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Customs office in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, detained several aircraft supplied from Slovenia

The Customs office in Karaganda,
, detained
several extra-light aircraft, NV.kz reported. Three aircraft belonged to a Pipistrel
company, Slovenia, were sent
from Slovenia to Kazakhstan and they
intended for the local KazAviaSpektr Plant “.”

It turned out that the buyer did not pay money for Customs clearance of
these aerial vehicles. As a result, one opened a criminal case against him under
the Article, “Evasion of Customs Duties and Taxes”. According to the Customs office
in Karaganda,
the detained goods were sent to a temporary storage warehouse. The customer has
to pay about KZT 32 million, as customs duties and taxes. The enterprise, which
proved to be a customer of these Slovenian aircraft, have not commented on the

Source – http://tengrinews.kz/ 


Russia to supply helicopters to Kazakhstan

Russian helicopters will be supplied to Kazakhstan, Tengrinewsreports
referring to Russian Helicopters company.

Under the contract, Russian Helicopters will supply Mi-8AMT, Mi-171E and
other serially produced models to Kazakhstan‘s Ministry of Emergency
Situations in 2015. According to the company’s information, Kazakhstan’s
helicopter operators expressed huge interest in the upcoming models – the
Mi-171A2 and Mi-38.

Mi-171E model is one of MI-8/17 helicopter’s modifications. Helicopters
of this series are among the most efficient in the world for search and rescue
operations. They are widely used in elimination of the aftermath of floods,
earthquakes, disasters and forest fires.

Source – http://www.akipress.com/

Rosneft is not given landing in Kyrgyzstan – Kyrgyz airports to be developed by China

Kyrgyzstan has agreed with two major Chinese
corporations to develop Manas and Oshairports, in which they plan to invest about US $1.3 billion. Before this, Rosneft, Russia,
was considered to be a major investor in Kyrgyz airports, which was to invest
about US $1 billion. But, according to sources close to Kommersant, the Government
of Kyrgyzstan and the Russian company agreed neither the amount of any
investment, nor about who gets control in the airport holding of the country.

Manas International Airport (MIA) OJSC, s state Kyrgyz enterprise and airports’
operator in Kyrgyzstan, has signed an agreement with Beijing Urban Construction
Group (BUCG), China, and China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) to invest
about US $1.3 billion in the country’s airports, the MIA said yesterday. BUCG plans
to invest about US $1 billion in building a terminal at Manas International Airport,
Bishkek, and reconstruct Batken and Issyk-Kulairports. CMEC plans to build a new airport in Osh, Kyrgyzstan,
for about US $300 million. According to the Minister of Economy of Kyrgyzstan,
Temir Sariev, these issues have been approved at the last meeting of the Government.
“For a while, there are the memorandums of intent, but all the planned projects
will soon be ready,” he said. Mr. Sariev called the above figures to be preliminary

Prior to this, Rosneft was considered to be the main investor for the
MIA, which will no longer receive about $ 60 million a year from the Deployment
of U.S. air base this year. On February 19, 2014, Igor Sechin, leader of Rosneft,
and Djoomart Otorbaev, First Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan (appointed in
March 2014 to be the Prime Minister) signed a memorandum, by which Rosneft
planned to buy 51% of the MIA. Bishkek declared then that the oil company has
to pay for a share of US $350 million and invest about US $650 million in
international air logistics hub in Bishkek. The agreement also involves that Rosneft
should purchase the Bishkek oil company that sells petroleum products, and 50%
of the INTEK company, which owns the airport refueling center in Osh. As a partner of Rosneft,
one named the Novaport Airport Holding belonged to Roman Trotsenko, who is the
advisor for Igor Sechin.

But in April, Dair Tokobayev, Vice-President of the MIA, stated that Rosneft
“withdrew” its proposal “for revising” and Mr. Otorbaev said that the Government
had been considering proposals for the development of the Manas International Airport from “eight
operators” including Rosneft. The sources close to Kommersant note, “the key
reason is that the parties have not agreed in capacities of investment.” “US $1
billion, which was urged by the Kyrgyz side, is unnecessarily large amount for
the full development of the assets,” one of the Kommersant interviewees said.
In addition, according to Kommersant, one did not agree stake in the project. “The
Russian side insists on 51%, Kyrgyzstanis ready to give 49%,” one of the Kommersant sources said.

Anyway, the Government of Kyrgyzstan confirmed yesterday for Kommersant they
still continue their negotiations with Rosneft to reconstruct Manas, Osh and Batken airports.
Mr. Sariev explained Kommersant that Rosneft and Novaport offer to equip the
Kyrgyz air fleet with new, the Russian side will also supply jet fuel. The
problem with the size of shares “will be removed in the near future”, according
to the Government.

Rosneft said yesterday to Kommersant that the Company did not revise its
plans regarding the MIA. The Company together with international consultants
analyzed the options for the development of the MIA and sent an investment
proposal to the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, but there has been no any answer so

Rosneft has already acquired the refueling center at Moscow’s Vnukovo,
Domodedovo and other airports, says Andrey Polishchuk from Raiffeisenbank, the
share of this Company in Manas International Airport could be interesting, as a
platform for new refueling center. But Rosneft has many other projects for investment,
and the amount of US $1 billion seems a bit high, Mr. Polishchuk said.

Source – http://www.kommersant.ru/

New airport construction to begin in September 2014

The first phase of building a new airport will begin in September 2014,  Askar Mamin, President of  KTZ National Company, reported to the President
of Kazakhstan today, BNews.kz reported.

“As regards the airport, we reported to you. We expect that the first
step will be started in September 2014 and will include communication,
networking and building demolition in order to prepare the ground for further
construction of the facility,” Mr. Mamin said.

According to him, the construction work will also capture some of the
old airport, thus, we are expanding it.

Mr. Mamin also noted that the runway reconstruction has not been planned
yet. “The old runway is sufficient for us,” he added when reporting to Mr.

Source – http://www.zakon.kz/

Airport in Uralsk, Kazakhstan, closes due to reconstruction of its runway

One has scheduled to begin reconstruction of the runway at Uralsk/Oral International
Airport, Kazakhstan, BNews.kz reports citing the Regional Passenger Transport
and Highways Agency.

The project documentation for reconstruction of the runway at Oral International Airport passed the state
examination. Now it has been sent to the Kazakh Ministry of Finance.

“The Runway Reconstruction Project is estimated at KZT 7 billion. At
present, the runway’s length is 2,400 meters. There are plans to increase it by400 metersand expand it by 4 meters.
After this, the airport will be able to take large aircraft. In the best case,
these repairs will begin in August 2014. Then, in September, the airport will
be closed,” said Kazbek Meneev, Deputy Manager, Regional Passenger Transport
and Highways Agency.

One plans that the reconstruction of the runway will begin with the
construction of additional 400
. As regards Fokker aircraft,  the length of 2,100 meters is enough
for them to takeoff and land.

We remind herein that, due to the poor state of the runway at the
airport in Uralsk airport, Air Astana refused to
serve its Uralsk – Astana and Uralsk – Almaty  air routes, on which Boeing aircraft fly. At
present, Fokker aircraft belonged to the Beck Air Airline, Kazakhstan, fly
on these air routes.

Source – http://www.zakon.kz/  


Baku – Krasnoyarsk – Baku fight to be launched since today

Azerbaijan Airlines, the national flag air carrier in Azerbaijan, will start operating its Baku, AzerbaijanKrasnoyarsk, RussiaBaku  flights since today, July 4, 2014.

AZAL told APA-Economics that the flights will be operated once a week, on

The plane departs from Baku at 05:45 and
arrives in Krasnoyarskat 13:45. From Krasnoyarsk, the plane departs at
15:45 and arrives in Bakuat 18:25, time is local for each airport.

The flights will be operated by Boeing aircraft.

Source – http://en.apa.az/

Russian airline launches Moscow – Baku flight

Kogalymavia Airlines, Russia,
launches its flights from Moscow, Russia, to Baku, Azerbaijan,  to be operated from the Moscow’sDomodedovo International Airport from July 12, Azerbaijan
Airlines CJSC (AZAL) told Trend News Agency, Azerbaijan.

The flights will be operated on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

At present, another Russian airline, Ural Airlines, also operates its flights
on this route. Flights will be operated on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Source – http://en.trend.az/