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Almaty residents offered to fly for free to Borovoye, Kazakhstan, a website
selling air tickets, and the Kazakhstan’s
national airline, Air Astana, continue their action when any passer-by can
suddenly fly to meet some adventures. Five Kazakhs have already unexpectedly visited
Astana, Almaty, Shymkent, Aktau and Kazan. At this time, one had to find a
person for a trip to Borovoye,

“Our flight was leaving at six in the morning, so it meant this person was
to be found at about
​​two in the morning to have time to get to the airport”, Nikolai
Mazentsev, manager of the www.Chocotravel.comwebsite, tells. “The problem is that at this time the streets of our city are
deserted and passers-by in this time of the day try to meet other passers-by as
little as possible on their way. So we decided to go to a bar or a nightclub for
such a man”.

In the bar, the crew faced with another problem, as there were more
people there than we needed. If you normally search for a man of the program during
several hours, the tipsy crowd of The Rocket bar was fairly easy to contact. As
a result, we decided to take a lady named Aziza, who worked as a waiter in this
institution. She had never been in Borovoye, moreover, she had never flown in
an airplane.

 “Aziza was fairly light coat, and
the air temperature down below twenty degrees Celsius in Borovoye,” Alexey
Rudnev,  Programme Director, shares his
impressions. “Along the way, it turned out, that Aziza has a sister in the
capital city, so she could fetch down a jacket and a winter cap, and, when
being at the resort, we had to buy a warm tracksuit for her”.

A Rixos Borovoe five-star hotel was responsible for a meeting and
cultural program at the resort. They settled the lady in the presidential
suite, arranged skating on balloons, ATV and snowboard on the frozen Shchuchye Lake for her. Besides, Aziza visited all
the memorable places, plenty knurled dog and reindeer-driven sledges, and also
visited the residence of Santa Claus.

As usual, the project is organized with minimal marketing budget. In
addition to and
Air Astana, the permanent partners include an AnyKey Studio, KazCom Bank and Tengrinews
portal. In the near future, the organizers promise to find a new “hero” to fly

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Turkish Airlines cancels 142 flights for December 30 – 31, 2015 because of heavy snowfall

Because of heavy snowfall, Turkish Airlines has canceled 142 flights for
December 30-31, 2015, according to RIA Novosti, Russia,
with reference to Dogan News Agency, Turkey.

“Dear passengers, forecasted light snowfall, which will begin in Istanbul on December 30thwill increase on December 31st. For this reason, some flights from/toIstanbul’s Ataturk International Airportand Sabiha Gokcen International Airport have been canceled”,
the Air Company informed.

One reported that on Wednesday, December 30, the Air Company canceled its
flights from Sofia, Ankara and Bishkek. No flights will be operated
to Ankara, Sofia,Tehran and Bishkek.

On Thursday, December 31st, one canceled flights to Kazan, Kabul, Milan, Baku, Venice, Bologna, Hamburg, Munich, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Skopje,Sarajevo, Zurich,Riga, Tbilisi,
Bishkek, Cologne, Tel Aviv, Lisbon,Tallinn, Stuttgart,Kuwait and Rotterdam.

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69-year-old resident of Almaty was three millionth passenger of Manas International Airport

The Manas
International Airport Open Joint Stock Company served its three millionth
passenger on December 30th, and this was a citizen of Kazakhstan.

Aidan, a 69-year-old resident of Almaty, Kazakhstan, was a lucky passenger of the departing
flight en route Bishkek, KyrgyzstanGroznyi,Russia, that was operated by
Avia Traffic Company, Kyrgyzstan.

Busurmankulov, Director of Board, Investment and Infrastructure Development Department, congratulated the three millionth passenger
and gave gifts and Manas International Airport’s
branded watches. In addition, the Airline presented two free air tickets to him
for the Bishkek – Grozniy – Bishkek air route.

are very pleased that we served the three millionth passenger, in addition to a
significant time – the New Year’s Eve. The team of Manas International Airport is happy and
proud with this good achievement. We will build a ramp and increase passenger
flows. In the future, we hope we will serve a four millionth passenger”, he

lucky passenger also shared with his impressions.

 “I am very happy and surprised with such an
event. I fly a lot , but this is the first time what happened with me. I live
in Almaty, but I very often, about 4 times a year, fly through the Manas International Airport. I like to fly
through your airport, service and quality of service is good and prices are
much cheaper. Accept my thanks to the Manas International Airport and Avia Traffic
Company”, he told.

Reference: Passenger traffic through the
airports belonged to Manas International Airport OJSC is increasing annually.
If in 2012, across all 11 airports of the country one transported 1,893,033
passengers, in 2013, there were 2,420,253.

2015, the total number of flights served totaled to more than 28,000, including
over 18,000 international and 8,800 domestic ones.

Manas International Airport OJSC continues to work actively to attract new
airlines to cooperate, expanding air route network, and increasing the
frequency of flights. This year, several new destinations were launched, namely
Bishkek – New Delhi – Bishkek, Samara – Bishkek – Samara, St. Petersburg –
Bishkek – Saint Petersburg, Bishkek – Krasnodar – Bishkek, Antalya – Bishkek –
Antalya and others.

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What happened in civil aviation in 2015?


but this topic should still be discussed, as in 2015 fatal aviation accidents
hasn’t been avoided. According to the Aviation Safety Network ( data, there have been 170 aviation
occurrences in 2015 with 820 fatalities in total, while in 2014 aviation
suffered 177 times bringing 1218 fatalities.

talking about the biggest accidents, Germanwings flight 4U9525 departed from Barcelona should be
mentioned. Sadly, but it never reached its destination as it got destroyed by a
pilot flying into the mountains in southern France killing all passengers and
crew members onboard. Another unfortunate occurrence happened on the 31st of
October, when Metrojet Airbus A321 aircraft, flying from Egypt has lost
the signal. Investigators reported that they believed the aircraft broke up in
the air, while The Russian Federal Security Service stated on November 16th
that the crash was caused by a terrorist attack killing 224 people.

region still can’t shake off the shadow of the aviation accidents as TransAsia
Airways aircraft ATR-72-600 crashed shortly after the take off (43 fatalities),
Trigana Air Service crash of ATR 42-300 (54 fatalities), Indonesia Air Force
crash of Lockheed C-130B Hercules (122+17 fatalities) has been witnessed during

EASA regulations and recommendation

good news is that European Aviation Safety Agency put great effort working on
the aviation safety improvements during 2015.
Here are some worth your

  • Shortly after the Germanwings crash on
    March 27th, EASA issued recommendations for airlines to ensure that at
    least two crew members would always remain in the cockpit during the
    flight. Read more here
  • On March 31st agency released proposal for
    amendments to Performance Based Navigation (PBN) safety rule, this marks a
    significant change in PBN operations regulation. For example instead of
    requiring operational approvals, new rules relies on improved pilot
    training and checking as well as effective and performance based
    operational rules. You can download the document here
  • With Drones invasion to our lives EASA
    releases the Summary of Proposals for the Introduction of Regulatory
    Framework for Operations of Drones which is available in all EU languages.
    More about that you can find here
  • In September EASA also published proposal
    for its new rules for pilot training on the topic of Loss of Control
    In-Flight. You can find the proposal here
  • November 15th should be marked as the day
    when Just Culture aviation requirements came into effect in EASA
    countries. According to, “Just Culture” is a culture in
    which front-line operators and others are not punished for actions,
    omissions or decisions taken by them which are commensurate with their
    experience and training, but where gross negligence, willful violations
    and destructive acts are not tolerated. More about that read in our

News from manufacturers

let’s move to probably the most exciting part: what new has been introduced by
the market manufacturers in 2015? Actually there were some exciting movement in
the market and here is just a short list:

  • In March airbus finally revealed their
    medium-weight, twin-engine rotorcraft which has been promised for ages –
    H160. First flight has been made in June and the second prototype will be
    finished till the end of 2015. More details about H160 are expected in
    2016 as well as the opened order book.
  • 2015 has been remarkable for Airbus in
    terms of new models. This year commercial service has been entered by A350
    XWB. It is one of Airbus’ all-new family of wide-body aircraft that is
    shaping the future of medium- to long-haul airline operations – overcoming
    the challenges of volatile fuel prices, matching rising passenger
    expectations and addressing increasing environmental concerns. In addition
    to that, the re-engined A320neo won European and US type certification on
    the 24th of November.
  • The Embraer Executive Jets presented
    newest mid-light jet, the Legacy 450 in 2015. It made its debut at the 15th
    European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE). In August it
    received US certification while EASA approved aircraft in September.

BAA Training Aviation Academy (BAA Training) is an international
aviation training center, fully complies with European standards of training of
aviation professionals. The company offers an experience tailor-made training
programs, combined with the personal care of each client.

The BAA Training is located in Lithuania and has over 20 years
experience in aviation training. The roots of the company date back to 1938,
when the department was established for aviation training of personnel working
with Lithuanian Airlines. As a complement to the training base in the central
building, the BAA Training are able to offer training in different parts of
Europe, CIS and Asia.

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AZAL reduces ticket prices for low-cost flights

Azerbaijan Airlines OJSC (AZAL) announces reduction of ticket prices for
flights to Moscow (Vnukovo International Airport),Dubai (Al-Maktoum Airport), Istanbul(Sabiha Gokcen Airport) and Antalya.

Press Service told APA-Economics that the ticket price on above-mentioned
flights will make EUR 89 since January 5, 2016.

At the
same time, the flights on all directions, including abovementioned flights will
be implemented from Terminal 1 of the Heydar Aliyev International Airportfrom January 5.

air company is reconsidering the prices due to devaluation. Earlier, the
company announced it will reconsider the ticket prices for flights to Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Mineralnye Vody, Istanbul,Ankara, Antalya,
Tel-Aviv, Tehran, Dubai,
Aktau, Kiev, Lvov,Minsk, Tbilisiand etc.

of low-cost flights will be extended. One has recently introduced a new Promo low
fare on the BakuMoscow(Domodedovo International Airport)
flight, which does not include luggage. Also, as regards the next summer season,
there are plans to launch a new low-cost flight to the resort town of Alanya. In 2016, Azerbaijan
Airlines will continue developing low-cost tariffs to many destinations”, said Eldar
Hajiyev, Vice-President, AZAL.

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Medical aviation in Kazakhstan carried over 2,000 flights for 11 months of 2015

aviation in Kazakhstan has
carried out over 2,000 flights for Jan-Nov 2015 period, according to the
Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

to the Ministry, 2,020 sorties took place for 11 months of 2015 to provide
medical services by the teams of the Republican Medical Aviation Center. As compared to the
same period last year, the number of flights was increased by 281, or by more
than 14%.

In total,
as regards the considering period, medical aviation experts have provided 2,539
medical services, including 1,962 transportation of patients, 441 consultations
and 136 surgical operations.

this regards there have been 557 sorties in Astana, 205 in Almaty, 1,244 in regions and 14 interregional

addition, 10 missions have been carried out during this period to transport the
citizens of Kazakhstanwho were in foreign clinics, to medical organizations in Astana and Almaty for
the continuation of their treatment. Thus, there were two flights from Bangkok, Thailand,
and Seoul, South
, and one flight each from Beijing (China), Omsk,
Yekaterinburg (Russian Federation), Cologne (Germany), Kiev (Ukraine),
and Bali Island (Indonesia).

air ambulance provided medical aid to patients on such nosology, as the
pathology of childhood trauma, accidents and poisoning, cardiovascular
diseases, diseases of newborns and other diseases.

At the
same time, air ambulance has provided medical aid to 234 victims of car accidents
for 11 months of 2015. For comparison, during the same period last year,
medical care was provided to 171 victims of car accidents.

year, a number of flights operating by air ambulance crews grows in Kazakhstan,
thus indicating the availability of a highly skilled emergency, specialized and
highly specialized medical assistance to victims in remote regions of the
country”, the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Republic of
Kazakhstan stressed.

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JICA provides US $13.5 million for air navigation equipment for Manas International Airport

MAnas Airport

Ministry of Transport and Communications proposes to approve the bill on
ratification of exchange notes between the Government of Kyrgyzstan and Japan
International Cooperation Agency regarding improvement of equipment of Manas International Airport.

provides $13.519 million for air navigation equipment and technical devices forManas Airport, including air navigation
equipment for the Kyrgyz Air Navigation State Enterprise.

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Over 40 flights delayed in Astana due to bad weather

More than 40 flights have been delayed at the airport in Astana, Kazakhstan,
because of the storm, according to

According to weather forecasts, snow showers and storm should subside at
about 05:00p.m., Astana time.

Meanwhile, the staff of airlines call passengers to check with online
display in the capital’s airport website where all the information flows
quickly, or keep in touch with the managers of inquiry services: +7 7172 702 999
1333 or dial-in number for the residents of Astana 1333. However, due to a
large number of calls it  is quite
difficult to get through the airport.

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Kazakh airlines obliged to pass IOSA audit in 2016

Kazakh airlines are obliged to pass the IOSA audit since January 1, 2016
to carry out regular flights, carriers, and this procedure will cost US $60,000
to air carrier instead of millions of US dollars, as previously reported in the
media, according to Airlines assured one would not expect increasing
the cost of air tickets in this regard.

All this time, the airlines were audited voluntarily, but now the
situation has changed, as this procedure has become mandatory for all companies.
In 2013, the Civil Aviation Committee of Kazakhstan announced to all the
airlines that pass of the IOSA audit will be mandatory since 2015, but the
procedure was postponed for a year.

For Kazakhstan,
this is a necessary measure, which primarily would oblige air carriers to
comply with international safety standards, including 872 requirements. Based
on the 2014 data, the rate of incidents of airlines in the IOSA register is lower
the overall ranking by three times.

“IOSA has helped at least 400 airlines worldwide to improve their
operational safety, as well as reduce the number of necessary bilateral audits
required to enter into commercial agreements with other carriers. After Air
Astana that held such an audit for the first time in 2007, now, SCAT Airlines has
become the second air carrier in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which has
received an IOSA certificate. This is an indicator of the growth of the level
of safety in civil aviation of the Republicof Kazakhstan as a whole”, said Jordan
Karamalakov, Regional Manager of IATA in Kazakhstan.

A few days ago, the media said that the passage of the audit can cost
millions of dollars, and Kazakh carriers do not have such money. And
certification will be another obstacle to the development of the civil aviation
sector. SCAT Airlines and Air Astana disagree with this opinion.

“Officially, the cost of the IOSA audit for an airline is US $ 60,000,
and we believe that this figure is absolutely justified, since passing the
audit, the air company receives a thorough report on the processes within the
structure and detailed recommendations for harmonization of the identified
deficiencies”, said Victoria Ulyanova, PR Director, SCAT Airlines. “Unfortunately,
not all companies can undergo a rigorous audit process, as it requires a fairly
long and laborious preparation stage, without which it is impossible to pass
the audit, even for the money”.

According to IATA official figures as of December 9, 2015, 404 world’s
airlines are in the register of IOSA, including the following Kazakh airlines:
Air Astana – IOSA operator, SCAT Airlines – IOSA operator, Comlux-KZ – operator
of ISSA (standard safety assessment for aircraft with a maximum take-off mass
not exceeding 5,700 kilos), The state airline called Berkut passed its IOSA
audit in 2015, and the registration process should be completed by October

 “In our view, this is an
excellent result nowadays. For this, Kazakhstan has been preparing since 2013,
and, at that time, all airlines were informed about the introduction of the
rules of mandatory certification since January 1, 2015, and last year, the date
was moved for another year, which was given to our air carriers as the
additional time”, Mrs. Ulyanova added.

Successful completion of IOSA certification will allow the companies to
enter into interline agreements with other airlines. That is to sell the flights
of its partners, thus significantly increasing their air route network. Also,
the air route network of airlines will be significantly increased due to code
sharing agreements. This is an agreement on joint operation of flights by two
or more airlines, one of which flies, and another one sells air tickets for
these flights.

Mandatory certification of IOSA is to accelerate the withdrawal of Kazakhstanand Kazakh airlines from the so-called “black list” of the European Union.
Meanwhile, Air Astana has reaffirmed the compliance with international
standards of safety, successfully passed the next fifth audit on operational
safety of the International Air Transport Association, IOSA (IATA Operational
Safety Audit). Previously, the airline passed IOSA audit in 2007, 2009, 2011
and 2013.

“During the last audit that was conducted in May 2015, one carried out
an independent audit of documentation and about 1,000 standards and IOSA recommended
practices in all areas of the air carrier’s industrial activities, including
the organizational structure and management of the air company, flight
operation, flight control and dispatch service, engineering -maintenance of aircraft,
flight safety, aircraft ground handling, cargo transportation and aviation
security. The audit was performed by an international audit company, AQS. One should
emphasize that since the third edition, the operating security standards
include elements of the ICAO Safety Management System”, the Press Service told.
The next audit for the Air Company will take place in 2017.

Currently, virtually all European airlines meet the standards of IOSA,
and the rules of some countries including Latin America, Brazil, Costa Rica,Egypt, Mexico, Turkey,Chile,
etc. include a mandatory IOSA certification for airlines.

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Air Astana flight attendants entertained passengers with dances during flight delays

Стюардессы Air Astana развлекли пассажиров танцами

The flight attendants of Air Astana, Kazakhstan, staged dances with
passengers in an airplane during a flight delay.

Video where flight attendants are dancing with passengers appeared in
Instagram and was put by a  ztb_kz user.
The footage shows how the flight attendants are dancing in the aisle while
singing a song.

In his comments, the user  called stewardesses’
dance to be a welcome addition, as a bonus of Air Astana for the delay.

Apparently, the recording was made on December 23rd. On this
day, the official Twitter of Air Astana had a message for the passengers about
the delays of some flights. “Due to the weather conditions, some flights may be
delayed. Please check on the status of flights before departure”, the air
carrier warned. On that day, the airline delayed flights in Shymkent, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Uralskand Kostanai.

Air Astana is a Kazakhstan’s
national air carrier. This is the only airline of the country, which is
permitted to fly in the EU. In 2015, for the fourth time in a row, Air Astana was
named to be “The Best Airline in Central Asia and India”, according to Skytrax.

In addition, the Air Company has also received the award, “The Best-On-Board
Service in Central Asia and India
for the third time. Thus, the airline is the first and only airline in the CIS
and Eastern Europe with its four award-winnings
from Skytrax.

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