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Visitors’ flow from Ukraine to Georgia increased by 20% – YanAir Airlines launches its flights to Tbilisi, Georgia

KievTbilisi is a
new regular air route that YanAir Airlines, Ukraine,
presented to journalists and partners at Kiev International Airport.

To date, the Airline is the operator of such aircraft, as Saab-340 and Airbus-320. In the near future,
the air fleet was be replenished with modern Boeing-737.

George Zakarashvili, Chargé d’Affaires of Georgiain Ukraine, “ As compared to
the last year, the flow of visitors from Ukraineto Georgiahas increased by an average of 20%. Due to the fact that the interest in our
country increases, we expect a positive trend. Our Embassy is possible to
cooperate with the Kiev International Airportand Ukrainian air carriers…”

Alexei Yakovets, CEO, Master-Avia Company, “In spite of the financial
and political difficulties, the demand for flights is present. Once people
travel and communicate with each other, it means that something good to be hoped
on. Of course, previously, we had significantly more destinations, such as Lugansk,Donetsk, Simferopol,
but nowadays – these southern destinations are compensated with flights to Batumi, Kutaisi, Tbilisi and Odessa…”.

Main passengers include the people who go to Georgia on vacation. Accordingly,
the Kiev International Airportwill do everything to ensure the passengers’ journey is comfortable from the
first minute.

By the way, YanAir does not position itself as low-cost airline,
therefore, the pricing policy is average, as well as the one from other
traditional air carriers. Of course, the price for air ticket is generated on
the basis of certain nuances, but a one-way flight will be approximately EUR 190.
Not unimportant, that depending on the class of service on board, passengers
will be offered some meals.

Source – http://www.airport.kiev.ua/

Fly with YanAir – Kiev – Tbilisi new flight launched from Ukrainian capital’s airport

Who can and wants to work, (s)he does his/her work despite the today’s difficulties.
YanAir Airlines, Ukraine, presented
a new air route, Kiev, UkraineTbilisi,

On August 19, 2014, YanAir launches its regular flight en route KievTbilisi from the Kiev International Airport.

Jaroslav Agafonov, CEO, YanAir Airlines, “This is really an event for
us. Now, it is difficult, but we are looking to the Georgian destination at a huge
prospect. We have a lot to think about and something to work on. This is not
the first regular airline, as we also work on such airlines, as KievOdessa, KievBatumi and behold – KievTbilisi.
Over the years, Georgiabecomes more opened and attractive to both business partners and tourists
alike, so this opens a vast field for our business activities”.

The flights # 211 YE / YE 212 between Kiev and Tbilisi will be operated
three times a week (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays) by a modern aircraft,
Boeing-737, with two classes of service – business and economy. Departure from Kiev (Zhulyany) is at 11:00, arrival in Tbilisi is at 14:25. Departure from Tbilisi is at 15:30, arrival in Kiev (Zhulyany) is at 17:00, local time.
During the flight, passengers will be offered hot meals according to their service
class, the free baggage allowance comes to 23 kg plus 5 kg. of hand luggage.

The air ticket price when flying from Kiev(economy class, roundtrip, including all taxes and fees) comes to UAH 4,294+, and
from Tbilisi – EUR

Air tickets can be purchased on the Air Company’s website, www.yanair.com.ua, or at the authorized
agencies’ offices.

YanAir LTD was registered in Zhitomir,
, on June
15, 2012. InJuly 2013, it received an operator’s certificate and, in August, it operated its
first flight. The Kiev (Zhulyany) International Airport is the Air Company’s base

To date, the Airline’s air fleet consists of two turboprop Saab-340s and
two Airbus-320s. In August 2014, the Airline will add Boeing-737 to its fleet.

YANAIR Airlines operates its scheduled flights from Kievto Odessa, Batumi,
as well as charter flights on a regular basis from the airport in Kiev to such leisure destinations, as Tivat,Montenegro, and Burgos, Bulgaria.

Source – http://www.airport.kiev.ua/  

Kazakh market is interesting for American helicopter manufacturers

Kazakh Ambassador to the United States,
Kairat Umarov, met with representatives of a number of American companies that
produce helicopters and working in the field of small aircraft, reported the
press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“During his visit to Arizona Ambassador K. Umarov met with
representatives of Boeing, CAE-Oxford, Intel. During a visit to Boeing
Helicopters sides discussed issues of technological and investment cooperation.
Representatives of the company noted interest in the market of Kazakhstan,
where it is known, in recent years much attention is paid to the development of
small aircraft”,-  the information
of relevant agencies, on Tuesday.

It is noted that “the development of small aircraft in Kazakhstan will
boost demand for domestic experts and pilots of various levels and

“This topic was discussed during a visit to flight school of pilots
CAE-Oxford, where training is provided to cadets from all over the world. Sides
discussed the prospects of establishing a strategic partnership within the
framework of existing and future projects of domestic companies”, –
reports the press service of the Foreign Ministry.

It also reported that in the framework of the meetings with the business
community in Arizonasides discussed “possible participation in the exhibition EXPO-2017 in Astana and the
implementation of joint projects on sustainable and diversified development of
the national economy”.

Source – http://silkroadnews.org/

Uzbekistan approves procedure for airfield elimination

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan on 11 August 2014
approved the regulations of the procedure for elimination of airfields, Norma

The document covers certified airfields of civil, experimental and state
aviation, as well as airfields of the joint use.

The procedure of elimination thus can be carried out due to natural un-serviceability,
wear-out or damage caused by natural disasters.

In addition, airfields can be eliminated for the interests of national
security, seizure of land in connection with the development of cities and
towns in line with the general construction plan, or due to adverse effects on
the environment, life and health of the population.

Decision on the procedure is taken by airfield operator after a
consultation with the Cabinet of Ministers. After the elimination, operator has
to bring the airfield’s land to a condition suitable for the intended use.

Source – http://www.akipress.com/

Rolkan Investments Ltd, Russia, appeals to Supreme Court of Tajikistan to cancel forfeiture of two planes

A leadership of Rolkan Investments Ltd, Russia, has appealed to the Supreme
Court of Tajikistan to cancel the forfeiture of two AN-72s confiscated in
November 2011, the Court’s Press Office reported.

 “The leadership of Rolkan
Investments Ltd asks the Tajik Supreme Court to cancel its decision on the
confiscation of two AN-72s and return them to the owner”, one said in a

The company’s official statement was submitted to the Supreme Court last
week. One expects the application will be considered in September.

The story of the aircraft began in March 2011, when the pilots of Rolkan
Investmens Ltd returned from Kabul,
, after
the contract for the delivery of goods to the ISAF troops. According to the
pilots, they were issued permission to cross the border, but the dispatcher/flight
control officer of Tajik Air Navigation Agency said there was no permission and
he demanded to return to Kabul.
The aircraft did not have enough jet fuel for the return flight, and so the pilots,
having notified about emergency landing, landed in Kurgan-Tube, where they were
detained by the State Committee for National Security.

According to the court in early November 2011, the pilots were found
guilty of illegal border crossing, smuggling and non-compliance with
international standards of flight and they were sentenced to 8.5 years in
prison. Two weeks later, at the request of the regional prosecutor, the verdict
of the Kurgan-Tube court was revised. The pilots were sentenced to 2.5 years in
prison, but on the basis of the amnesty law, they were released from the

In November 2011, the seized aircraft were given to the balance of the
State Committee on Investments and the State Property Management Department of
Tajikistan, which has the right to put these aircraft for sale. But they
continue to be at the airport in Kurgan-Tube. Sergey Poluyanov, CEO, Rolkan
Investments Ltd, has repeatedly declared on illegality of the confiscation of
aircraft owned by the company.

Source – http://canews.org/ 


Airplane flying en route St. Petersburg – Tashkent returns to Petersburg’s Pulkovo Airport due to hydraulics failure

An Airbus A-320 airplane of the Russia Airlines was supposed to fly en
route Saint Petersburg, RussiaTashkent,Uzbekistan, on Monday night,
and it had to return to Pulkovo Airport due to problems
with hydraulics.

The airplane departed the Pulkovo Airport at 23:00, local
time. During the flight, the pilots detected problems with hydraulics and they
decided to return to Pulkovo, the Russian media reported.

The plane had to fly several hours around Saint Petersburg to use its jet fuel to ensure
safety of landing.

According to the media, the airplane landed at Pulkovo Airport at 02:35, Moscowtime, and it left to Tashkentat 03:25.

The flight landed safely in Tashkent.

Source – http://www.uzdaily.uz/