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Istanbul – Baku, Baku – Istanbul flights postponed due to unfavourable weather conditions

A flight from Istanbul, Turkey, to Baku, Azerbaijan, scheduled today at
13:30, local time, has been rescheduled, the Geidar Aliev International Airport
(Baku) reports to APA -Economics.

According to information, due to adverse weather conditions in Turkey, the flight #322 operated by Boeing-737-400
belonged to Turkish Airlines could not take off from the Ataturk International Airport (Istanbul). For
this reason, the BakuIstanbul segment has also been delayed.

We note herein the passengers of the flight that was scheduled today at
13:30, will be able to arrive in Baku from Istanbul by the flight
scheduled for 19:35. As regards the return flight, the plane will take off at
20:35, local time.

Source – http://ru.apa.az/

Airzena, Pegasus increase number of passengers in 2013

As declared by the Director General, Airzena, this year was quite
successful for the Air Company, as passenger air traffic has been increased by
approximately 30%, as compared with 2012. According to Mr. Iase Zavutashvili,
the  passengers’ activeness is associated
with the addition of different destinations, the growth of tourists from Russia and the
intensification of charter flights. According to him, the orders for VIP
services have also been increased this year.

Along with this, Airzena-Georgian Airways bought a new Boeing this year,
which will fly to  Frankfurt, Germany,
since April 2014.

Airzena offers airfares when flying to Paris,Vienna, Amsterdamand Iraq at the rate of EUR 299+
per ticket, an air ticket to Tel Aviv will cost EUR 300+, to Moscow– EUR 195+ and to Kiev– EUR 204+.

The year of 2013 was successful for the Pegasus Airlines as well.
According to the Manager of the Pegasus Georgian Representative Office, one has
recorded 100% growth in passenger air traffic, as compared with the last year.
According to Mr. Levan Elizbarashvili, this is due to the popularity and high
confidence to the Airline. According to him, the passengers’ activeness was
also caused by added new destinations. This year, Pegasus began to fly to Barcelona, Athens and Moscow, and these destinations,
according to Mr. Elizbarashvili, were sufficiently demanded.

According to him, Pegasus prepares special promotions to consumers in
the coming year , and the passengers will be able to pre-book destinations during
a desired season with 50-60% discount.

Pegasus flies to 54 cities in Europe,
and the price of air tickets is EUR 250 – 600.

Source – 

Izhavia Airlines launches scheduled flights from Perm, Russia, to Hudzhand, Tajikistan

The Izhavia Airlines, Russia,
launches its scheduled flights from Perm (Big Savino Airport) to Hudzhand,
Thus, Perm will be a joint for the St. Petersburg – Hudzhand
roundtrip flight.

In December 2013, there are plans to operate the first flights only on
December 13-14 and December 27-28, 2013; afterwards, the flights will be operated
since February 8, 2014.

This flight will be operated on Saturdays. Departure of the flight #I8-911
from Perm is at
03:30, arrival in Hudzhand is at 05:50. Departure of the return flight # I8-912
from Hudzhand is at 07:40, arrival in Permis at 12:00. Time is local time for all airports.

Yak-42 aircraft will be used on this airline.

Source – http://www.airlines-inform.ru/

Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers approves draft agreement with Kazakhstan to cooperate in aircraft manufacturing

The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers has approved a draft Treaty between
the Government of  Ukraine and the
Government of Kazakhstan to cooperation in aircraft manufacturing, says the
Resolution #949-r dated November 27, 2013.

“One should approve the draft Treaty between the Government of Ukraine
and the Government of Kazakhstan on industrial cooperation in the aviation
industry”, the document says.

In addition, the Ukrainian Government authorized the Minister of
Industrial Policy, Michael Korolenko, to sign the Treaty.

Source – http://www.trans-port.com.ua/

Franco-Italian passenger plane makes test flight in Turkmenistan

A midsized Franco- Italian ATR-42-600 plane made its test flight en route Ashgabat
– Mary – Ashgabat. These aircraft are supposed to buy to be used on domestic
routes in Turkmenistan.

As a part of the local air service development, a state commission was
formed to assess the quality and performance of the aircraft in the local
climatic and flying conditions. Having made a flight en route Ashgabat – Mary –
Ashgabat, the committee members were able to appreciate the reliability and
advantages of the ATR-42-600 aircraft.

ATR-42-600 has 50 passenger seats. This aircraft combines comfort, fuel
efficiency and low operating costs.

These aircraft are very flexible and able to adapt to the most difficult
runways  including short, narrow, dirt,
etc. ones, which allows operating them in a variety of conditions. To date, ATR
is the only turboprop engine aircraft, obtained the ETOPS 120 certificate
confirming that these aircraft can be flown with one engine running for at
least 120 minutes, including flights above the water surface.

The top speed is 500
, which is more than enough for the distances of  1,000 kilometers in
the regions, for which these planes were intended to use.

Source – http://www.turkmenistan.ru/


Turkey cancels Istanbul – Baku flight due to snowfall

Due to adverse weather conditions in Turkey,IstanbulBaku flight
of Turkish Airlines has been cancelled, Sabahnewspaper reported on December 12, 2013.

Currently there is no information on postponement of the IstanbulBakuflight.

According to the newspaper, in total 48 flights of Turkish Airlines have
been cancelled, including 11 foreign flights, and the rest being domestic.

Ninety flights were cancelled in Turkey due to snowfall on December
11, 2013.

Adverse weather conditions in Istanbulare forecast to continue until the end of the week.

Source – http://en.trend.az/

Snow has no affect to departure and arrival of flights in Baku

Snow in Baku did not affect the operation
of the flights to and from Baku, Azerbaijan, Geidar Aliev International Airporttold Trend.

Departure and arrival of aircraft is carried out according to the flight
schedule, the Airport said.

Source – http://www.trend.az/

IATA – Uzbekistan to become the fastest growing international air carriage market

By 2017, Uzbekistan will become the fastest growing international passenger air traffic market.
This is stated in the report of the International Air Transport Association

On December 11, 2013, IATA published its forecast for the development of
the global air transport market for 2013-2017.

According to the report, Uzbekistanwill lead in 2017, as regards the growth of the international passenger air traffic
market. According to the IATA forecast, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) will
be 10.3% in Uzbekistan.

On this indicator, Uzbekistanwill pass Kazakhstan (9% of CAGR). The top ten fastest growing markets also include Russia (7.7%), Turkey (7.6%), Oman (7.5%), China (7.1%), Vietnam (6.9%), Saudi Arabia (6.9%), Azerbaijan (6.8%) and Pakistan (6.7%).

Projected by IATA, the passenger air traffic growth will be 31% in 2017,
as compared with 2012, reaching 3.91 billion passengers.

According to the forecast, the U.S. domestic air transport market
will continue to be the largest in the world in 2017 with 677.8 million
passengers who commit domestic flights.

The China’s
domestic market will grow by 10% for five years reaching 487.9 million
passengers thus having a firm foothold on the second place. Brazil with its
122.4 million passengers will be the third one.

The U.S. will
continue to hold the first place in terms of international air traffic with 177.5
million in 2017, ahead of Germany on this indicator, 176.6 million.

Source – http://www.uzdaily.uz/


Baltic Aviation Academy starts teaching ground handling

The Baltic Aviation Academy’s Aviation Training Center has expanded its list of services provided by adding a program of ground
maintenance, including maintenance of various types of aircraft, equipment,
passengers, dangerous goods and safety courses.

This program was established by the Baltic Aviation Academy’s Center in
accordance with IATA and EASA training ground handling. This provision ensures
that the education offered is compliant with safety standards throughout the
region. Rates of ground handling, as well as refresher courses will be
conducted by certified instructors with all the necessary technical equipment.
Depending on the complexity of courses and services, the time for theoretical
classes will vary from a few hours to two weeks, and will be followed by a
practical part of the course. Vilniusor any other geographical point can be a venue for the courses, depending on
the wishes of the client, as (s)he can also choose one of the three teaching
​​: English, Russian or Lithuanian.

“Safety in the sky begins with security on the ground. Ground handling is
an integral part of the airlines’ activities. Our goal is to provide customers
with a full package of services in one place. Adding ground handling training
services to our list of services makes us an attractive provider for airlines
and airports, as they still need training pilots, flight attendants and ground
service personnel”, says Dainius Meilunas, Deputy General Director for Education,
Baltic Aviation Academy.

Until now, the Baltic Aviation Academy’s Aviation Training Centerprovided initial pilot training services, standard qualification courses, and,
from now on, the ground handling training services to handle airlines and airports.

Source – http://www.balticaa.com/

Pilot of aircraft crashed in Karaganda Region, Kazakhstan, released from criminal liability

A pilot of the private plane that crashed in the Karaganda Region was freed
from criminal liability, the Bukhara– Zhyrau District Court #2 Office told Tengrinews.kz.

According to the Had of the Office, Alfiya Estaeva, one established a
resolution with the reconciliation of the parties. The pilot has been released
from criminal responsibility. “Prior to the trial, the victims filed a written
request for termination of the proceedings and release of the defendant from
criminal responsibility, citing the fact that they are now reconciled with the
defendant. The caused damage was settled in full, and they have no any claims
to this pilot”, Mrs. Estaeva explained.

Recall that in July 2013,
private sports training plane called Wilga, when
taking off, crashed in the Bukhara – Zhyrau district
in Karaganda Region, Kazakhstan.
As a result, four people were injured, including the pilot and three

Later, a criminal case was initiated against the pilot. During the
investigation, it was found out that the pilot carried taking off on the plane
that was unregistered with the public registry of civil courts. Moreover, he
had no the pilot’s certificate to operate an aircraft, professional training,
work experience, as well as piloting skills. As a result, the man lost control
and the plane crashed.

Source – http://tengrinews.kz/