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Bombardier increases deliveries

On October 30, 2014, Bombardier Inc. released its report on the results
of the third quarter of 2014. The Bombardier Aerospace’s revenues have been increased
by 29% up to US $ 2.6 billion for the period.

The company was able to deliver 71 aircraft, including 45 business jets
(seven Learjet 70/75s, one Learjet 60XR, 12 Challenger 300/350s, six Challenger
605s and 19 Global 5000/6000s). In the third quarter of 2013, the manufacturer
gave customers 36 business jets (two Learjet 60XRs, 12 Challenger 300s, eight
Challenger 605s and 14 Globals). From the beginning, Bombardier delivered 126
business jets (16 Learjets, 55 Challengers and 55 Global), as compared to 120 business jets (nine Learjets, 66
Challengers and 45 Global).

The Bombardier Business Jets’ net orders fell slightly from 23 aircraft
last year to 21 this year for the third quarter while the net orders are on a
par with last year for the first nine months – 97 aircraft. Accumulated order
book for business jets allows the company to maintain production at or above
the target values
​​: 17 months
for Learjets (goal – from six to nine months); 33 months for the Challenger
(goal – from 15 to 18 months) and 21 months for the Global (24-30 months).

At the press conference for the third quarter, one affected the fate of
the Learjet 85 program. The company still leaves it in limbo, as now, it is focused
on other projects, such as CSeries and Global 7000/8000. Despite the fact that
since March 2014, the only aircraft of this model has flown more than 100
hours, Bombardier does not have a scheduled date of commissioning of the
composite medium business jet.

Lack of clarity with this project gave rise to rumours about problems
with certification of Learjet 85, but Pierre Beaudoin, CEO, Bombardier Inc., has
rejected any suggestion of problems not related to the demand and priorities. “In
fact, right now, we have no problems with its certification”, Mr. Beaudoin said.
“We know how to make this plane and begin production. We just need to invest
time to complete the program”.

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BBJ has bump year

Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) in annual sales passed the barrier of 10
aircraft this year for the first time since 2008, Steve Taylor, President, BBJ,
reported as part of NBAA-2014. During this year, the manufacturer has received
orders for four BBJ 737s, three BBJ 777-300ERs, one BBJ-787 and two BBJ MAX 8s.

Steve Taylor hopes that this year’s sales will continue, and he is sure
that several memorandums of understanding will be signed by the beginning of
the Middle East’s Business Aviation Exhibition, to be held in December 2014 in Dubai. “I hope these orders are the sign that
the market trend change”, he said.

The CEO also said that the first equipped BBJ 747-8, is expected to go
into operation at the end of this year. Several other well-equipped BBJ 747-8s will
be delivered to customers shortly after that.

Finally, Steve Taylor announced that after 5.5 years of leadership,
Boeing Business Jets will move to a new position in the Boeing Company, as he
will become a chief pilot of the Commercial Aircraft Division.

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Lufthansa Technik, Airbus extend cooperation up to 2020

Lufthansa Technik and Airbus Corporate Jets have renewed their ELITE
Cabin Agreement, building on a co-operation which begun in 2005, when the
ACJ318  was launched. The current
agreement has been extended till 2020.

Under the initial Airbus ACJ318 ELITE-cabin agreement, Lufthansa Technik
was contracted to design, in partnership with Airbus, and then to outfit, the
cabins of these aircraft.

The pre-defined cabin of the ACJ ELITE introduced the wider and taller
cabin of the Airbus ACJ320 Family to a broader market, while continuing to give
customers a choice of options and a wide range of colours and fabrics. These
options now also include more floor-plan variations.

Airbus ACJ318s were initially equipped with ELITE cabins by Lufthansa
Technik’s completion center in Hamburg, but
the work was shifted later to the company’s US-subsidiary BizJet International
in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Deliveries of outfitted Airbus ACJ318s began in 2007, and 19 of them
have been produced so far. They are in service with clients around the world,
including several VVIP charter companies.

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Lufthansa loses EUR 170 million due to strikes of its pilots this year

The Lufthansa Aviation Concern, Germany,
has lost EUR 170 million this year due to strikes of its pilots, RIA Novosti, Russia, reported
with reference to the Air Company.

Despite the losses, Lufthansa expects the operating profit will be about
EUR 1 billion. Operational revenues have amounted to EUR 849 million for the
first nine months of 2014. “Lufthansa is still, despite the difficult third
quarter and a loss of EUR 170 million due to strikes, maintains its profit
target in 2014. This group intends to achieve its operating income to be around
EUR one billion”, one said in a statement.

One notes the consequences of possible new strikes are not considered in
terms of annual revenues. The revenues have rose by EUR 186 million for the
first nine months of the year, as compared with the previous billing period.

The Concern unites such brands, as Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian Airlines
and Brussels Airlines. In the autumn, the Vereinigung Cockpit trade union uniting
the pilots in Germanyheld several strikes.

The pilots of this aviation concern protested against the abolition of
the right of early retirement. Previously, it was possible in 55 years, and,
until the retirement age of 60, the pilots received transitional wages. In total,
about ten strikes were held for the year.

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Uzbekistan Airways reduces passenger air traffic

In January-September 2014, the Uzbekistan’s National Airline,
Uzbekistan Airways, carried 1.976 million passengers, which is by 4.1 percent
less than last year.

According to a statement posted on the Airline’s website, the passenger air
traffic to the non-CIS countries have decreased by two percent for the specified
period, down to 616,500 people. This happened because of reducing passenger air
traffic to Paris, Riga,Tokyo and the flight to Geneva, Switzerland,
that was closed on May 30, 2014.

The report notes that the Airline has carried 422,300 passengers on its domestic
routes for January-September 2014 (reduction by 5.7 percent) and  940,000 passengers were carried to the CIS. As
regards these destinations, the passenger air traffic reduction came to 4.9 per
cent. The decrease is explained by the closure of the two airports in Ukraine (Kiev andSimferopol) and a decrease in passenger air traffic
in Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Mineral Waters,
Samara, Kaliningrad, Krasnodarand Tyumen.

The Air Company’s air cargo capacities including mail and paid baggage have
been increased by 7.1 percent over this period – up to 32,000 tons.

In January-September 2014, Uzbekistan Airways has operated 17,705
flights or by  843 flight less, as compared
to the same period last year.

Uzbekistan Airways is a monopoly air carrier in Uzbekistan, is
fully owned by the state. The Uzbek airline operates flights to 21 cities in
Europe, America, the Middle
East, Asia, to 22 cities in the CIS and to 11
destinations on domestic airlines.

Uzbekistan Airways’ air fleet currently consists of 31 western aircraft,
including 13 Boeings (four – 767-300s, five 757-200s and four 767-300-ERs), 13 Airbuses
(three A-310s and 10 A-320-200s), three medium-RJ-85s and two cargo Airbus

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Hungarian WizzAir to resume flights to Baku in spring 2015

Hungarian WizzAir airline will not make any Budapest-Baku-Budapest
flights in winter, AZAL (Azerbaijan Airlines) Spokesperson, Magerram Safarli
told Trend on Wednesday, October 29, 2014.

 He said that WizzAir will resume
flights to Bakuin 2015.

“The company will resume flights from March 29 to October 24,”
Mr. Safarli said.

Previously, AZAL Deputy Head, Sabir Ilyasov, said that Wizz Air will
continue making the Budapest-Baku-Budapest flights in accordance with an
intergovernmental agreement on air service.

Until now, the direct flights between Baku and Budapest have been operated with the memorandum of cooperation signed by the civil
aviation administrations of the two countries.

The period of the memorandum validity was extended several times. It
expired October 26, 2014,
accordance with the recent decision on prolongation.

The aircraft flew from Budapest to Baku on Mondays and Fridays, but from Bakuto Budapest
on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The flights were operated by Airbus aircraft.

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Kazakhstan’s first flight of Invest Avia’s Boeing 767-300 is late by seven hours

The Kazakhstan’s
first flight of Boeing 767-300 belonged to Invest Avia Airlines en route Almaty
– Puget that was initially scheduled for 14:00, local time, on October 30,
2014, has been postponed by at least seven hours, Askar Nurgaliyev, Chairperson,
Board of Directors, Invest Avia, reported to

We remind herein this is a flight of the air company, around which,
there was a scandal that began when the Association of Tour Operators of
Kazakhstan circulated its  statement in
the media that the Russian tour operator sells air tickets for non-existent
flights. After that, the Civil Aviation Committee stated that Invest Avia had a
necessary permission to fly in Kazakhstan.
In addition, the Airline has shown its plane.

Director of the company appealed on October 29th. According
to him, the Boeing 767-300 aircraft taken in a “wet lease” from Kharkov Airlines,Ukraine, was due to arrive
in Kazakhstanon October 28th. This would give enough time to prepare. But, according to Mr. Nurgaliyev,
the departure of the aircraft from Ukraine was established to be 15:00,
Astana time, October 30th. “Virtually, the entire aircraft has been sold”, he
said. According to Mr. Nurgaliyev, the aircraft will be ready to fly from
Almaty at 21:30 tonight, October 30th.

We note herein the travel agents, at this time, are awaiting departure of
the Invest Avia’s flight. According to a representative of one of the
companies, all the tourists were warned in advance. “All people from other
cities have been provided with hotel rooms at the Almaty International Airport. There was a delivery
message stating all the tourists will be compensated for half a day. And they
promise that the plane will take off at 21:30”, Alexander Younkin said.

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Mysterious airplane parts delivered to Aktau airport in Western Kazakhstan

Disassembled airplanes of unclear origin have been delivered to the
Aktau airport in Western Kazakhstan,
Tengrinews reports citing

The photos sent to the editorial office of the newswire on September 23
capture heavy-duty vehicles with a tail-plane, wings and landing gear of an

The airport administration provided no explanation as to where the
airplane parts came from. The airplane parts, according to the administration,
were delivered not for the airport. The Aktau airport only serves ready
airplanes and does not assemble airplanes, they said.

Moreover, there is no aircraft building company in Mangystau Region, Kazakhstan.

The Civil Aviation Committee declined to comments on the situation. The
journalists have not gotten any answers from the Ministry of Defense or Boarder
Services either. then sent a request to the National Security
Committee of Kazakhstan.

One of the versions was that those may be NATO airplanes, since NATO has
an agreement with Kazakhstanto ship equipment and personnel to and from Afghanistanthrough Kazakhstan.
The military personnel travel by air, while the equipment is transported by land.
In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported earlier that the United States, in accordance with the agreement
between Kazakhstanand NATO, could transport commercial freights through the Aktau transit point.
The agreement does not allow transportation of military freights, however.

Only a day later the Public Revenue Department of Mangistau Oblast in Western Kazakhstan explained the origin and destination
of the disassembled airplanes. The department’s representative Maksat Akmuratov
said that those were parts of two IL-76 airplanes that were shipped from
Tashkent Mechanical Plant in Uzbekistanto Taganrog Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex in Russiavia Kazakhstan‘s sea port of Bautino.

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Azerbaijan refuses taking Taimyr Airlines’ aircraft

Azerbaijan refused to take an aircraft flying
en route Krasnoyarsk, RussiaBaku, Azerbaijan. On one of the airlines
based in Krasnoyarsk, Russia,
faced this problem the day before, a Business District portal (BD), Krasnoyarsk, reported.

The Press Service of the Taimyr Airlines that operates under the NordStar
brand told BD that passengers of this Air Company could not fly to Baku the day before. The
reason of this is that Azerbaijani side did not give permission to fly.

Taimyr has been operating its flights from Krasnoyarskto Baku on a
regular basis since March 2012. the Airline’s Press Service explained they get
permission to fly from airports in other countries every season. AS regards the
winter air navigation season, Russiahas issued permission for the airlines of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani side
did not grant such permission for Russian air companies. The
 reasons for this decision are unknown.

Right now,  the Ministry of
Transport and the Federal Air Transport Agency, Russia, are  being addressed this situation. The Airline hopes
that, through the work of these agencies, it will be possible to solve the
problem in the short term. The next flight is scheduled for November 5th.

According to the Emeliyanovo Airport’d website, Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) also
operates its flights from Krasnoyarsk to Baku. The Air Company has
started operating these flights since July 2014.

Reference information. NordStar Airlines was formed in December 2008.
According to the decision of the Board of Directors of the Taimyr Airlines OJSC
(controlled by Norilsk Nickel OJSC), one established a Moscow’s branch establishment under the name
of Taimyr Airline OJSC with its trademark of NordStar Airlines. The flight
network includes such destinations, as Krasnoyarsk,Norilsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Mineral Waters, Anapa, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Belgorod, Nizhniy Novgorod, Novosibirsk,
Yekaterinburg, Tomsk, Samara, Surgut,Chita, Ufa, Ulan-Ude, Irkutsk, Abakan, Bikit, Igarka, Vanavara, Stony Tunguska,
Turuhansk, Tura, North-Yenisei, Dushanbe, Hudzhand,
Astana, Baku, Dubai,Yerevan, Mirniy and Beijing.

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Russia’s Taimyr air company suspends flights to Azerbaijan

The Air Company does not agree with AZAL’s offer.

“Azerbaijan Airlines will operate all international flights from the Baku/Geidar
Aliev International Airport’s Terminal #1 since November 1, 2014. In this case, there
will be lack of time in reception of aircraft. Russia’s Taimyr (NordStar Airlines)
air company does not agree with the time offered by AZAL”, said Magerram Safarli,
Spokesperson, AZAL. 

He added that Taimyr will be able to resume the flights if it accepts
AZAL’s offers.

Russia’s Taimyr Company has been operating
its BakuKrasnoyarskBaku flights
since March, 2012. However, it could not operate flights on October 29, 2014.

According to Taimyr, Azerbaijani side refused to permit flight of
Russian company while preparing flight schedule for 2014-2015 autumn-winter seasons. 

The flights are implemented on Mondays at 06:30 and Wednesdays at 16:20.

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