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ICAO offers Russia and Ukraine to negotiate airspace over the Crimea on August 8, 2014

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) offers Russia and Ukrainetogether to discuss issues of safety in the Simferopol area flight information on August
8, 2014, as it follows from an official letter signed by Raymond Benjamin,
Secretary General, ICAO, and addressed to Denis Antonyuk, the State Aviation
Administration of Ukraine.

A copy of this letter is published by Ukrainian media and is freely

“In the spirit of maintaining an open dialogue, I would suggest a
meeting with the Ukrainian authorities in Paris,
, on
Friday,  August 8, 2014”, the document says.

The Russian side is also preparing for these negotiations. Most likely, the
representatives of the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Transport will participate
in this meeting, a source in the aviation circles said to the AviaPort Agency, Russia.

Currently,  ICAO holds as possible
neutral position on the territorial jurisdiction of the airspace over the Crimea and urges Russian and Ukrainian sides to reach a
decision on the basis of bilateral negotiations, agreeing to act on the mediator’s

Source – http://www.aviaport.ru/

ICAO – air zone over the Crimea under Ukraine’s control

Experts of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) reported
BBC Russian Service that air navigation services over the Crimea is still in
charge of Ukraine.

Earlier, Russian media quoted the Ministry of Transport have spread
information that rights to service over the Crimea airspace and territorial
waters may be transferred to Russia.

Russian experts insist that the situation with control over the airspace
of the Crimea should be resolved as soon as

“Politicians have nothing to do with it. We are so politicized that may break
anything because of this. Politicians will stay aside, but flight control
officers will be judged. Now, there are powerful exercises in the Black Sea,
conducted by NATO and the Russian Federation,
but a part of the space over the waters of the Black Seais operated by Ukraerorukh, and a part – by the Crimean Air Navigation Agency.
Airplanes fly but there is no coordination. We should not indulge in human
lives. Professionals should be involved in matters of safety,” says Valery
Shelkovnikov, a board member of the Flight Safety Foundation.

The sky over Crimea

 “The ICAO’s position has not been
changed and it continues to reflect the views of the United Nations, namely – they
do not recognize any changes in the status of the Autonomous Republic of
Crimea,” the ICAO’s Press Service said. “In accordance with the European Air
Navigation Plan, the air navigation services for entire Simferopol AFI [Area Flight
Information], including the one on the high seas, should be carried out by Ukraine.”

Denis Antoniuc, Head of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine, argues
he was announced the same position by Raymond Benjamin, Secretary General,
ICAO, and Luis Almeida, Head of the ICAO’s European branch establishment, at a

 “They confirmed baseless of the information
disseminated by Russian media, regarding the ICAO’s support of the fact that airspace
over the Crimea belongs to Russiaand they confirmed the ICAO’s position that Crimea is a part of Ukraine, the Black Sea area is delegated to Ukraineand remains with it”, Mr. Antoniuc wrote on his page on Facebook.

ICAO, which is a specialized UN agency, also reported to www.bbcrussian.com, that they intend to
continue informal discussion with the participation of all parties to ensure
the safety of air navigation in the region of Crimea.

Flights to Crimea

Russian airlines currently continue to fly in the Crimea, bypassing Ukraine,
through the Krasnodar Region of Russia. Maxim Sokolov, Minister of Transport, Russia, said that it will take place in such a
way until Kiev recognizes the peninsula, as a territory of Russia.

Valery Okulov, Deputy Minister of Transport,Russia, said last week that “flights
over the Crimea and territorial waters are not
in doubt among ICAO representatives in their validity.”

In March 2014, Ukrainedeclared all airports in Crimea to be officially
closed. The authorities in Kiev believe that Russia is violating the requirements of
international air law, providing Russian airlines with air navigation services
to fly into the territory of Crimea.

The number of weekly flights to the Crimeafrom the Russian cities has risen to 330 with the beginning of the summer
holiday season. However, the Crimean authorities admitted that the passenger
flow to the peninsula fell by almost a third, as compared with last year.
According to the report of the Crimean authorities, only 20% of passenger
traffic accounted for air travel in the first half of 2014.

The European Organization for Air Navigation Safety (Eurocontrol)
previously banned flights through the Crimean air zone not only to Crimean
airports, but any transit flights through the airspace controlled by
controllers in Simferopol and Sevastopol,Crimea.

What Russiashould do?

In April 2014, the Russian state-owned corporation of the Air Traffic
Management (ATM) unilaterally announced the passage of air space over the
Crimea to the air traffic control center in Simferopol, which is now called, as the
Crimean Air Navigation Agency.

De facto, it has never ceased to serve its area of ​​responsibility over the Crimea and a part of the Black
, so that it was only a formal re-subordination of local
dispatchers to Russian agencies.

 “It is necessary to provide the
entire territory of airspace to the Crimean Air Navigation Agency because all
the same managers work with it, who previously worked with the Ukrainian air
navigation system called Ukraerorukh”, said Valery Shelkovnikov, a board member
of the Flight Safety Foundation. “They have a connection with the adjacent air
traffic control centers in accordance with ICAO standards, and they have advanced
equipment and licenses for air traffic control.”

According to Mr. Shelkovnikov who manages the Russian advisory analytical
agency called “Flight Safety”, Moscowshould, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to apply for the European and
North Atlantic Office of ICAO, so that they would consider the matter once

Safety risk

In April 2014, ICAO expressed its concern that the Ukrainian air traffic
controllers do not have communication in some areas of the radar over the territory of Crimea. According to representatives of
this organization, this is a serious threat to safety in the region.

The Flight Safety Agency draws attention to the fact that on June 5 and June
10, 2014, there was momentary loss of radar data in the airspace of Austria, Germany,Czech Republicand Slovakiacontrolled by Eurocontrol.

Data about the location of aircraft, direction, altitude and speed
disappeared from radar screens of civilian dispatchers. As stated by the Flight
Safety Agency’s website, this was caused by conducting NATO military exercises
with the use of electronic warfare.

Experts argue that this case indicates a lack of interaction between
civil and military structures involved in air traffic planning and this reminds
of the air crash on October 4, 2001 when, according to the conclusion of the
Interstate Aviation Committee, the airliner belonged to S7 Airlines, Russia,
was flying en route Tel-Aviv, Israel – Novosibirsk, Russia, and it was inadvertently
knocked by a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile, S-200, as it was released into
the air, as a part of the military exercises in Crimea.

In January 2011, the staff of the Kiev Research Forensic Examinations Institute
conducted re-examination and came to the conclusion that the Ukrainian missile
could not bring down the airliner.

Source – http://www.bbc.co.uk/  

UIA, Uzbekistan Airways to jointly develop air links between Ukraine and Uzbekistan

According to the results of the next round of talks on cooperation
between the leading Ukrainian
air carrier, Ukraine International Airlines, and Uzbekistan’s national air carrier,
Uzbekistan Airways, the parties identified promising and priority areas for
further collaboration on the Kiev, Ukraine – Tashkent, Uzbekistan – Kiev air route.

Thus, the parties have been made basic arrangement, in particular on the
number of flights. Each airline will operate two flights a week. In this
regard, the flights will be distributed in days so that the schedule would at
maximum meet the needs of both passengers traveling between Kievand Tashkent,
and transit passengers in both destinations.

On July 15, 2014, adirect flight between Tashkent and Kiev will be launched  by Uzbekistan Airways, and, starting from August
14, 2014, UIA will start operating its own direct scheduled flights between Kiev and Tashkent.
The UIA flights from Kiev to Tashkent will be operated on Thursdays and Sundays,
in the opposite direction – on Fridays and Mondays.

During these negotiations, the parties also resolved an issue to provide
UIA with slots (time intervals for maintenance of aircraft at the airport of Tashkent),
which would allow the Ukrainian air carrier to optimize the schedule for
expansion to/from Kiev,
as well – organize turnover of aircraft.

UIA and Uzbekistan Airways reached an agreement in principle to conclude
an interline agreement on mutual recognition of shipping documents, as well as
code-sharing agreement (the joint operation of the airline) before the end of
July 2014.

“We are pleased to say that the talks between us and our Uzbek
colleagues were held in a friendly atmosphere. Thanks to the constructive
approach to addressing problems, we reached an agreement and were able to fly
by the schedule that allows us to generate transit flows through the aviation
center in Kiev, the Borispol International Airport, as well as to strengthen our
position in both the market of air service between Ukraine and Uzbekistan, and in
other foreign markets”, said Yuri Miroshnikov, UIA President. “UIA intends to
operate flights according to the available appointments and appreciates the
respect of this right with other countries. In turn, the Ukrainian side will
provide with no any barriers or restrictions on foreign air carriers that want
to fly to Ukraine – all procedures
for obtaining permits for flights, airport services, registration and opening
offices, as well as the development of network sales in Ukraine are simple
and transparent. Sky of Ukrainehas been actually opened for bona fide airlines of any country. We sincerely
hope that this approach to provide opportunities to foreign air carriers to
operate flights and Ukrainian experience in this matter will be a good example
for other countries and, as a result, passengers will have more choices for their

Source – http://www.flyuia.com/

Ukraine appeals to ICAO and maritime arbitration over Russia’s actions in east and Crimea – Ministry of Justice

Ukraine is using quasi-judicial tools to
demand that Russiacompensate for the losses related to its actions in Crimeaand in the east of the country, in particular, it has filed complaints to the
international aviation organization and international maritime arbitration,
Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko has said.

“We are now using other tools – quasi-judicial, for example, the
ICAO international aviation organization, of which both Ukraine and Russia are members,” he told
journalists in Kyiv on Tuesday.

He also added: “We recorded 3,360 cases of the violation by Russian
companies of our aviation space and are imposing penalties – every day it’s
about $1 million. As of yesterday it was about UAH 200 million. These amounts
were presented to the Russian side, and we filed a complaint.”

He said that the complaint demands that the Russian side compensate for
these losses.

Source – http://en.interfax.com.ua/