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Azerbaijan Airlines – the most punctual airline at airport in Nizny Novgorod, Russia, in July 2014

In July 2014, Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) was recognized, as the most
punctual airline at a Strigino Airport, Nizhny
, Russia

According to the Press Service of the airport in Nizhny
, 100% of the air carrier’s flights have been operated without
delay. In the past month, other air carriers, despite the increased workload during
the peak season, also demonstrated their strict adherence to the flight schedule:
the UTair-Express Airline has operated 99% of flights on schedule; Ak Bars Aero
– 96%; Orenburg – 94%; UTair – 95%; Abakan-Avia, Aeroflot, Ural Airlines, and Kogalym-Avia
– more than 90% each.

Source – http://www.aex.ru/

Flocks of birds threaten safety at Almaty International Airport

The city’s airport is surrounded by agricultural fields and they attract

One has to scare them away. For this purpose, one uses laser beams,
acoustic plants and other equipment. Otherwise, a collision can occur and, at
high speed, this is very dangerous. But passengers should not worry, the
solution of this problem has already been found, so you can fly safely.

There are laser guns, rocket launchers, flashing units, and five types
of equipment. The Airport’s entire arsenal is used to fight against birds. For
example, there is the latest development called a bio acoustic setting.
Imitation of alarm cries of birds drives away flocks from the noise source. In
case if the sonic assault is not convincing enough, the employees also have
noise guns, and sometimes, one has to  shell
out birds from a usual rifle.

Anyway, this is a problem for all over the world and there is a wide
variety of methods how to deal with birds. For example, falcons, peregrine
falcons and Balabans are used at Russia’sPulkovo International Airport,
through which employees of the airport scare seagulls and animals. These birds
are trained by special coaches. The airport in Almaty has not yet taken this
method adopted. But we, as well as all the airports worldwide, have a special
ornithological service. To ensure flights for only “iron birds” the airport attracted
those experts who on their personal experience know what does it mean if a
plane meets with birds.

“The cases of birds’ collisions with aircraft have become more frequent.
This is a direct threat to safety. One organized an ornithological service at Almaty International Airport, where all former
pilots work nowadays. They passed special courses and have been educated”, said
Alexander Borisov, Aerodrome Service Engineer.

Birds fly through the airport in search of food. There is a private
sector around including farms and landfills and dumps. The
 latter were eliminated but the households remained.

“Two dumps were eliminated in 15 kilometers from
the airport at the rate of aircraft landing. This has promoted by the city
administration and the Government of the country. We control the situation,
trying to improve it, but this problem exists”, said Alexander Gordeev, Vice President,Almaty International Airport.

However, despite all the measures to avoid birds’ collisions with airliners,
this happens about twice a year. A few years ago, such incidents occurred twice
as often. The latest incident occurred a week ago. Departure of the plane en
route Almaty – Urdzhar had to be postponed , once again, because of the birds.
During takeoff, the aircraft hit a flock of crows. There were 44 people on
board, fortunately, nobody suffered.

Source – http://www.zakon.kz/


Air Astana launches Astana – Bangkok new flight

The Kazakhstan’s flag
air carrier, Air Astana, announces on launching a new flight en route Astana – Bangkok since  December 14, 2014.

The flights with departures from Astana will be operated on Wednesdays
and Sundays on comfortable aircraft, Boeing-767.

Source – http://www.itplus.kz/ 


ICAO demands to restrict flights in airspace affected by armed conflict

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) demands a ban on
flights in airspace affected by armed conflicts, ICAO Secretary General Raymond
Benjamin said in a letter posted on the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency
(Rosaviatsia) website.

Citing article nine of the international civil aviation convention, the
ICAO said that a state can consistently restrict or ban aircraft flights by
other countries above its territory over military necessity or public danger.

The country, which bares the responsibility for serving air traffic,
should determine the geographic zone of the conflict and assess dangers for
civil aircraft flights, the letter said. It should be determined whether it is
necessary to avoid such flights in the conflict area or via it, or whether it
is possible to continue flights upon observing certain conditions, the document

Source – http://rbth.co.uk/


Turkish company to build new runway at Tbilisi Airport

The Turkish company “TAV Georgia” will build a new airport
runway under the new agreement with the operator of the Tbilisi International Airport. The validity
period of the contract will not be extended, Georgian Deputy Minister of
Economy Dimitri Kumsishvili told “Kommersant” radio on August 11.

He stated that the contract with “TAV Georgia” is valid until 2027.
There was also a memorandum until 2037. But the matter rests in amending the
agreement until 2027. Functioning of the new runway will be guaranteed for 20

“The contract with the Turkish company was to be issued until July
31. However, due to the holidays in Turkey,
the company’s representatives failed to arrive in Georgia,” Kumsishvili added.
“The agreement is expected to be approximately signed on August 14.”

He stated that the updated agreement comprising both the old and new
liabilities of the company must be signed.

Source – http://en.trend.az/

AZAL to get new Boeing aircraft in 2015

“Azerbaijan Airlines” (AZAL) will receive “Boeing-787
Dreamliner” aircraft by spring 2015, a source in AZAL told Trend on Aug. 11.

AZAL previously ordered two aircraft of this model from
“Boeing” company.

Previously it was assumed that AZAL will receive the first
“Dreamliner” in June-July 2014, and the second one – in November.

“According to the plan, the country will obtain the aircraft by
turn in spring 2015,” the source said.

Another source in AZAL previously said that the airline previously
decided to refuse from purchasing “Boeing-787 Dreamliner” aircraft.
This was associated with a number of problems that have arisen in some
countries airlines with these planes.

AZAL’s current fleet consists of “Boeing 757-200”,
“Boeing 767-300”, “Airbus 319”, “Airbus A320”,
“Airbus A340-500”, “Embraer ERJ 170-100LR” and
“Embraer ERJ 190-100” aircraft.

Source – http://en.trend.az/

Demand for domestic flights grows in Georgia

The demand for domestic flights has grown in Georgia. In general, domestic
flights in Georgia are operated
to such destinations, as Batumi, Kutaisi and Mestia.

During the holiday season, the representatives of Georgian airlines
claim that the demand for them has grown significantly.

In particular, the ServiceAir Air Company that flies to Mestia, a mountain
resort, argue that demand is large, and the air tickets have to be booked in

 “We fly to these destinations three
times a week, and if the weather does not interfere then the planes are filled.
The demand is very large, and therefore wishing people have to pre-book their
air tickets. We fly by the jets designed for carrying 15 people but the demand is
significantly higher, as compared to our capacities. Ideally, we could carry twice
more people. As regards increasing the frequency of flights, this is not up to
us. At this stage, we only work with flights to Mestia. Naturally, the summer’s
demand increases significantly, but because it is a remote and inaccessible
region, originally, we supposed to carry local residents rather than foreign
tourists. We assume that the demand for flights to Mestia will be after the tourist’s
season”, the Air Company said.

The Airzena-Georgian Airways, which flies to Kutaisiand Batumi,
argue that the demand for these destinations is different, respectively, the
number of flights also differs.

“We fly to Kutaisi twice a week and to Batumi every day. One
cannot say that the Kutaisidestination has a special demand. In general, deputies, members of the Parliament,
journalists, as well as transit passengers fly there. As regards Batumi, this demand is
very high and it is growing in comparison with last year, and especially in the
high season. Our aircraft have 50 seats each, but on the basis of growing demand,
we fly on Boeings on Saturdays and Sundays, as they may carry 132 passengers.
According to our forecasts, as soon as the tourist season is finished, the daily
flights will be canceled. As for flights to Kutaisi, it depends on the activity of the Georgian
Parliament”,  the Air Company said.

Source – http://bizzone.info/ 


IATA: World civil aviation increased carriage of passengers by 5.1% in 2013

In 2013, airlines around the world transported 3.129 billion passengers,
which is by 5.1% higher than a year earlier, according to the press service of
the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The Asia-Pacific region showed the greatest growth with 1.012 billion transported
passengers (this figure is larger by 9.3%, as compared to 2012). As regards the
Middle East, the growth here reached 8.8% (157.9 million passengers), in Latin
America – 7.9% (240.5 million people), in Africa– 5.6% (73.8 million people).

The air transport market in Europe and North America are growing more
slowly, 825.9 million were transported in Europe in 2013 (an increase by 3.4%),
in the United States and Canada – 818.9
million passengers (an increase by 0.7%).

However, four of the five largest air carriers in the world are airlines
from the United States.
In 2013, the largest volume of air traffic belongs to Delta Air Lines – 120,6
million passengers, Southwest Airlines goes behind with 115,3 million
transported people, and the third place belongs (the top three) to China
Southern Airlines with its indicator of 91.5 million people. In 2013, the
fourth and fifth place in the ranking belong to United Airlines and American
Airlines with air traffic capacities coming to 90.2 million and 86.8 million
passengers respectively.

According to estimates from the IATA, Star Alliance was the largest
international airline alliance in the world in 2013, as it has the largest
share in global passenger air traffic – 26.6%. The SkyTeam Alliance is the second
one in terms of transported passengers with its share of 20.1% (it includes the
Russian Aeroflot), the Oneworld alliance that, by the way, includes S7
Airlines, Russia, accounts for 15.4% of the global flight following service.

Source – http://www.aviaport.ru/