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Is it possible to get to work by helicopter in Kazakhstan?


players are trying to make rotorcraft to be a mass transport.

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Service Airline has bee operating for 10 years in the market of Kazakhstan and it
provides its air services to various public, national and private companies, as
well as to individuals. “Helicopters are used to patrol the forest and hunting,
the evacuation of the sick, for the exploration, patrolling gas and oil
pipelines, power lines, photo and video shooting,” says Mikhail Zorov, President
of Sky Service JSC.

suggestions for natural persons include transportation by helicopter between
the towns, helicopter rides, sightseeing flights in Almaty region, hunting and
fishing in inaccessible places. Total developed 20 excursion routes, among
which there are the usual walk with the possibility to admire the natural
beauty of a helicopter and landing routes, such as the Big Almaty Lake.

most popular flights to Charyn Canyon, Kolsai lake Singing sand dunes, to the
rock paintings Tamgaly-Tas, circled the foothills of Trans-Ili Alatau”, –
says Mikhail Zorov.

In a
separate area marked routes wedding – the couple were asked to mark the solemn
occasion stroll over Medeo – Shymbulak – BAO or a bird’s-eye view at the peak
of Talgar – Turgen – Assy plateau. Has Sky Service and delivery services for
skiers and snowboarders on the slopes unprepared slopes in the mountains.

to Mr. Zorov, direction of helicopter transportation is becoming more popular
every year. “This is evidenced by the fact that in Kazakhstanthere is an annual five to seven new helicopters. Our company has 14
helicopters, the monthly flying time is about 500 flight hours. However, the
potential for development is enormous. If New
has one helicopter for 5,000 residents then Kazakhstan has one
helicopter for more than 100,000 people”, he says.

highest competition in this field in the Almaty region. Similar services are
offered by about 10 airlines. “We are fighting for quality customer
service, a great lineup of aircraft, a high level of security. People who at
least once used our services, come back to us”, – says Mikhail Zorov.


Business Aviation Company was established in September 2014 the service
“Əue taxi.” The company operates flights in helicopters Bell, Robinson,
, Eurocopter, Douglas. “Astana
Business Aviation – a startup that was created with little or no investment, so
our aircraft have specific owners. Helicopter we use on the basis of trust
management. But there are proposals from potential investors, which seems
interesting part in our project,” – said the founder and director of
Astana Business Aviation Kaisar Shynybaev.

Taxi” relies on services for individuals, for which the helicopter flight
– comfort and time saving. For the organization of the flight staff enough air
taxi 45 minutes, but it’s better to deal with an order for 24 hours before the
flight. Maximum range of flight – 800 km (for comparison, the distance “as
the crow flies” between Astana and Almaty, 966 km). Who carried out
flights from Astana, Almaty and Aktau, in the near future helicopter taxis will
be available in Shymkent.

of flight in air taxi varies from KZT 250 thousand to KZT 800 thousand per
hour. The price depends on the type of aircraft, the number of passengers,
duration of flight, that is, the value in one region may vary. The value is
also affected by characteristics of the organization of helicopter transport. If
the technical support of aircraft operations carried out in airports where
there are conditions, the situation is more complicated with helicopters. For
example, in long-distance flights in the steppe on the landing in advance send
a group of tankers. Or if the customer intends to park for a few days, we have
to work out the issue of the helicopter guarded parking lot, the organization
of the crew accommodation and catering.

As for
the passengers, then they are subject to the only requirement – to be sure that
they are not counter-flying helicopters. Before the flight, clients sign a relevant

of “Air Taxi” prefer flights from Astana to Borovoye, reachable in about an
hour and bought flights from Almaty in the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau, Charyn Canyonand Turgen waterfalls. The next in line are romantic orders. For one lucky
father decided to thank for his beloved child, flying over the maternity ward. The
young man made a proposal to his girlfriend during a flight – especially for
them on the ground to organize appropriate decorations and fireworks. Contact
the company and event-agencies that want to use helicopters as part of the
entertainment program. Services interested in helicopters and tourists from
near and far abroad, who want to survey our country from a bird’s flight.

it is possible to organize a flight over any city of Kazakhstan. “You must go
through the procedure of obtaining permits in special organs, it takes time. It
is also necessary to provide a special twin-engine aircraft, which
significantly affects the cost of the flight hour. As a result, the
organization of the flight over the city, we lose in efficiency,” Mr. Shynybaev

January 2015, “Air Taxi” operated 10 flights, after appearing in the media
this number increased significantly (the company did not disclose the exact
figures). “We try to fulfill every order as efficiently as possible so that
customers leave positive feedback and thus form a positive image of the
company,” Mr. Shynybaev says.

The Director
of Air Taxi holds his great expectations on the EXPO-2017.

business direction seems to be very promising for the World Exhibition in
Astana. We participated in the preparatory conference of EXPO-2017, and
potential exhibitors have expressed their interest in our company,” Mr. Shynybaev

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Transaero Airlines begins regular scheduled Moscow – Kyzylorda – Moscow flights

On May 28, 2015, Transaero Airlines, Russia,
launches its regular scheduled flights on the Moscow,RussiaKyzylorda,KazakhstanMoscow air route.

A solemn meeting was waiting for the Transaero’s first flight to the airport
in Kyzylorda. This meeting was attended by Akim (Governor) Krymbek Kusherbayev
and other leaders of the Kyzylorda region, senior officials of the Korkyt Ata Airport, members of the
public and journalists. Hydrants
jets formed a welcome arch over the aircraft.

The flight #UN291 / 292 is operated from Moscow’sVnukovo International Airportwith the frequency of three times a week at the following times (local time for
each airport):

On Tuesdays, departure from Moscowis at 06:35, arrival in the airport in Kyzylorda at 12:50. Departure from
Kyzylorda is at 14:00, arrival in Moscowis at 14:45.

On Thursdays and Saturdays, departure from Moscow is at 01:15, arrival in Kyzylorda is at
07:35. Departure from Kyzylorda is at 08:55, arrival in Moscow is at 09:40.

The flights are operated on Boeing-737 aircraft with the business and
economy class layout.

The administrative center of the dynamically developing Kyzylorda
, Kazakhstan,
has become the tenth city in Kazakhstan,
to which Transaero flies nowadays. Currently, direct flight connect Moscow with Astana, Almaty, Aktau, Aktobe, Atyrau, Karaganda, Kyzylorda,
Kokshetau, Kostanai and Shymkent.

Having started operating its regular scheduled flights to Kazakhstan in
1993, Transaero has become the largest foreign airline in terms of air traffic
in this country. In 2013 and 2014, Transaero was named to be the best foreign
airline in Kazakhstanin the Choice of the Year Competition.

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Prosecutor General’s Office tells details of selling TU-154’s engine at Manas International Airport

The Prosecutor General’s Office told the details of the case related
with the sale of TU-154 aircraft’s engines at Manas International Airportnear Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

We remind herein the National Security Committee Anti-Corruption Service
conducted operational activities in the country’s civil aviation sector and revealed
some facts of causing major damage to property of the Manas International Airport

The Kyrgyz Transport Prosecutor’s Office in conjunction with the National
Security Committee Anti-Corruption Service checked the fact, as regards the sale
of three TU-154 B-2 aircraft engines, as this plane was transferred to authorized
capital of M.T.C LLC, a subsidiary of Manas International Airport.

The audit found that a contract was concluded between this LLC and DG LLP,Kazakhstan,
on July 9, 2014, according to which, three NC-8-2U engines with the technical
documentation from the TU-154 B-2 aircraft were sold at the total cost of US $ 7,500.

However, according to an independent appraiser’s conclusion, the average
market price of one TU-154 B-2 aircraft’s engine of the NC-8-2U brand is KGS 951,633
or US $14,925.

Thus, the director of the M.T.C. LLC sold three NC 8-2U engines  from the TU-154 B-2 aircraft at a lower cost,
when using his regulatory and administrative powers against the interests of Manas
International Airport OJSC and the state, by a prior agreement with the buyer
and without a market valuation of these engines. As a result, the Manas International
airport OJSC’s material damage came to US $ 37,275, where the state is the main

On this fact, the Kyrgyz Transport Prosecutor’s Office opened a criminal
case under the following articles: “Causing Damage to Property by Deception or Abuse
of Trust” and “Abuse of Authority by Employees of Commercial or Other Organizations”.

Currently, this criminal case has been sent to the Interior Transport
Department under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republicto arrange further investigation.

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New contract to be signed with TAV GEORGIA

A new contract will be concluded today, May 28, 2015, between the
Georgian Government and TAV GEORGIA, the company-operator of Tbilisi International Airport. The signing will
take place in Tbilisi, Georgia. Other
 additional details have been unknown so far.

Meanwhile, information is known, as regards the matters existing in the
negotiation process. In February, at a meeting, the Georgian Government announced
the Georgian Airports Association LLC and TAV Urban Georgia LLC  will conclude a new BOT contract, according to
which, the operating period for TAV expires in January 2027 (instead of 2037
under the Memorandum).

Until the end of 2015, TAV will accomplish the total rehabilitation of
the runway and taxiways according to the IATA recommendations, and will add
parking areas for aircraft.

The new version of the contract includes specific commitments and
implementation mechanisms for infrastructure maintenance, according to which, TAV
will be obliged to provide services to existing and future passenger traffic
before the expiry of the contract (2027), and ensuring the proper
infrastructure to meet the ICAO standards and other international standards.

According to the new agreement, TAV Urban Georgia will have such
commitments, which were not provided by the contract concluded in 2005. In particular, we
are talking about rehabilitation works at the airfield, the airport development
plan, the exclusivity agreement, airport operating standards, capital
expenditure plans, airport transfer back, joining the Georgian side to the management
process, insurance, settlement of disputes, compensation for damage, collections
for takeoffs and landings, compensation during the termination of the contract,
and other significant matters.

The history of TAV began with a tender announced in 1997 to build an international
terminal at Istanbul’s Ata-Turk Airport; as a result, TAV Airports
Holding won the tender for the airport in Istanbul.

subsidiary company of TAV Airports Holding, and its activities in Georgia started
in 2005. As a result of spending over US $ 100 million of investments made in Georgia,  new
passenger terminals at international airports in Tbilisiand Batumi were
entered into operation in 2007.

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Passengers of damaged Berlin – Baku plane to be sent via Istanbul – AZAL

A slat
of A-319 aircraft, which was carrying out flight AHY-064 from Berlin to Baku
was damaged due to violations of the rules of the movement of serving equipment
by ground services of the airport on May 27 at the airport in Berlin at 09:30
a.m. (GMT + 2 hours), the message of Azerbaijani Airlines CJSC said.

of the flight are being sent from Berlin to Baku via Istanbul.

cause of damage is being investigated by ground services of Berlin airport with the assistance of the
crew of Azerbaijan Airlines CJSC. Measures are being taken to restore and
return the aircraft to the base.

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Kazakhstan’s General Staff calls cause of Su-27 air crash

Картинки по запросу су-27 фото

General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan completed the investigation into the Su-27
crash in the Almaty Region, Kazakhstan.

“The transition
of the aircraft in an uncontrolled decline, accompanied by its rotation to the
left with large angular velocity, vertical and lateral loads that accompany
uninformed malfunction flight director command channel bank and the lack of
reference points caused the air crash”, the Ministry of Defense informed Tengrinews.

General Staff explained, with uninformed violation, the data coming from the
sensors on the devices do not correspond to the actual value and the signal of
refusal does not come on the information board of control, as well as  speech information that alerts the flight crew
of the refusal does not arrive.

response to the request, one also explained that the flight directing device installed
on the Su-27 allows the crew to determine the spatial position of the aircraft.
In the case of an uninformed malfunction of this device, the lack of reliable
information about the spatial position of the aircraft at night, in the absence
of the line of sight of the natural horizon and guidelines, has led to a
distortion of the perception of the spatial position of the aircraft by the

crew took action to correct the spatial position of the respective movement of
the aircraft’s handle control to the left. As a result of these steps, the
plane began to make rotational movements to the left and losing altitude. The
crew was unable to promptly assess the extent of the threat and continued to
fight for the survivability of the aircraft, trying to take it out of the
rotation and descending mode”, the General Staff of the Armed Forces reported.

addition, based on flight data decryption, the investigation team found out that
the crew felt the impact of congestion sevenfold. The emergence of vertical and
lateral accelerations is caused by the change of the trajectory of the
aircraft, fast changes of angles of attack. When having an overload by seven units
at a body weighting  80 kg, the pilot is under the
pressure of 560 kg.

plane crashed on September 23, 2014, during a training flight. This combat
aircraft crashed near the village of Cox in hundred
kilometers from Taldykorgan. The plane’s wreckage were scattered in a radius of500 metersfrom the crash site. There were two pilots on board.

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Criminal case opens in Almaty region upon helicopter crash

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a report was sent to the duty of the Ushtobe LLR station at 12:20, local time, stating
that  Gyroplane ELA 07-S helicopter crashed
in Koksu district of Almaty Region, Kazakhstan, on the 237 kilometer of the Almaty
– Oskemen highway under construction.

helicopter crash in Almaty Region, a criminal case has been opened under the Article
#344 of the Criminal Code, “Violation of Safety Rules or Operation of Railway, Air,
Sea and River Transport”.

to the Press Service of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office, Zhanaidar Eginbaev born
in 1950 controlled the Gyroplane ELA 07 -S helicopter. He
 was circling over the highway under construction.

On the
237th kilometer of the Almaty – Oskemen highway, Mr. Eginbaev, when performing
maneuvers at low altitude, wanted to carry out the helicopter under an electric
power line, but he did not calculate the height from the ground, caught the
wire line by the propeller blades and, in the end, Gyroplane fell down hitting
the ground of the highway under construction.

As a result
of the helicopter air crash, Mr. Eginbaev died at once. 
He was a mechanical
engineer, was a formed Maslikhat Deputy (member of local administration) where
he had severed two terms. He was married and had three kids.

the inspection of the helicopter air crash place, one has found burned-out
wreckage of the helicopter and the frame of the burnt out helicopter, as well
as one has found transmission line wires, which, at the time of the inspection,
were ragged on the road. Also, fragments of wires were wound on the helicopter’s

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YanAir Airlines announces opening of air ticket sales for Kiev – Tbilisi – Kiev new flights

[image]Starting from June 18, 2015, YanAir Airlines starts operating its regular
flights on the Kiev, UkraineTbilisi, GeorgiaKiev air route
by Boeing-737 plane.

The flights will be operated twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays,
from the Kiev (Juliani) International Airport.

The minimum one way air ticket price including all taxes is US $ 140,
the cost of round-trip tickets is US $ 240 according to NBU (National Bank of Ukraine)
exchange rate at the time of purchase.

On all flights of this Airline, passengers are provided with free food
and drinks.

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People of Kazakhstan are actively interested in tourism in Georgia

Almost all the air tickets have been bought for the first flight
operated by Air Astana to Tbilisi, Georgia, Ermukhamet Ertysbayev, Ambassador
Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republicof Kazakhstan to Georgia, said in his interview for

According to him, Georgiais enjoying great popularity nowadays.

Kazakhs traveled around the world and have discovered Georgia. And I
want to take this opportunity to advertise for all residents of Kazakhstan
that, starting from June 2, 2015,
direct flight en route Astana – Tbilisi, will be
launched; the flight time is just three hours, the prices in the service sector
and in hotels are by two to three times cheaper than in Kazakhstan. Georgian
cuisine is not inferior to any one in the world, as regards its quality. It’s
great fun to rest in Georgia.
Up to seven million tourists around the world visit Georgia every year.

Georgia is an ancient civilization, a very
beautiful country. There are more than 200 groundwater sources here, clean
water and the Black Sea coast. Batumi has already become
a favorite destination for many Kazakh residents. I know that many Kazakh
businessmen acquire housing in Georgia.
Georgian wines are considered, as the best ones. Maybe because even in the
eighth century BC, wine production was invented in Georgia. And then the Greeks and
the Romans learned the technology of wine production in Ancient Colchis. And
for the first time,  wheat cultivated by
man sprouted on Georgian soil. It is this wheat is the very golden fleece,
which was sought by the Argonauts. Excellent fruit, berries, tomatoes,
cucumbers – and most importantly, all of this is incredibly cheap. If we make a
comparative analysis of prices in Kazakhstanand Georgia, Georgia wins. Kazakhstan is a
vast country having the whole periodic table in its bowels. Georgia is a
small country, is not rich with natural resources. But Georgia has a
great nature and a very mild climate, people here harvest three crops a year,”
Mr.  Ertysbayev shared.

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AN-72 successfully lands on ground in Balkhash, Kazakhstan

Pilots of the military
transport aircraft landed successfully on a dirt runway of the Balkhash aerodrome.
The landing took place in accordance with the plan of combat training,
reports citing the Press Service of the Ministry of Defense.

Orynbasar Zhunusov, military
transport aviation colonel, was a pilot of this AN-72. One notes that landing
on a dirt ground has its own characteristics. So, one should take into account
the length of the runway, the strength of the soil, surface irregularities,
weather conditions, particularly rainfall and the lack of marking and weight of
the load.

“Testing of landing on
unpaved runways allows you to extend the possibility of using military
transport aircraft for the Air Forces of Kazakhstan for the delivery of troops
and cargo,” the Press Service of the Ministry of Defense said.