Rustam Khalikov – We will raise Tajik Air

The President of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, instructed to improve and
bring Tajik Air in accordance with international law and instructed to “raise
it,” Rustam Halikov, Director General, Dushanbe International Airport JSC, told
reporters at a press conference. On July 21, 2014, by the Government’s Decree,
he was appointed to be the Director General of Tajik Air.

By its regulation, the Tajik Government has united the two structures,
the Dushanbe International Airportand Tajik Air in order to ensure effective management of financial and economic
activities of Tajik Air JSC.

During the press conference, Mr. Khalikov said this appointment was a
surprise to him, and he found out about it the same day, when all the country’s
media found out about it.

 “We will not raise Tajik Air due
to the airport, but it will be due to the fact that the management structure
will be reviewed, one will revise management practices and will restructure
revenues and expenses of the Airline. There are many options for work, this
work is not easy, but I think we will cope with it. This is not correct when
one company is contained at expense of another company,” he explained.

Mr. Khalikov pointed out that Tajik Air’s debts to the Airport comes to
over TJS 70 million nowadays, and we are not talking about their “forgiveness”.

 “In order to restructure these
debts, you need a Government’s decree, all the more, so with these funds, that Tajik
Air owes us we have already paid taxes. But we will be able to align the
situation. We have already paid the airline staff salaries, which they have not
got for three months, there are no flight delays and flights are operated
directly and without refueling,” he noted.

The Airport’s CEO is sure the Airline will comply with all standards and
this issue “has already been closely involved.”

 “I have a different principle.
What I discovered in the airport, so I’ll be in the airline – the Air Company’s
operations will be transparent. Journalists are invited to visit the company’s
flights to assess the work of flight attendants and everything else”, he said. “To
improve Tajik Air’s operations we will need the support from the Government.
This is not the allocation of finances from the budget but tax optimization for
support, but it will not be direct money, we can handle ourselves with the
finances, but some optimization is needed, as regards tax costs”.

Mr. Khalikov said that within two months, the Dushanbe International Airport will submit  a proposal to the Tajik Government to reorganize
Tajik Air, create a unified structure or uniting some structures.

We remind herein that a structure of Tajik Air existed until 2008, which
combined the Dushanbe International Airportand other airports in Tajikistan,
a refueling company, flight catering, ticket booking, Tajik Air Navigation
Agency and other structures. All of them were divided on the basis of the
restructuring in 2008.

Tajik Air many times changed its leaders who claimed that the airline inherited
multi-million debts with which it can not cope. The Air Company’s bankruptcy
risk was great and perhaps this fact caused unification of this Air Company with
the airport. The Government hopes that the Airline will be able to emerge from
the crisis and, once again, will become one of the leading airlines in the

At present, except for Tajik Air, two more airlines operate in
Tajikistan, namely Somon Air and East Air, as well as air cargo, namely Par
Air, Asia Express and Khatlon Air.

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