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BAA/ASG News Overview

22nd of July, aviation training centre Baltic Aviation Academy received
Certificate of the Cabin Crew Initial Training organisation, which was issued
by the Civil Aviation Administration of the Republic of Lithuania (CAA). Under
the Certificate the training centre is now approved to provide Initial Cabin
Crew training course according to EASA regulations.

July 29th a group of Baltic Aviation Academy’s
ATPL Integrated and CPL Modular students has graduated and received their ATPL
Frozen (CPL(A)/IR/ME + ATPL theory) licenses. Seven students moved to Baltic Aviation Academy’s training base in Lithuania for pilot training from Tajikistan, Kazakhstan,Russia, Ukraine, and Lithuania. They have spent past two
to three years working towards their first pilot milestone.

training centre Baltic Aviation Academylocated in Lithuania has
signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Transport and Telecommunication
Institute (TSI) from Latvia.
According to the signed document, both institutions have agreed to cooperate
and engage mutual efforts and practices in order to develop joint training
program for aviation professionals allowing enrolled students completing the
training program to obtain a combined university degree awarding joint
qualification of a pilot and an aircraft engineer.

training centre Baltic Aviation Academyfor the second year in the row is expanding its fleet by purchasing additional
multi-engine Tecnam P2006T. The second multi-engine aircraft will allow
students to complete MEP training in a faster and more efficient manner while
academy continues to grow and increase the number of students.

Baltic Aviation Academy, aviation training centre
located in Lithuania,
continued its tradition, and for the second year in a row participated at the
Finland Airshow 2015. This time, the biggest show in Finlandtook place at Helsinki-Malmi Airport and gathered
around 60,000 spectators to its huge display airshow and exhibition.

Baltic Aviation Academy, aviation training academy
announced new updates on their Boeing 737 full flight simulator. Working in
partnership with simulator maintenance experts – SimHelp, engineer installed
new updates to the Flight Management System (FMS) computer.

Baltic Aviation Academy, aviation training centre
located in Vilnius, Lithuania has invited all aviation
enthusiast and pilot profession seekers to participate at the last Open Door
Day in the aerodrome this summer. The event, which was held on August 22nd gave
an opportunity to all the attendees to check out the newly purchased
multi-engine Tecnam P2006T aircraft, as well as the rest of the fleet which is
used for the flight training.

ASG News Overview:

Maintenance Solutions (JET MS), a global provider of tailor-made MRO services
for business and regional aviation, which formerly operated under FL Technics
Jets brand, has announced receiving a new Bombardier Challenger 604/605
certificate which further extends its EASA Part-145 services. In addition, JET
MS has already welcomed the first two Challenger 605 aircraft at its
maintenance centre in Vilnius,

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Aviation changing aviation. How that happened?

counts more than a hundred years from the very first airplane made by Wright
brothers. And during these years it had improved and still improves with every
day. However, experience brings the greatest knowledge, and as sad as it gets –
aviation is exactly that field where real practice and experience builds the
greatest improvements. Therefore, many great improvements, which today are
absolutely normal for the aviation world, have been added only after sad or
even tragic occurrences. Let’s look through the most interesting ones.

We all
know that English – is official aviation language. However there is more than
just knowing the language. Different cultures, languages, dialects and lexicons
form a certain background, where same language can be used and understood
differently. After 1977 when two aircraft has collided on the runway at Tenerife Norte Airport (former Los Rodeos Airport) because of the miscommunication
between the pilots and ATC the standardized air traffic
control phraseology
has been established.

makes sense that fire detectors should be installed
inside the aircraft. However, it used to be that there were no such thing in
some places of the aircraft like lavatories or cargo holds . However, these are the exact places were the
accidents happened. In 1983 Air Canadaflight 797 was flying over Kentuckywhen the fire started behind the bathrooms. Even though pilots managed to make
an emergency landing, just half of the passengers got out on time. More than 10
years after this incident another fire had started in jet of ValuJet in Florida. The fire
started in a cargo hold from the chemical oxygen generators. One hundred and
ten people have died. As a result of that, fire detectors have been mandatory
in bathrooms and cargo holds since these accidents.

more than 100 000 flights per day are being conducted worldwide. Even though
usually we don’t see any other planes while flying that doesn’t mean that there
aren’t any. You probably all know, that to handle traffic with other planes there
are Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) implemented
in every aircraft. However it wasn’t like that before. Federal Aviation
Administration release first mandatory regulation only after aircraft collision
in 1986. That year a small Piper aircraft drifted into LAX airspace and
collided with a commercial DC-9. 72 people have been killed during this
accident. After this accident the Federal Aviation Administration required that
all jets in USairspace be equipped with the Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), and
required that light aircraft operating in dense airspaces be equipped with Mode
C transponders which can report their altitude. From that day TCAS systems has
been improved many times and is still used in every aircraft.

is no doubt that every aviation accident is painful and sad thing, however,
there are some of those occurrences that leaves a real deep scar in aviation or
even all society. This is exactly what caused the 9.11
terrorist attacks in 2001
. Actually it has influenced aviation in many
levels. First of all the airports’ security has been tightened up in so many
levels. A full body scan, liquid on board limitations, full
scan or check of the cabin baggage
, you even have to take off your
shoes while going through the security in order to make sure that none of the
dangerous things would be carried on board. After the 9.11 thousands and
thousands security personnel members has been employed to meet the increased
need of security.

after the 9.11 some changes have been done with cockpit door
. It has been changed to much more secure, having the code pads
which is required to be entered right in order to get into the cockpit. In
addition to that, after the code has been entered correctly, the pilot inside
has a right to decide whether person can enter the cockpit or not. If he
decides negatively – the door stays shut, and users’ who is trying to get in
account is frozen for 5 minutes. It looked really smart and secure decision for
many years. However, it only looked like it until another real occurrence with
Germanwings which once again proved that only the real experience can show all
the flaws.

all the facts mentioned above about the aviation safety, with every year it
keeps growing, leaving behind the transportation by cars, train, or ships and
still being the safest way to travel.

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Qazaq Air goes operational with first flight to Almaty tonight

Qazaq Air Company goes operational with its first flight to Almaty city.

first flight of Qazaq Air will depart from Astana international airport at 9:10
pm.  The flight time is 2 hours and 5 minutes, Kazinform refers to the
Civil Aviation Committee. The tariff for this route ranges from 9998 to
23999 tenge. Flights from Almaty to Astana will be carried out on a daily

airline’s fleet includes BombardierQ400 type aircraft with a capacity of 76/78
seats in economy class service.

from August 28 Qazaq Air will also launch its services from Almaty to Pavlodar, from Almaty to

Kazinform previously reported, Qazaq Air is a new regional air company for
serving domestic flights in Kazakhstan.
The company is owned by “Samruk-Kazyna” JSC. The company was
registered in April 2015.

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How will the airport in Petropavlovsk look like after its reconstruction?

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Contractors told about the reconstruction of the airport in Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan, the operation of which was
suspended due to violations, reported. One has found out that
after the reconstruction planes will fly from Petropavlovskto Russia and Germany.

One cannot see any planes at the airport in Petropavlovsk right now. Instead, there are excavators,
dump trucks, cranes, bulldozers, water trucks and other technical equipment. More
than 100 workers are involved in the reconstruction of the regional airport.

The K-Dorstroi Company, Astana,
, has
been involved in repair works since July 2015. This year, the project envisages
the extension, expansion and strengthening of the runway. “Now, we are working
on this. There is a leveling layer of the runway. The cost of work for 2015,
which is planned, comes to KZT 3.9 billion. In total, the contract involves the
funds amounting KZT 5.9 billion”, says Baiken Abdikarimov, Head of Production
Technical Department, a branch of K-Dorstroi JSC in the North-Kazakhstan region.

to him, the runway will be extended by 300 meters, making it to
be 2.8 kilometerslong in total. There are plans to expand it up to 60 meters. In addition,
contractors provide for the reconstruction of the passenger terminal as well. Repairs
will begin this year after the completion of the tender. As noted by the branch
of K-Dorstroi JSC, the end of the reconstruction is scheduled for December

Meanwhile, the leadership of the Passenger Transport and Highways
Department, North Kazakhstan Region, reported that there will be commercial
flights to Moscow, Minsk,
and even Hanover after the reconstruction of the
airport in Petropavlovsk.
Boeings and Airbuses will land on the runway here.

Recall,  the Civil Aviation Committee,Kazakhstan, suspended
operations of the airport in Petropavlovskfor violation of fire safety. Because of this,  the Airport’s certification was not prolonged/extended.
It took a few days for the airport to eliminate all these violations.

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Tomsk – Astana flights extended for October

SCAT Airlines, Kazakhstan,
has prolonged its flight en route Tomsk, RussiaAstana,
,  until October 21, 2015, the official website
of Tomsk airport informs.

“The flights # DV14 / DV13 will be operated on Wednesdays. The flight time
will be one hour and 50 minutes”, the Airport’s Press Service said.

From Astana, passengers can fly on SCAT Airlines’ connecting flights to Almaty,
Shymkent, Ust-Kamenogorsk,
Aktau, Taraz, Atyrau and Aktobe.

A full flight schedule is available on the official website of the
airport in Tomsk/Astana.

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Hungarian Wizz Air plans to resume flights to Azerbaijan

budget airline Wizz Air told Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) CJSC about its
intention to resume flights to Azerbaijanin March 2016, the press service of CJSC told Trend August 27.

of the sides on the resumption of flights of the Hungarian airline to Azerbaijan will
take place in the near future, AZAL said.

Azerbaijani side agreed to the implementation of flights by Wizz Air in March 2016,” the press-service
said. “It should be noted that the Azerbaijani side has repeatedly appealed to
Wizz Air with a proposal for implementation of flights in summer and winter of
2015, but received no response.”

flights between Baku and Budapestwere conducted in accordance with the memorandum of cooperation signed by the
civil aviation administrations of the two countries, but then Wizz Air stopped
implementation of flights to Baku.

resumption of flights between Baku and Budapest was postponed
for an indefinite term.

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Pegasus Airlines to fly to Azerbaijan

Airlines, a low-cost air carrier from Turkey,
received permission from Azerbaijanto operate its flights to this country, Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) CJSC told
Trend on Thursday.

to the AZAL’s Press Service, the Pegasus’ application to operate flights on theIstanbul – Gabala – Istanbul air route was approved, as well as
one has approved appropriate slots.

decision on the start of flights on this air route depends on the Turkish side.
It is also not excluded that one of the Turkish airlines will start operating
its flights to Lenkoran, Azerbaijan this winter. One should note
that regular flights between the two countries are approved by means of intergovernmental
agreements/treaties. The relevant treaty between the civil aviation authorities
of  Azerbaijanand Turkeywas signed in November 2014, and now, its conditions are met by both parties”, AZAL

The Press
Service also added that AZAL continues to work closely with Turkish Airlines that
flies to Baku,
Ganja and Nahichevan.

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Azerbaijan interested in Russia’s Mi-28

servicemen taking part in the MAKS-2015 air show in Russia have demonstrated interest
in Mi-28 combat helicopters, said from an unknown source, according to
Vedomosti newspaper.

Baku really shows
interest in these helicopters, though earlier this country was supplied with 24
combat helicopters Mi-25 of the older generation,” said the source, adding that
it is early to speak about the possibility of signing a contract.

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Duty-Free sales canceled at airports in EAEU/EEU for flights within the countries of this Union – State Customs Service of Kyrgyzstan

Duty-Free sales have been cancelled at airports located in the Eurasian
Economic Union (EEU), as regards the flights within the countries of this Union,
Azamat Sulaymanov, Deputy Chairperson, State Customs Service of Kyrgyzstan, said
at a briefing in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on August 27, 2015.

This is due to the fact that these flights have already been considered as
domestic ones and therefore they should not be maintained in operation without
the tax. Only the passengers who fly only to the third countries will be served
in the Duty-Free shops on their boarding passes, he said.

There is another innovation as well: within the customs territory of the
Eurasian Economic Union, there will be Duty-Free shops intended for diplomatic
staff, consulates, employees of international organizations and embassies.

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Air Kyrgyzstan sells its aircraft

Air Kyrgyzstanannounces on selling its Beechcraft Super King Air 350 aircraft.

airline reported the following information about this plane:

·       Model:

·       Production
date: December 17, 2008;

·       Aircraft
type: passenger business class;

·       Maximum
takeoff weight: 6,804 kg;

·       The
maximum altitude is 10,600

·       Cruising
speed: 487 km/h;

·       Conditions
for aircraft transfer: “where it is, as it is”;

·       Payment:
100% of pre-payment of the aircraft cost

offer should be made until 12:00 (Bishkek time) September 2, 2015. For further
information, please contact the airline at the following E-mail:

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