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Air Kyrgyzstan – New Year’s sale on Bishkek – Dubai flights

Air Kyrgyzstan, a
leading air carrier of the Kyrgyz Republic, congratulates all the Kyrgyz people and
wishes a Happy New Year and announces promotional fares on Bishkek – Dubai flights, the Air
Company’s Press Service informed.

Only today and tomorrow, flights on the Bishkek – Dubai – Bishkek air route can be purchased at
a very affordable price. Thus, the Bishkek – Dubaisegment costs € 103+ and the departure date is on January 12, 2015; the Dubai – Bishkek segment costs
€ 113+ and the departure date is on January 2, 2015.

Prices include all possible fees. The number of air tickets on each
flight is limited.

Airline tickets can be purchased on the Air Company’s website and in all
air ticket sales offices. To find out accurate information on flights and book
your tickets, please contact the Air Company’s call center: +996 (312)

Reference: Flights will be operated on modern and comfortable Boeing-737-300
aircraft having 148 passenger seats in the economy class.

Departure of the flight # QH 453 from Bishkek at 09:00, local time, and
arrival in the Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai, is at 11:50. The return flight # QH
454 departs at 13:20 and arrives in Bishkek at 19:30.

Dubai is one of the most popular
destinations during the Christmas and New Year holidays. A trip to Dubai is an excellent
opportunity to make a fun New Year’s holiday, aligning this with the incredible
shopping. Dubai is the second most popular city
in the world for shopping, giving the palm to London only.

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Plane crashes in Democratic Republic of Congo

At least six people died after a plane flying from Uganda crashed
into the Uvira mountains in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s east, a DR Congo
official said Monday.

The plane, which made a stop in the Burundian capital Bujumbura, crashed into the mountains on
Sunday about four minutes after take-off, local government official Noella
Nafranka said.

“We don’t know how many passengers were on board,” Nafranka
said. “All we know is that there were six crew members and the plane was
charred, so there are at least six deaths.”

The plane, whose flight path was confirmed by a Burundian official on
condition of anonymity, was flying to Pointe-Noire in neighbouring Congo
Brazzaville. The causes of the night accident and the nationalities of the
victims were not clear.

DR Congo has one of the world’s worst aviation safety records. About 50
of its airlines figure on an EU blacklist banning companies from flying within
the European Union.

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Bodies and debris found in search for AirAsia plane, rescue teams say

Indonesian rescue teams said Tuesday that they had found bodies and what
appeared to be debris from the AirAsia plane that vanished less than an hour
after taking off from the airport here on Sunday.

Djoko Murjatmodjo, a senior official with Indonesia’s Transportation
Ministry, confirmed that the debris was from Flight 8501, which was carrying
162 people when it disappeared. “We’ve confirmed the wreckage was from the body
of the plane,” he said Tuesday in Jakarta,
the capital.

Members of search teams told the Indonesian news media that they had
spotted what appeared to be suitcases, life vests and aircraft debris.
Indonesian television showed a rescuer descending from a helicopter toward a
bloated corpse floating in the sea. The bodies shown on television were not
wearing life jackets.

The bodies and debris were found in the Karimata Strait off the coast of Borneo. Search teams also spotted what appeared to be a
larger piece of the fuselage of the Airbus A320-200, which was operated by the
Indonesian affiliate of AirAsia.

“My heart is filled with sadness for all the families involved in QZ 8501,” Tony Fernandes, the
founder of AirAsia, wrote in a Twitter message soon after the debris was
discovered. “On behalf of AirAsia my condolences to all. Words cannot express
how sorry I am.”

Earlier Tuesday, the Indonesian authorities had announced an expanded
search area, suggesting that they had few leads as to the whereabouts of the
plane, which vanished on Sunday morning, about 40 minutes after leaving Surabaya bound for Singapore.

“The area we are searching is huge,” Bambang Soelistyo, the head of Indonesia’s
National Search and Rescue Agency, said in a briefing. The total search area,
including parts of Borneo and smaller islands in the Java Sea,
was around 60,000 square miles, the authorities said.

A United Stateswarship had been dispatched to join the search for the missing jet, and Mr.
Bambang said the Indonesian government had also accepted offers from South Korea and China to help in the search.

The Java Sea,
which separates the islands of Borneo and
Java, is relatively shallow — around 160 feet at its deepest point — but monsoon
conditions were clouding the waters, rescuers said.

Indonesian meteorologists described recovery efforts as a race against
time because foul weather — heavy rains, choppy seas and higher winds — was
predicted from Friday onward in the search area.

The recovery process was likely to shed light on the cause of the
disaster, which has been unknown since the plane disappeared on Sunday.
Speculation has ranged from bad weather to fears that the aircraft was
traveling too slowly to stay airborne. Shortly before contact with the plane
was lost, its cockpit crew told air traffic controllers that they planned to
raise the plane to 38,000
from 32,000 feet to avoid a cloud, Mr. Djoko said at
a news conference on Monday.

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130 passengers of Transaero’s Moscow – Almaty flight stuck in Shymkent, Kazakhstan

130 passengers claim they were left without water, food and information.
They require to send them along the air route and return the money for poor
provision of services, the Seventh Channel reported.

Anxious passengers of the flight #205 en route Moscow– Almaty were able to write a collective petition to the leadership of the
Transaero Airlines, Russia,
during their 10-hour wait in Shymkent. People say their aircraft landed in Shymkent
due to fog in Almaty, since then, there have been no any news.

“We arrived at 7:00, local time. And still then, we have been waiting
for us to be sent back to Almaty, though before, we were told there was mist
and fog in Almaty. Well, yes, it was in the morning and we do not argue, but,
afterwards, four flights have departed from Shymkent to Almaty”.

Ismet KULAKSYZ, a passenger, says, “There are lots of kids, they sit without
water and without fresh air. I have never seen such an airline, as Transaero! They
explain nothing, do not say anything, they stayed us as in a prison here in the
morning at 8 o’clock”.

According to Moscowflight passengers, there are many children among stranded in Shymkent, there is
even a girl after surgery. Eyewitnesses say she became ill, as a result of long

Irina Nikolishina, a passenger, says, “Firstly, they did not provide
food for all passengers, and it is generally difficult to be called worthy some
food and so on. We called the Air Company’s representative office in Almaty, at
first, they accused their captain is that he does not meet the license for
landing in fog. The captain himself said that he is a pilot of the highest category
and has 12 years of work experience.

In a conversation with an Almaty flight control officer, which was
recorded by passengers on a cell phone, they were told that there were no any obstacles
for aircraft’s departure to Almaty”.

“There are no any restrictions, flights are landed”.

However, after the next boarding, people, once again, were asked to go
out and they unloaded luggage. Outraged passengers appealed to the Transport Prosecutor’s
Office in Shymkent.

At the official request of the situation that prevailed at the airport
in Shymkent, the 7 NEWS Office received a written response from the Transaero Airlines.
It says that the crew’s flight time is over and now, these pilots should rest. There
are plans to fly to the destination at 23:30, Moscow time. The passengers have been
provided with hotel and meals while waiting at the airport.

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Dozens of flights delayed in Astana and Almaty

Dozens of flights have been delayed at departure and arrival in Astana
and Almaty, Kazakhstan, reports.

As regards the Astana International Airport, 14 departing and six arriving flights have
been delayed. The Airport explained the departing flight delays are from 20
minutes to two hours and these include the flights to Kyzylorda, London,
Almaty, Abu Dhabi and Frankfurt; delay on arrival comes from 20 minutes to two
hours and 15 minutes – these include the flights from Kyzylorda (two flights),
Almaty (two flights) and Ust-Kamenogorsk (two flights). Two flights have been canceled
– to Frankfurt and Vienna.
The flights at Astana International Airportare delayed due to the late arrival of aircraft, and flights to Kyzylorda and
from Kyzylorda were delayed  because of
weather conditions.

As regards the Almaty International Airport,
12 arriving flights have been delayed. Delay of the flight from Karaganda is for
a day, from Novosibirsk – for almost 20 hours, from Kostanai – for 20 hours,
and the delay from a half an hour to a couple of hours is for the flights from
Shymkent, Tehran, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kuala Lumpur, Astana and Kokshetau.

On departure from Almaty, the delays are as follows: to Kostanay – for 20
hours, Novosibirsk – for 19 hours, to Moscow – for two hours, to Kyzylorda – for
four hours, to Tehran – for one hour and 40 minutes, to Ust-Kamenogorsk – for almost
three hours. The following flights have been cancelled – one to Dubai and one to Urumqi.
The flights in Almaty are delayed due to weather conditions.

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Georgian, Russian airlines to operate 18 flights per week per country

Airlines of Georgiaand Russia will operate 18
flights per week per country on the Moscow, RussiaTbilisiGeorgiaMoscow air route, such decision was made, as a result of bilateral talks held in Tbilisi.

Recall, the Airzena-Georgian Airways went on strike due to the Government’s
decision to transfer the priority to Russian airlines, a news portal
reports. In connection with the occurred strike that involved flight and
maintenance personnel of Georgian Airways, the Georgian authorities were forced
to cancel the earlier decision. In connection with this, the Georgian air
carrier was allowed to operate 14 flights per week instead of 10 assigned ones.

On December 24-25, 2014, talks were held in Tbilisi between representatives of the aeronautical authorities of Georgia and Russia, which resulted in
permission for flights in the ratio of 18/18 per week until January 31, 2015.
Such a limited period of time of agreements is related with sales of air
tickets. Due to the existing differences, adoption of the final decision was
postponed until the second half of winter.

We recall the decision to resume regular air services was made in the early
autumn of 2014, and the first regular flight en route Moscow Tbilisi was operated
on October 26, 2014.

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Dushanbe International Airport transfers over TJS 71 million to the state budget

The Dushanbe International Airport, Tajikistan, has  summed up the year results today.

Mahmadyusuf Shodiev, Spokesperson, Dushanbe International Airport (DIA),
reported to the Asia Plus News Agency, Tajikistan, the airport collaborated
with 21 airlines in 2014 including  14 airlines
from the CIS, five airlines of other foreign countries and the two Tajik airlines.

In the past year, the DIA transferred over TJS 71 million to the state
budget, which is by TJS 13.2 million more, as compared with the results of

In the past year, the airport served 5,927 permanent/direct and 615
charter flights, and 1,296,236 passengers benefited services from the Tajik capital’s

According to Mr. Shodiev, there are plans to start construction of a new
cargo terminal at the DIA in 2015.

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Turkmenistan Airlines to launch flights to Latvia and Canada – UPDATED

In February 2015, Turkmenistan Airlines will start operating its direct
flights from Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, to Riga, Latvia,
the Air Company’s Press Service reported.

According to the signed agreement in Ashgabat, one reached an agreement
on introducing TurkmenistanLatviaCanada intercontinental
flights in the first half of next year.

At present, Turkmenistan Airlines operates its regular flights to 15
cities in 11 countries in Europe and Asia including Abu
, Almaty, Amritsar, Bangkok, Birmingham, Delhi, Dubai, Frankfurt, Kiev, London, Minsk, Moscow, Beijing, Istanbul St.
Petersburg, as well as on domestic routes – from Ashgabat to regional centers.

The state airline carries more than 3,000 passengers daily in Turkmenistanonly. Over half a million people are carried on international flights annually.

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Passengers flying to Urumqi, China, robbed at Osh International Airport, Kyrgyzstan

Passengers flying to Urumqi, China, were robbed at Osh International Airport, the Osh City CID
Press Service under the State Ministry of Interior reported.

According to this source, the incident occurred in the VIP-hall of the
airport on Saturday, December 27, 2014. Five men in suits of special forces,
armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles, broke into the room, began to shout that
there was a special operation, and they ordered people to lie on the floor.
After this, the attackers robbed the passengers bags with large sums of money.

“Having taken one person, as a hostage, the attackers fled in a Toyota
Estima car. The Osh police announced an  interception plan,
location and identity of thieves and the hostage are being identified”, the
State Ministry of Interior noted.

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Air Kyrgyzstan – New Year offer for Dubai – Bishkek flights “Holidays for EUR 1”

Air Kyrgyzstan, a
leading air carrier of the Kyrgyz Republic, provides an opportunity
to spend the New Year’s holidays at home for just EUR 1.

When buying an air ticket for Dubai
Bishkek air route for EUR 266
passenger is able to buy an air ticket for Bishkek – Dubai segment for just
EUR 1.

The promotion is valid on Dubai – Bishkek
flights with the date of departure on January 02, 2015, and for Bishkek – Dubai – on January 12, 2015.
Number of seats on each flight is limited.

The flights will be operated on modern and comfortable Boeing 737-300 aircraft
with 148 passenger seats in the economy class.

These flights can be purchased online, www.air.kgand in all air ticket sales offices. To find out accurate information on
flights, book your air tickets, please contact the Air Company’s call center:
+996 (312) 31-66-00.

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