Russia’s Taimyr air company suspends flights to Azerbaijan

The Air Company does not agree with AZAL’s offer.

“Azerbaijan Airlines will operate all international flights from the Baku/Geidar
Aliev International Airport’s Terminal #1 since November 1, 2014. In this case, there
will be lack of time in reception of aircraft. Russia’s Taimyr (NordStar Airlines)
air company does not agree with the time offered by AZAL”, said Magerram Safarli,
Spokesperson, AZAL. 

He added that Taimyr will be able to resume the flights if it accepts
AZAL’s offers.

Russia’s Taimyr Company has been operating
its BakuKrasnoyarskBaku flights
since March, 2012. However, it could not operate flights on October 29, 2014.

According to Taimyr, Azerbaijani side refused to permit flight of
Russian company while preparing flight schedule for 2014-2015 autumn-winter seasons. 

The flights are implemented on Mondays at 06:30 and Wednesdays at 16:20.

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