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Tajik Air to resume regular flights to Vanj, Tajikistan

The state airline, intends to operate its regular flights en route Dushanbe – Vanj – Dushanbein 2014.

Lola Kendzhaeva, Spokesperson, Tajik Air, reported to the Avesta News
Agency, Tajikistan,
the flights to this high mountainous region will be operated weekly, on Mondays.

According to the Spokesperson, the air ticket will cost US $70. The
first flight to Vanj is scheduled for January 6, 2014.

“Before making a decision to resume flights to Vanj, a special
commission consisted of representatives of Tajik Air, the Ministry of Transport
and other responsible agencies checked the readiness of the airport in Vanj to
receive aircraft”, Mrs. Kendzhaeva told.

According to her, the flights on the Dushanbe – Vanj air route will be operated by
AN-28 aircraft.

Mrs. Kendzhaeva recalled that flights to Vanj were suspended in 1997 due
to lack of passengers.

“One also addresses the issue to resume flights on some other domestic
airlines”, the Tajik Air’s Spokesperson concluded.

Source – http://www.avesta.tj/

Flight Bishkek – Naryn was not developed due to lack of demand – Ministry of Transport

The Bishkek – Naryn domestic flight was not developed due to lack of
demand, Maksatbek Dyikanov, State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and
Communications, said live for PTRC (Public Television and Radio Channel) on December
26, 2013.

According to him, the air route to Naryn was worked out and the first
flight was even operated. But later, no any single air ticket has been sold.
Due to lack of payback, this destination was closed.

Mr. Dyykanov believes that we should focus not only on the outside tourists
when renovating airports in the Issyk-Kul Region, but also domestic tourists
when improving infrastructure of regional airports. Thus, according to the State
Secretary, one of the local airlines expects to get a plane that will fly en
route Bishkek – Batken. The Ministry of Transport expects reduction of airfares
on this air route.

As regards lower prices for air tickets on the Bishkek – Osh air route, Mr. Dyykanov
said that this reduction was due to increased competition.

He expressed the hope that the price will be held, and warned that the
sooner you buy an air ticket, the cheaper it will be for you.

Source – http://www.tazabek.kg/

Tajikistan, France discussed projects related with civil aviation

Yesterday, Tajikistanand France discussed joint
projects in the air transport sector in Dushanbe.

The Tajik Ministry of Transport reported to the Avesta News Agency, during
this meeting, representatives of the Tajik Ministry of Transport and French
diplomats discussed the implementation of ongoing infrastructure projects, as
well as the issues related to air traffic between the two countries.

According to the source, the focus has been made to the progress of the
project related with building a new air terminal at Dushanbe International Airport, as well as
financing the construction of the flight control tower.

“According to earlier achieved agreements, the French specialists will build
a 36-meter high flight control tower at Dushanbe International Airport”, the source

According to the Ministry of Transport, the project was designed by
French specialists. For its implementation, one will require EUR 3.5 million.
It will be implemented by the French side on a grant basis. Currently, the
draft agreement has been designed and sent to be explored by the French side.

We remind herein the Vinci Company,  France, is being implemented its project to
build a modern air terminal at Dushanbe International Airport.

Source – http://www.avesta.tj/

An-12 aircraft crashed in Irkutsk Region, Russia, the entire crew was killed

On Thursday, an AN-12 plane crashed near Irkutsk, Russia.
The crew of this aircraft crashed while landing at the Irkutsk-2 Airport consisted of six people, a source in the emergency services of the  Irkutsk Region, Russia,
reported to Interfax News Agency, Russia.

“There were six people (crew members only) onboard. The aircraft was in the
cargo version. Probably, all of them are dead”, he reported to the News Agency.

The crashed plane belonged to the Irkutsk Aircraft Plant, a source
familiar with the situation informed Interfax.

Another source clarified, “This is a plane that does not belong to the
civil aviation, this is an experimental aircraft, which is supervised by the
Ministry of Industry and Trade”.

In turn, the Press Service of the East Siberian Investigation Department
of Transport said they presently try to identify what was the crashed aircraft,
a military or civil one.

Source – http://www.trend.az/

Astana International Airport JSC publishes results of its activity for 11 months of 2013

The Astana International Airportis one of the most dynamically developing airports of Kazakhstan and
CIS. The annual handled flights, passengers and cargo are increased by 13% in

Overall, as regards the Jan-Nov 2013 period, the capital city’s airport has
handled 2,308,425 passengers. In particular, 1,424,451 people have been handled
on domestic flights for the considering period. For the corresponding period in
2012, the airport had handled 1,296,684 passengers. So, the passenger air traffic
on domestic air routes has been increased by 10%.

As regards international air routes, 873,879 people have been handled
for 11 months of 2013. Incomparison with the last year, the passenger air traffic (710,494 passengers)
on international routes has been increased by 22.9%. The increase of passenger
flow is 15% in 2013 incomparison with the same period of 2012.

For the Jan-Nov 2013 period, the capital city’s  airport has handled 18,509 flights and this is
more  by 16% than in 2012 (15,888 flights).

Source – http://www.astanaairport.kz/