An-12 aircraft crashed in Irkutsk Region, Russia, the entire crew was killed

On Thursday, an AN-12 plane crashed near Irkutsk, Russia.
The crew of this aircraft crashed while landing at the Irkutsk-2 Airport consisted of six people, a source in the emergency services of the  Irkutsk Region, Russia,
reported to Interfax News Agency, Russia.

“There were six people (crew members only) onboard. The aircraft was in the
cargo version. Probably, all of them are dead”, he reported to the News Agency.

The crashed plane belonged to the Irkutsk Aircraft Plant, a source
familiar with the situation informed Interfax.

Another source clarified, “This is a plane that does not belong to the
civil aviation, this is an experimental aircraft, which is supervised by the
Ministry of Industry and Trade”.

In turn, the Press Service of the East Siberian Investigation Department
of Transport said they presently try to identify what was the crashed aircraft,
a military or civil one.

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