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Airbus Group’s net profit has grown by 1.8 times in Q1 2015

The net profit of the Airbus Group increased by 1.8 times in annual
terms in the Q1 2015 and amounted to EUR 792 million, according to the Company’s
financial statements, Prime writes.

Earnings per share amounted to EUR 1.01 versus EUR 0.56 in January-March 2014.
Revenue fell by 5% – down to EUR 12.078 billion.

“We had a good start in 2015 due to strong operating results and
improved indicators of income,” said Tom Enders, head of Airbus Group. He
explained the high rates, including the sale of assets.

During the first quarter, the company sold 18.75% stake of Dassault
Aviation for US $ 1.73 billion, thus leaving 23.36% of the shares.

The company expects to increase the number of orders in 2015, the report
said. In addition, Airbus is going to increase the profitability of the company
before the process of mergers and acquisitions, it follows from the press

Airbus Group is a leader in aerospace, defense and related sectors,
brings together the three key divisions, namely Airbus, Airbus Defence and
Space and Airbus Helicopters. The concern was founded in 2000 by the merger of Germany’s
Daimler-Benz Aerospace AG, the French Aerospatiale-Matra and the Spanish CASA
and, before January 2014, its name was EADS. Headquartered in Toulouse.

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Ata Meken Faction of Kyrgyz Parliament demands to change leadership of Osh International Airport

The Kyrgyz Parliament’s Ata Meken Faction demands to change the leadership
of the airport in Osh, Kyrgyzstan.

According to Omurbek Tekebayev, the leader of this faction, the
activities of the Osh branch establishment of
the Manas International Airportis associated with criminals. According to him, law enforcement officers who oversee
the airport are the richest people in the country. “No one reacts to things
happening at the airport and there is chaos there. It is necessary to replace
the head of this airport,” he added. He was supported by Joomart Saparbayev who
noted the airport is a state’s face.

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Uzbekistan Airways transports 575,000 passengers in 1Q

Uzbekistan Airways carried 575,000 passengers in the first quarter of
2015, which means the increase by 0.4%, as compared to the same period of 2014.

to the airline, it carried 261,000 passengers to the CIS states and 188,000
passengers to non-CIS states.

airline said that it provided services to 125,000 passengers within internal
flights in January-March 2014, which rose by 10,000 compared to the first
quarter of 2014.

Airways said that it carried out 5,549 flights in the first three months of
2015, the increase is by 55 flights. Number of flights to CIS states reached
1,998 and local/domestic flights – 2,157, which means the increase by 104 flights.
The airline carried out 1,394 flights to non-CIS countries, the increase is by
61 flights.

load of passenger seats reached 70.97%, commercial load is 53.58%, the airline

Airways also said that it opened and works on launching new flights or
increasing frequency of existing flights. The airline is working on launching
passenger flight on route TashkentMinskTashkent.

airline said that it started to use freighters Boeing-767-300ER and refused
from renting A-300-600R planes within the development of the Navoi International Inter-modal Logistic Center.

airline carried out 98 flights and transported 2,600 tons of cargo in the first
quarter. The airline added that it is planning to transport 37,700 tons of
cargo via Navoi airport in 2015 and launch new cargo flights with its partners.

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Passenger’s inappropriate joke at airport results pre-trial investigation

On April 29, 2015, during the passage of the inspection on the Astana – Almaty
flight at 16:50, local time, at Astana International Airport, a 49-year-old
resident of Almaty was asked, “What is in your hand luggage?” and he replied
the security check service inspector, as if there was a grenade in his bag, the
Press Service of the Department of Internal Affairs on Transport reported.

Employees of the Police Linear Department, Astana International Airport, immediately
conducted a personal inspection of this passenger, but no any illegal explosive
devices were found.

The man admitted that his message was a joke.

This fact was included in the Unified Register of pre-trial
investigations according to the Article #274, Part 1 of the Criminal Code.
(Dissemination of False Information).

A preventive measure, “under house arrest and appropriate behavior”, is
applied in regard to the detained citizen.

This fact is under pre-investigation checks.

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Belavia launches flights from Minsk to Almaty – UPDATED

On April 29, 2015, Belavia Airlines, Belarus,
operated its first scheduled international flight en route Minsk,BelarusAlmaty, Kazakhstan.

Flights to Almaty International
, Kazakhstan
will be operated on the Boeing 737-800NG aircraft twice a week at nights.
Flight time is four hours and 45 minutes. The minimum airfare in economy class
varies from EUR 386+* (round-trip) and EUR 208+* (one way).

Minsk and Almaty have close economic ties
and the need to travel between the two cities. It was possible to launch this
flight because the Airline has leased two Boeing 737-800 aircraft of new
generation with increased range and greater capacity, as compared to other
airplanes belonged to this Air Company.

 “To mark launching this flight, Belavia
has developed a new product of the tariff for passengers who particularly value
comfort during the flight. On the flight to Almaty, we will run in the new
class of service, Premium Economy, which will subsequently be available for other
destinations as well,” Igor Cherginets, Deputy Director General for Marketing
and Foreign Trade, said at the presentation of the new flight at the Minsk International Airport.

When planning the Minsk – Almaty flight schedule,
special attention was paid to ensure bilateral connections with the
destinations in both Europe and Russia.
Customs clearance procedures for luggage at the airport have been simplified for
the passengers who travel through Minsk.

In 2014, one introduced a passenger service technology, by means of which
transit passengers carrying their flight with a change in the Minsk Airportwhen traveling from anywhere, including from the airports of the Customs Union
including Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarusdo not have to get their luggage in Minsk.
If you do not need a written declaration of moved things the passenger’s
baggage can be registered in the point of departure for the entire air route to
the final destination.

As regards the summer timetable for 2015, Belavia will operate its regular
flights to five cities of Kazakhstan,
namely to Almaty, Astana, Karaganda, Kostanai
and Pavlodar.

Launching the Minsk– Almaty regular flight is carried out in the framework of the Belavia Airlines
international air route network development, as the Air Company permanently works
to improve air route network management processes, efficient use of its air fleet
and maintain a high level of service onboard.

Belavia operates its regular scheduled flights to 46 destinations in 27
countries in Europe, CIS and Asia.

Below, there is a flight schedule. Time is local for all airports.

Destination Airport


Flight Number



Time of departure and

Return Flight

Time of departure and

Almaty since April 29th

В2 767

3,6 (4,7)

20:25         04:10+

В2 768

05:10      07:20

* Prices include the airport taxes and charges valid on April 29, 2015.

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Manas International Airport’s revenues to reach KGS 2.9 bln. (US $48.5 mln.) for 2015

The Manas International Airport’s (MIA) revenues for 2015 are planned to
reach the amount of KGS 2,901,929 thousand (US $. 48.5 mln.), Syrga Kadyrova, Head
of Financial and Economic Department, MIA, said at a general meeting of

Since April 1, 2013, one has approved new fee rates for on-ground services,
she said.

By charging, the Civil Aviation Agency has applied a differentiated
approach on prices. The airport found a compromise solution and tariffs were
introduced, which gave increasing revenues by KGS 409 million (US $6,820 thousand)
for civil aviation, as it comes to almost 30-40% of income replacement from the
U.S. Transit Center.

For 2015, revenues from the Civil Aviation are planned in the amount of KGS
2,726,440 thousand (nearly US $45.5 million). In 2014, this figure was KGS 2,116,928
thousand (US $35,282 thousand), i.e. there is increase by 15%.

Revenues from non-core activities are expected to reach KGS 226,281
thousand (US $3,771,350).

Earnings from operations are planned in the amount of KGS 153,2 million
(US $2,554 million), a decrease is by KGS 368.5 million (US $6,142 million), as
compared to 2014.

As regards the expenditure part of the budget for 2015, one has laid
down the amount of KGS 2,464,667 thousand (US $41.078 million), and, as
compared to 2014, the increase comes by KGS 279.115 million (US $4.652 million).

At the end of 2015, the profit is expected to reach KGS 437.243 million
(US $7.287 million), a decrease comes to KGS 488.301 million (US $8,138,350) or
by 53%. The decrease is primarily due to the drop in revenues from the Transit Center, she said.

Luibov Grazhdankina, Secretary, MIA, reported, as a result of 2014, net
profit amounted to KGS 834.164 million (US $13.903 million). A decision was
made to distribute this profit as follows: 25% or KGS 208.540 million (US $3,476
million) will be paid as dividends, 75% or KGS 625.623 million (US $10.427
million) will be directed to the company’s development. The amount of the
dividend is KGS 7.5 per share. The repayment period is August 10 – 25, 2015.

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St. Petersburg – Tbilisi flights resumed

On April
24, 2015, after a 7-year hiatus, Airzena-Georgian Airways has resumed its regular
flights from St. Petersburg, Russia, to Tbilisi,
. At present,
the flights are operated weekly, on Fridays. On May 26, 2015, the flight frequency
will be increased to two flights per week, on Tuesdays and Fridays.

of the flight #A9-785 from Tbilisi is at 16:30,
arrival in St. Petersburg is at 18:50.

of the flight #A9-786 from St. Petersburg is at
19:50, arrival in Tbilisi is on the next day at 00:05.

on the commercial load, Bombardier CRJ-200 or Boeing-737 planes will be used on
this airline.

airlines do not fly on this air route.

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Manas International Airport to celebrate its 40th anniversary on May 4th

On May
4, 2015, the Manas International Airport will mark its 40th anniversary of activities. On this day, May 4, 1975, one launched
the first regular flight #613-614 on the Moscow (Domodedovo International Airport) – Frunze (Manas International Airport)
air route.

the commissioning, the Manas International Airport began to develop at a rapid
pace, and during this period, there have been many events in the life of the
main air harbour of the country, but the management and staff are not going to dwell
on successes achieved, as there is still a lot of projects and work on the
development of central air gates of Kyrgyzstan.

ceremony with the participation of members of the Kyrgyz Government, deputies
of the Parliament, civil aviation veterans, invited heads of ministries,
departments and airport management will be held at the airport in honour of this

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Air Kyrgyzstan resumes flights to several destinations

Air Kyrgyzstan is
pleased to announce on resuming its flights, as follows:

Novosibirsk since
May 25th;

Moscow since June

OshMoscow since June

Belgorod since
June 1st;

OshKrasnoyarsk since
June 17th;

Osh – Yekaterinburg since July 13th.

airline continues operating its daily domestic flight en route Bishkek – Osh.

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Belavia Airlines launches Minsk – Almaty – Minsk direct regular flight on April 30th

Belavia Airlines, Belarus,
informs that, starting from April 30, 2015, this Air Company launches direct
regular flight en route Minsk, BelarusAlmatyKazakhstanMinsk on its Boeing
737-800 aircraft.

The flight #B2 767 will be operated on Wednesdays and Saturdays with
departure from Minsk at 20:25, the return flights are operated on Thursdays and Sundays, departing
from Almaty at 05:10. Time
 is local for all airports.

This Belarusian air carrier offers competitive rates on air routes from
Almaty to different destinations:

Rome; airfares
cost KZT 87,125+;

airfares cost KZT 85,281+;

airfares cost KZT 82,824+;

airfares cost KZT 76,834+;

airfares cost KZT 74,928+.

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