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Baku, Istanbul and Beijing from Perm

As of May 20, 2014, AZAL, the Azerbaijan’s
national air carrier, will launch a new flight en route PermRussiaBakuAzerbaijan (Geidar Aliev International Airport).
Direct flights from Perm to the capital of Azerbaijan will
be operated weekly, on Tuesdays and Fridays, by Airbus A-320, the flight time is
three hours and 35 min.

In addition to the direct flight to Baku,
AZAL also provides convenient shuttle flights for the passengers in Perm to fly to Istanbul, Turkey, and BeijingChina, through Baku.

Air tickets (prices) for these flights should be clarified at air ticket
sales offices.

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Aviation news overview

The US Federal Aviation Administration says great strides have been made
in improving safety, but continued improvements are contingent on further data
sharing by the industry and more relevant pilot training.“I can’t
over-emphasise enough the importance of what data sharing does,” says John
Hickey, deputy associate administrator for aviation safety at the FAA. “Data
sharing allows data-driven decision making…when an airline, aircraft
manufacturer, and a government regulator come together and look at the data
together, they cannot but make the right decision.”

Textron has formed a company focused on the flight simulator and
training market after last year’s acquisitions of two manufacturers of flight
training devices.TRU Simulation + Training will serve the commercial and
military flight and maintenance training markets, CEO Jim Takats said. It is
working with newly formed Textron Aviation to support Cessna, Beechcraft and
Bell Helicopter products as well as the Textron AirLand Scorpion light attack

Early this month two pilots from Adventia, European Collage of
Aeronautics in Spainused Google Glass with a pilot training app in flight to show the benefits of the
wearable device in the industry. Adventia worked with Google developer Droiders
to create the pilot training app, which was based on the surgery checklist app
used in the Faculty of Medicine at Stanford University.The pilots, Head of
Training Juan Riquelme and Head of Flights Diana Rodriguez used Glass for their
pre-flight checks, take-off procedures, air navigation maps, landing checklist,
and final approach to fly one of Adventia’s airfcraft, a Beechcraft King Air

Able Flight, the nonprofit organization that works to provide free
flight training to individuals with physical disabilities, announced the awards
of a record-setting nine scholarships in 2014. Six recipients are scheduled to
begin flight training May 20 at Purdue University’s Department of Aviation
Technology, Able Flight’s flight-training partner in West Lafayette, Ind. AOPA is a donor to the
Able Flight Scholarship program, through donations funded by the AOPA

Russian civil aircraft will take to the skies with foreign pilots in the
cabin, a move designed to tackle a shortage of trained personnel, new law
states. President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a bill to seat foreigners
at the controls. It was passed by the State Duma on April 4 and approved by the
upper house Federation Council on April 18. New regulations amend Article 56 of
the Russian Air Code and Article 14 of the federal bill on legal status of
foreign citizens in the Russian

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Baltic Aviation News overview

Baltic Aviation Academy, aviation training centre in Central Europe, took a new approach on pilot Ab Initio
training. Academy organized a series of different classes for its ATPL
Integrated students, helping students to be closer to the industry and get a
deeper knowledge of taught topics.

SimHelp, a one-stop-shop for simulators operators recently successfully
closed a deal with PT NAM Training Centre which is located in Indonesia.
Companies agreed on the System Upgrade for PT NAM Training Centre’s operated
Full Flight Simulator. Such upgrade will include the delivery and installation
of a SupraVue 180×40 Collimated display and projector system for Boeing
B737-300 Full Flight Simulator.

Business and training management software for aviation training centers,
MOMook, has added an advanced time sensitive document management feature which
has provided a desirable solution for the clients as well as improved the
overall system.

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Reconstruction of runway at Uralsk Airport to start soon

Reconstruction of the runway at Uralsk Airport,Kazakhstan, will be carried
out during the period of 2014 – 2015, the Ministry of Transport and
Communications of Kazakhstan announced on Wednesday, News Kazakhstan reported.

The airport in Uralskwas built over 40 years ago and it should be urgently renovated.

“In the near future, one will begin reconstruction of the runway at the airport
in Uralsk. This
is generally known that, due to the runway’s weak bearing capacity, the airport
is not capable of taking heavy aircraft so it is forced to reduce the number of
flights. Reconstruction will also help to increase the Airport’s capacities,
will allow to serve modern types of aircraft having a larger passenger capacities”,
said Amantay Kokataev, Manager, Airport Management Department under the  Civil Aviation Committee of the Kazakh Ministry
of Transport and Communications.

According to him, the reconstruction of runways in 13 major airports has
been fulfilled over the last 10 years to follow the President’s instructions to
ensure flight safety in Kazakhstan.

There are plans that reconstruction of the runway at remaining five
airports will be completed in 2018.

The airport in Uralskwas commissioned in 1972, it has a total area of ​​4,208.3 square meters and a carrying capacity of 200 passengers per

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Kazakhstan reserves right to adjust prices of air tickets

Kazakhstan has reserved the right to adjust
the prices of air tickets, reports. This information was announced
today by Assylbek Duisebayev, Deputy Chairperson of Kazakhstan Agency for
Regulation of Natural Monopolies, at a briefing conducted at the Central Communications
Service under the President of Kazakhstan.

“As regards a Treaty about the Eurasian Union, there was a question that
the acting Competition Policy Treaty remained some risks that tomorrow the
signed agreement will not allow us to adjust the prices of air tickets. As you
know, they are presently regulated by the state. We resolved this issue and found
a suitable formulation and we also remain at the national level. These are the examples
of how the experts defended the position of Kazakhstanin Moscow at the talks between the three
countries, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan”, Mr. Duisebayev said.

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All investment proposals for Manas International Airport OJSC to be considered by Kyrgyz Government and Parliament

As the Manas International Airportis a special strategic object nowadays then all investment proposals were sent
to the Government and Parliament of Kyrgyzstan, Bakirdin Subanbekov, Chairperson
of the Board of Directors (BD), Manas International Airport,
reported at the shareholders’ annual General Meeting.

With the participation of the Board of Directors, one has developed a Strategic
Plan to develop the Airport’s activities for the period of 2013-2107, he said. To
implement the Strategic Plan and attract foreign investment the Board decided
to organize a competition to attract some investment partners  for the airport to improve its material and
technical base and infrastructure. The same is done in relation to the airports
located in Osh, Batken, Issyk-Kul,
Dzhalal-Abad, Naryn, Kazarman and Isfana. As a result of competitions and activities
during 2013, one designed and implemented a number of projects that will
improve the income of the society and will systematically develop the country’s
aviation industry:

  • Signing a contract with the Bus Travel Company
    amounting U.S. $8 million;
  • Leasing areas at Manas and Osh airports;
  • Opening a representative office of the Rosneft
    Company, Russia, in Kyrgyzstan;
  • Increase a share of the Intek LLC (refueling
    company) up to 100%;
  • Opening unified remote migration centers at
    Manas and Osh international airports jointly
    with the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation.

Mr. Subanbekov said that, as a result of successful negotiations, one
has obtained concrete investment proposals to implement strategic plans to
develop the society from several foreign investors, namely, from the
International Finance Corporation (IFC), European Bank for Reconstruction and
Development, the CMEC Chinese Corporation, as well as Novaport Company, Russia,
signing a Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the Kyrgyz
Republic and Rosneft, Russia, as regards investments for the Manas
International Airport OJSC in the amount of US $1 billion. “But, as you know,
unfortunately, Rosneft refused to buy 50% stake in Manas International Airport
OJSC”, he said.

He also announced on signing a Cooperation Agreement with the Aget Invest
LLC (Chisinau Airport’s operator in Moldova), and this Agreement provides with
investments by the parties in the amount of US $350 million to implement a joint
program to develop both the airport in Bishkek and one in Chisinau, Moldova. The
goal is to create a joint airline, open duty-free, a new shopping center, duty
free shops having an area of 20,000 square metersat Manas and Oshairports, open a tourist operator based upon the Manas Tour LLC, improve
activities of the Manas Avia Service LLC to form a modern technical base and develop
the Manas Training LLC.

The Board of Directors also decided to form an Air KG LLC, purchased a YAK-40
aircraft, on March 20, 2014, there was a control test flight of an air
carrier’s aircraft.

During 2013, the Audit Commission on behalf of the BD examined the
operations of all subsidiaries, and their reports were considered on the Board
of Directors’ meeting on August 5, 2013. For the second time, one submitted the
Board’s report on the subsidiaries’ development of activities that was
discussed on March 25, 2014.

“Board members visited the subsidiaries and familiarized with their
material and technical base, with successes and challenges. As a result of our
joint work, as regards the Board and the Executive Body,  two new international airlines, Manas Air and Ukrainian
International Airlines, have been involved during the reporting period”, Mr. Subanbekov

New destinations, such as Bishkek – Astana, OshDubaiOshand several additional flights on existing air routes, were launched. Bulk of
the work is carried out by the Manas and Oshinternational airports.

In 2013, the number of international flights, as compared with 2012, was
increased by 26.3% and by 39.6%, as regards domestic flights. The number of
passengers served was increased by 35.7%, respectively. According to the
results of audits of the Audit Commission, the Board of Directors considered
the issues of financial and economic activity of the Osh branch of the Manas International Airport
(MIA), and there was a positive growth of flights by 19.2%, passenger air traffic
was increased by 19%. In 2013, the airport in Osh served the millionth passenger for the
first time.

In 2013, the MIA OJSC’s  net
profit reached KGS 1,082,000,000 (over US $20 million). The Board members met
regularly with members of the Executive Body to discuss the progress of
activities to implement the Strategic Plan.

The main thrust of the BD work was to determine the long-term
development strategy and identify prioritized directions in the strategy in the
field of production, investment, finance, personnel policies, staff relations,
supervising financial and economic activities, the development prospects of
subsidiaries, improvement of corporate governance principles in society.

During the reporting period, the BD prepared and held seven meetings,
which considered 28 issues. All meetings were held with the active
participation of all Board members.

The BD permanently monitored the work of the Executive Body in order to
improve the financial and economic activities of the company, one considered a project
to establish hubs of freight and passenger air traffic at Manas and Osh international
airports, Mr. Subanbekov said.

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Shareholders of Manas International Airport agree allocating over US $ 15 million for development

Net income for 2013 amounted to KGS 1,082,072,000 (over 20 million U.S.
dollars) and one offers a dividend payout of 25% of the net profit, which is KGS
270,518,000 (a little bit more than five million U.S. dollars), Assylbek
Arstanov, Head of Financial and Economic Department, Manas International Airport
OJSC, said at the shareholders’ annual General Meeting.

It’s comes to KGS 9.72 (US $0.18) per share, he said.

Retained earnings in the amount of KGS 811,554,000 (over U.S. $ 15
million) or 75% should be directed to develop the Manas International Airport on acquisition of
fixed assets and the airport reconstruction activities.

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Tajikistan, South Korea agree launching direct flight

As a result of two days of talks ended in Dushanbe,Tajikistan, on Tuesday, Tajikistan and South
agreed to launch direct flights between the two
countries, CA-NEWS reports quoting the website of the Ministry of Land,
Infrastructure and Transport of the Republic of Korea.

In accordance with the text of the initialed Agreement, the parties
agreed to launch flights to be operated twice a week under code-sharing
agreements (a joint commercial flight operation by two or more airlines).

Tajikistan is a country with great potential market for our companies”, the Ministry said.

The Ministry noted that this Agreement would expand cooperation between
the two countries in all areas of bilateral ties.

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Flight Control Officer who was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment to appeal against sentence

Kanat Akilbekov, Air Traffic Controller, who was sentenced to six years’
imprisonment upon the air crash of the military transport aircraft, An-72,
belonged to the Kazakh State Border Service under the National Security
Committee, intends to appeal the verdict, the News Agency reports.

The Kazakh Air Navigation Agency (KANA) representatives also disagree
with the decision of the court.

“We will appeal”, Mr. Akilbekov said after announcing the verdict on Monday.
For filing an appeal, the defense party has 15 days. In turn, the family of the
convicted declared on unfair trial session, KazTAG reports.

“Border guards want to recoup their damages due to my son. There were so
many expert committees and one perceived only that part provided by military
experts”, said Jumabek Akilbekov, father of the convicted.

Representatives of the Kazakh Air Navigation Agency RSE also disagree
with the verdict. “We disagree with this court decision. The court did not hear
any evidence of guilt in relation to the Flight Control Officer Akilbekov. There
is an assessment from the IAC (International Aviation Committee), an expert of
which participated in the assessment of the Flight Control Officer’s acions and
he gave a further assessment that the Flight Control Officer’s actions could
not affect the air crash. However, this analysis, apparently, was not taken
into account”, said Michael Luzhin, Chief of the Air Traffic Service, Kazakh
Air Navigation Agency.

As reported earlier, Mr. Akilbekov was sentenced to six years’
imprisonment in a penal colony, with disqualification to hold a Flight Control
Officer position for three years. According to the verdict, Mr. Akilbekov is convicted
on the Part 3 of Art. #295 of the Criminal Code (violation of safety rules and
operation of railway, air or water transport, resulting in the death of two or
more persons).

We remind herein the Abai District Court in Shymkent, Kazakhstan,
presided over by the Judge Saydybattala Tokbergenov, passed the trial of the air
crash of the An-72 military transport aircraft belonged to the Kazakh State
Border Service under the National Security Committee. In the case, there were
27 victims and eight witnesses. Mr. Akilbekov, Air Traffic Controller, Kazakh
Air Navigation Agency, was found guilty.

The An-72 military transport aircraft was flying en route Astana – Shymkent
and crashed on Dec. 25, 2012, near Shymkent, South Kazakhstan Region. On board,
there were seven crew members and 20 troops, including the Director of the
National Security Committee of Kazakh Border Guards, Colonel Turganbek
Stambekov, Head of the Border Troops, Paul Dotsenko, and heads of the Kordai and
Saryagash detachments. The crew and passengers of this plane were killed.

According to the Attorney General, this air crash was caused by bad
weather, crew error and malfunction of the autopilot.

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Air Manas Airlines launches Bishkek – Chelyabinsk flight

On April 18, 2014, anew regular flight was operated from the Chelyabinsk International Airport,
Russia, to fly to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Local residents will be
able to make a flight to the capital of Kyrgyzstan on modern Boeing-737-800
accommodating 189 passengers.

The flight # ZM 525/526 of Air Manas Airlines is offered twice a week. Departure
from Bishkek is at 23:00 on Thursdays and Sundays, arrival in Chelyabinsk is at 01.40 the following day. One
may fly from Chelyabinsk to Bishkek on Fridays
and Mondays, departing from Chelyabinskat 02:55 and arriving in Bishkek at 05:40. For each airport, time is local. The
flight time is about three hours. The minimum airfare on the Chelyabinsk – Bishkek air route will come to RUR

Modern Bishkek is a green, incredibly colourful and bustling life city.
Here, historical quarters harmoniously glass facades with modern business
centers and there is always a European bar near a traditional teahouse.

Bishkek, as a major tourist center, is able to offer plenty of
sightseeing/places of interest, monuments of architecture and art. Just in 170 km from the city, there
is the Issyk-Kul Lake,
which is rightly called the pearl of Central Asia.
The second lake in the world, after the Baikal Lake,
as regards transparency of waters, attracts tourists with its developed resort infrastructure,
beautiful beaches and unique natural beauty.

* One indicates the one-way airfare, excluding the charges levied by air
ticket sales offices.

Air Manas Airlines LLC is a Kyrgyz air carrier. The base airport if this
air carrier is at Manas International Airport,
Bishkek. The Air Company’s air fleet includes two aircraft, Boeing-737-400 and Boeing-737-800.

In June 2012, 49% of the shares were bought by Pegasus Airlines, the
Turkish low-cost air carrier. Since 2013, all flights have been operated under
the Pegasus Asia brand.

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