Causes of Challenger -200 air crash near Almaty to be announced in early 2014

The results of the investigation related with the air crash of
Challenger-200 near Almaty, Kazakhstan, will be announced in early 2014, Bakytzshan
Sagintaev, Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, announced to

“At the very beginning, we attracted specialists from the manufacturing
plant in Canada, some people
from the United States,
and the International Aviation Committee (IAC). We are just starting to receive
data on a forensic examination. This is a very difficult job. I think, upon
completion of all work at the beginning of next year, the experts who work
within the Ministry of Transport and Communications, will make their official
statement”, Mr. Sagintaev said at a briefing in the Central Communications
Service Office under the President of Kazakhstan.

He added that he understood the victims’ relatives, who would like to
already have the certainty to know the cause of this incident.

“Therefore, we specifically take the time to give a clear answer. We
understand that this was not an easy crash, it belongs to the category of very
complex air crashes. Initially, all the information has been issued and
communicated to the public. We will report, as regards the concrete decision
and the results of the completion of this investigation at the beginning of the
year”, the First Deputy Prime Minister said.

We remind herein that the Challenger-200 plane belonged to the SCAT
Airlines, Kazakhstan,
crashed near Almaty in January 2013, near the Kyzyltu village. Weather
conditions were named as the basic version of this air crash. As a result of
this air crash, 21 people were killed.

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