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New regular domestic flights operated by Uzbekistan Airways from its regional centers

New regular domestic flights have connected the two regional centers of Uzbekistan. The
flight en route TashkentBukhara– Ferghana – BukharaTashkent is operated by IL-114-100s on Fridays
according to the following flight schedule:

Departure from Tashkent         – 12:10

Arrival in Bukhara                    – 13:55

Departure from Bukhara          – 14:35

Arrival in Ferghana                  –

Departure from Ferghana         –
17 :00

Arrival in Bukhara                    – 19:00

Departure from Bukhara          – 19:40

Arrival in Tashkent                   –

As of June 18, 2014, the Airline launches its regular international flight
from Termez, Uzbekistan,
to St. Petersburg, Russia. These flights will be
operated once a week, on Wednesdays, by Boeing-757 according to the following
flight schedule:

Departure from Termez                       –

Arrival in St. Petersburg                       – 17:15

Departure from St. Petersburg             – 18:45

Arrival in Termez                                 –
00:55 +1

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Uzbekistan Airways Technics serves planes of Ural Airlines and SCAT Airlines

Aircraft belonged to Ural Airlines, Russia,
and SCAT Airlines, Kazakhstan,
are served at Uzbekistan Airways Technics (UAT), the Uzbek aircraft repairs

Ural Airlines is a regular customer of this Uzbek enterprise. The MRO Contract
to repair several aircraft of this air carrier is being promptly implemented. At
present, the UAT experts are involved in the C-check technical maintenance
form, as regards their next A320 aircraft belonged to Ural Airlines.

SCAT Airlines from Kazakhstanis also a longtime client for Uzbekistan Airways Technics». A hard form of MRO,
the sixth C-check, is being performed for Boeing-767, which is leased by this Kazakh
air carrier from a Latvian airline.

High quality and timeliness of services are the main factors of choice for
foreign customers to select Uzbekistan Airways Technics, as their primary partner.

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Proposal to form Aviation Training Centre in Kazakhstan for flight personnel

One has proposed forming an Aviation Training Centre in Kazakhstan for
flight personnel, reports.

 “It is no secret that, in recent
years, cases of accidents and plane crashes have become more frequent. In this
regard, I think that there is a serious need for qualified and adequately
trained aviation professionals and pilots. Currently, the country experiences a
shortage of aviation training centers for training for aeronautical staff, both
in defense and civil aviation sectors”, a Senator Sergey Gromov said when
giving his request to the Head of the Government.

“To solve this problem, the Ministry of Transport and Communications and
other power structures need to examine the establishment of the country’s
aviation training center for flight personnel in accordance with international
standards and security requirements of ICAO”, the Senator said.

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Azerbaijan, United States intend signing Open Skies Agreement

Azerbaijan and the United
are working on an Open Skies Agreement,  Suzanne Courtland,  Assistant Minister of Transportation for
Aviation and International Affairs, reported to the Trend News Agency, Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan and the United Statesare currently discussing the possibility of signing an Open Skies Agreement.
This document will enable Azerbaijani air carriers to operate flights from any
point of the country to various cities of the U.S.”, she said without specifying
the time of signing.

As previously reported, launching a direct flight to the U.S. by Azerbaijan
Airlines is scheduled for autumn 2014.

According to Mrs. Courtland, launching direct flights between Azerbaijan and the U.S. would be a great advance in developing
these two countries.

“Opening such flights will promote cooperation between the two countries
in the fields of economy, trade and tourism”, the Assistant Minister said.

According to her, Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) has already received
initial license to launch a direct flight en route BakuNew YorkBaku.

“The air carrier can start its activities after obtaining the necessary
documents from the Federal Aviation Administration, the Transportation Security
Administration, Office of Customs and the U.S. Border Protection, and after
necessary coordination with local airports”, Mrs. Courtland said.

This will be the first flight from the South Caucasus region to North America, which will strengthen the status of
Azerbaijan Airlines, as a regional leader in the field of air passenger
transport. Flights on the Baku – NY – Baku air route should be
operated by Airbus A-340 aircraft, as well as the ones produced by Boeing.

Currently, the AZAL’s air fleet consists of such aircraft, as Boeing
757-200, Boeing 767-300, Airbus 319, Airbus A320, Airbus A340-500, Embraer ERJ
170 -100LR and Embraer ERJ 190-100.

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Kazakhstan, Mongolia sign Memorandum to implement intergovernmental Air Service Agreement

One has inked a Memorandum between Mongolia and Kazakhstan to implement the intergovernmental Air Service Agreement, the Press Service of
the Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported.

“On May 26-27, 2014, there was Sixth Meeting in Ulan Bator, Mongolia,
for the Kazakh – Mongolian Intergovernmental Commission (IC), on trade, economic,
scientific, technical and cultural cooperation. Following the meeting, the IC
representatives of relevant agencies of the two countries signed a Memorandum to
implement the intergovernmental Air Service Agreement between Mongolia and Kazakhstan”, one said in a statement.

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Astana – Antalya flight delay caused by Turkish authorities

According to the Travel System Tour Operator, delay of the flight departure
en route Astana – Antalya occurred because the
Turkish aviation authorities did not provide with their timely resolution for
the aircraft’s arrival in Antalya,

Yesterday, May 28, 2014, there was a delay of the flight departure en
route Astana – Antalya, which was operated by JetAirlines, Kazakhstan. As a result, 150
tourists of this Tour Operator were forced to wait for their flight before 6:00am

 “The occurred delay of these
charter flights’ departures is due to late submission of permission from the
Turkish aviation authorities, as regards planes’ arrival in Antalya, despite the fact that all relevant
documents from the airlines have been sent to the competent authorities of
these in advance and on time. All similar situation on charter flights delay,
which Kazakhstan airlines had to face with in the coming summer season, occur for this reason”, the
company’s press service said.

The company also said that the second reason that contributed to departure
delays from Astana, was concluded in strict requirement of safety regulations
for mandatory rest of pilots, the duration of which is determined by these
rules, and, waiting for permission for flight, the pilots’ working time has

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ASG news overview

FL Technics, a global provider of comprehensive aircraft maintenance,
repair and overhaul services, is proud to announce that one of its subsidiaries
– FL Technics Line Russia
was recognized as the Russia’s
Leader 2013, according to the Union of the
National Business Ratings. The company was rated as #1 in the “Transport and
inventory wholesale” category.

FL Technics Training, a global provider of aviation technical training
services, is delighted to announce the receipt of the Aviation Technical
Training Organization Certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of theRepublic of El Salvador. Under the approval, FL
Technics Training is now eligible to provide EASA Part-147-certified Base, Type
and Specialized technical training courses for carriers, MROs and other players
of the Salvadoran aviation market.

Recently has launched Amber A.I., an artificial
intelligence spare parts procurement assistant, capable of recognizing aircraft
part numbers, conditions and quantities from any email. Today the company has
presented a new plug-in to complement the virtual tool. By integrating Amber’s
capabilities directly into an email client, it enables procurement managers to
reach suppliers straight from their Outlook without the hassle of writing or
forwarding a single email.

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Baltic Aviation Academy news overview

Following the growing demand for online courses and professional
development opportunities, Baltic Aviation Academyis unlocking a series of industry expert-led webinars.

These free online sources are dedicated for the young and aspiring
pilots, as well as those who have already chosen aviation as their career.
Webinars The series of lectures cover subjects ranging from the initial steps
on how to become a pilot, and expert suggestions for the next aviation career
path or education options for the type rating students.

Central Europe aviation training centre, Baltic Aviation Academy, has signed a
successful contract with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). The one year
contract includes Airbus A320 type rating training, as well as Boeing 737 CL
and ATR 72 full flight simulator dry leases which will be executed at Baltic Aviation Academy training centre in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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Prosecutor’s Office begins checking KazAvia after its plane crashed in Almaty Region, Kazakhstan

The Prosecutor’s Office has begun checking KazAvia Airlines LLP, as its plane
crashed the other day in the Almaty Region, TV Channel 31, Kazakhstan,

Gennady Motkin, Spokesperson of this Air Company, declared, “For a while,
we can say nothing about this incident. The Commission has not left yet and we
know nothing of what and why happened. Currently, the Prosecutor’s Office
representatives are here and the Commission investigates the situation”.
Prosecutors came to the Air Company with their check immediately after the
incident. Other details have not been known so far.

We remind herein the tragedy occurred in the morning of May 28, 2014. A light aircraft, Snipe
-X- 32 fell during chemical processing of fields in the Small Dikhan rural area
of the Uygur District. The pilot, 29 -year-old Maxim Titov, was killed.

The TV Channel notes that Snipe-X-32 aircraft have been released since 1993.
During this time,  ten plane crashes have
been registered and all of them were with victims.

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Uzbekistan Airways prolongs promotional prices to Tashkent-Navoi flights

The Uzbekistan’s
national air carrier, Uzbekistan Airways, has prolonged its promotional prices
for air tickets to the domestic flights en route Tashkent– Navoi – Tashkent,
the Air Company’s Press Service reported.

The Airline said that the one way air tickets’ prices from Tashkent to Navoi and
vice-versa makes up EUR 27.

The residents of Uzbekistanpay for air ticket in the Uzbek currency, soums, on the exchange rate of the
Central Bank of Uzbekistan,
set on the day of payment. The campaign will last till July 31, 2014.

The Airline recalled that it continues offering promotional prices for Tashkent – Samarqand –Tashkent flight. The passengers can buy their
one way  air tickets at the price of EUR 16.

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