 aircraft
for 19 passengers, Ukrainian An-38 for 27 passengers and AN-140, both for 52

Having checked the flight performance data of the above aircrafts and
prices, the specialists of Turkmenistan Airlines opted for French ATR-42-600
and Czech L-410 aircrafts. According to them, these aircraft meet the highest
requirements of modern light aviation. The presentation of the French aircraft
will be held in Ashgabat at the end of this year.

Along with aircrafts, the Turkmen specialists also inspected the state
of affairs at the existing airports in several cities and district centers. On
the basis of the inspection, they developed standard construction projects for
the peripheral airports. The projects provide for construction of new airports
with 2000-meter long runways and optimal number of facilities for passengers
and aircraft.

Source – http://www.turkmenistan.ru/

Tajik pilots to be allowed to work with Russian airlines

The Russian Government has approved a draft law allowing foreign pilots to
work with the Russian civil aviation sector. The law will be in effect until
2019. It should help offset the shortage of staff, especially as regards aircraft

The law will be temporary and designed for five years. During this time,
the necessary number of employees from the number of Russian citizens should be
prepared, RIA Novosti reported with reference to Michael Abyzov, Minister for
Open Government Affairs.

In the meantime, the shortage of personnel will be covered by
foreigners. According to the plans issued by the Ministry of Transport, before 2019,
there are plans to attract 200 foreign pilots per year.

When estimated by the Ministry of Transport, Russian airlines are
lacking 1,500 – 2,000 pilots, with the most acute shortage of aircraft
commanders. After a few years, the situation could become critical when the
pilots trained in the Soviet Union will begin
to retire. At present, the pilots’ average age has already exceeded 50 years.

Particular attention is attracted to the recent air crash in Kazan, Russia,
which occurred on November 17, 2013, and 50 people perished. The basic version
of the incident is considered, as a crew’s error. Earlier, it was reported that
the commander of the Boeing 737-500 aircraft, Rustam Salihov, had never
performed the maneuver of going on the second circle in real flight before the
tragedy. All engines of this airliner worked until the collision with the
ground, RBC daily says.

According to ITAR -TASS, the Russian civil aviation has developed
unfavorable situation in recent years in terms of ensuring domestic air carriers’
qualified personnel. The current situation is explained by including such
factors, in the period from 1995 to 2009, the issue of the pilots from flight
training schools did not exceed 160 people annually, despite the fact that 700
pilots retire  every year. It takes at
least three to four years to prepare flight crews on the main type of aircraft.
Currently, civil aviation, in general, annual completion of flight crews requires
up to 1,500 people. Current deficit of specialists leads to a decrease in the
level of qualifications of existing pilots.

To solve this problem, one has been prepared amendments to the Air Code
of the Russian Federation and the Law, “On Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in
the Russian Federation”, in the part of the removal of restrictions on the use
of foreign nationals, as members of the flight crew, as well as granting the Government
with the authority to establish the procedure for admission of foreigners to
substitute the positions of aircraft commanders in the commercial aviation
sector. “The ability to use foreign pilots will allow the Russian airlines not
only to eliminate the deficit of aircrews, but also will accelerate the
training of national experts through the transfer of skills and experience”, the
Government believes.

In early 2013, the Ministry of Transport has prepared a report on the
status of air passenger traffic, in which they pointed out that the industry experiences
a shortage of 150-200 officers and over 1,000 people of other staff.

At present, foreign nationals are not allowed to work in any Russian
airlines, as flight personnel or even attendants.

Source – http://news.tj/

Plans to build three airfields in North Kazakhstan Region

There are plans to build three airfields in the North-Kazakhstan Region,
Tengrinews.kz reported.

“During 2016-2017, there are plans to build three airfields for domestic
airlines in the North Kazakhstan Region”, one reports in the documents distributed
at a briefing in a Central Communications Service (CCS) under the President of

Samat Eskendirov, Governor, North-Kazakhstan Region,  noted at a briefing in the CCS that, as
regards the next year, one plans to reconstruct the runway at the airport of
the regional center.

“In 2012, the airport was returned to the municipal property of the region.
The Plan for Kazakhstan’s
Transport and Logistic Structure Development includes the reconstruction of the
runway in 2014-2015 with the funding amounting to KZT 6.7 billion”, the
Governor of the region added.

We remind herein that earlier Askar Zhumagaliyev, Minister of Transport
and Communications, when introducing the draft of the state program to develop transport
infrastructure until 2020 inthe Government, told that Kazakhstanplanned to build 16 airfields for small aircraft. In addition, he said the
country would be reconstruct 11 out of 18 existing airports. In five of them,
there are plans to  reconstruct the runways
and passenger terminals, and, as regards other six ones, only passenger terminals
will be reconstructed there.

Source – http://tengrinews.kz/

Avia Traffic Air Company, Kyrgyzstan, holds a New Year promotion

When buying an air ticket for the Bishkek – Moscow air route to fly on December
30-31, 2013, and on January 4, 2014, you will be given the second air ticket
for the same flight absolutely FREE!

Recall, on Mondays, the Bishkek – Moscow flight
departs from Manas International Airport(Bishkek) at 18:00 and arrives in Domodedovo International Airport(Moscow) at
20:15. On Tuesdays, the Bishkek – Moscow flight departs
from Bishkek at 14:30 and arrives in Moscowat 16:50. On Saturdays, this flight departs from Bishkek at 09:35 and arrives
in Moscow at
11:50. Time is local for each airport.

You may buy your air tickets for this promotion at the air ticket sales offices
of the Air Company’s direct agents.

Source – http://www.aero.kg/

Astana International Airport operates normally

“The Astana International Airport, Kazakhstan, is operating normally,
without any difficulty”, Lyudmila Kopeychuk, Marketing Department Manager, Astana
International Airport JSC, commented for Zakon.kz News Agency, Kazakhstan.

On December 5, 2013, almost all flights arrived in and departed from the
capital, as scheduled .

“One regular flight en route Tashkent– Astana landed at a “reserved” airport because of weather  conditions. There are requirements for weather
conditions. Airbus A320 aircraft matches to them, probably, the crew made
​​the decision at their own discretion”, Mrs. Kopeychuk said.

According to her, when strong wind blows up with a speed of 20-25 m/s the
airport is not closed in such cases, and it is working normally.

“The airport personnel does everything possible to prevent delays of
flights and to provide with full services to passengers”, Mrs. Kopeychuk

Source – http://www.zakon.kz/

Aeroflot launches Karaganda – Moscow flight

The Aeroflot Airlines, Russia,
announces on launching a new regular flight en route Moscow,RussiaKaraganda,KazakhstanMoscow.

Starting from March 10, 2014, the flights will be operated on a daily
basis according to the following schedule:

Departure of the flight # SU 1936 from Moscowis at 23:25, arrival in Karagandais at 04:50. Departures of the return flight # SU 1937 from Karagandais at 06:10, arrival in Moscowis at 07:45. Time is local for each airport.

Source – http://www.itplus.kz/