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Report preparation on A-321’s flight recorders to take up to a month


Preparation of a report on flight data recorders
of Russian crashed A321 will take from one to four weeks,
spokesman for the Egyptian government Hossam al-Kawish said Tuesday.

“Transcript work on the black boxes depends on the
technical condition in which they were found. Civil Aviation Minister
assured that the black boxes were found in good condition, thus the report
should be prepared in short period of time, from one
to four weeks,” Mr. Kawish told CBC News.

Mr. Kawish
also said that the commission for investigation of crashed Russian plane will
include experts from Egypt, Russia, France,Germany, Ireland, and a
representative of the company that operated the plane.

also criticized the decision of some airlines to stop flying over Sinai,
calling them unfounded and premature. “These decisions are made before the
results of the investigation by a highly professional international commission”,
the representative of the Government of Egypt said. He did not rule out that
such actions may have negative consequences for the tourism sector in Egypt.

Saturday, a Russian aircraft, carrying 217 passengers and seven crew members
crashed in the Sinai Peninsula en route from the Egyptian resort city
of Sharm El-Sheikh to St. Petersburg. All people
on board, including 25 children, were confirmed dead by Russian and
Egyptian authorities.

tragedy is the largest civilian aircraft disaster in Russian and Soviet

leading international airlines, such as Air France, Flydubai, Lufthansa, Air
Arabia and Emirates Airlines announced their decision to refrain from flying
over the Sinai Peninsula after the crash of
the Russian airliner.

Source – http://sputniknews.com/

BAA Training starts to provide training for UAV/UAS operators

Training, European standard aviation training center, is adding one more
business line to its wide service pool. Since this autumn, UAV/UAS pilot
training is now available at BAA Training. The company is set to prepare the
professional UAV/UAS operators, who would be fully qualified to work in the
commercial drones market as operators or similar UAV’s specialists.

unmanned aircraft market is currently one of the most promising and rapidly
growing markets in the world. Its quick expansion poses a serious demand for
the professionals who would be capable of safely operating all types of drones.
Being the aviation training centre, we are obligated to train professional
pilots and aviation personnel of many profiles, therefore, unmanned aircraft
training addition is our response to the aviation market changes and needs”,
notes Egle Vaitkeviciute, CEO at BAA Training.

brand new UAV/UAS Pilot Training course is designed for those wishing to engage
in commercial practice or simply learn how to operate a drone or the entire
unmanned aerial system properly. This course provides the knowledge and
practical skills that are necessary to safely and efficiently operate unmanned
aircraft for commercial and non-commercial flights under the Visual Line of
Site (VLOS) and Beyond Visual Line of Site (BVLOS) rules. Graduates will gain a
special BAA Training Remote Operator Certificate (ROC), which may facilitate
candidate the availability in applying for Permission for Aerial Work at
National Aviation Authority.

first group of students is planned to start the training on November 23rd. Those,
who are interested in this course, still have enough time to join it.

addition to UAV/UAS pilot training, BAA Training provides a full range of EASA
aviation training for the EASA countries, CIS, Middle Eastand Asia Pacific. The training solutions includes Ab Initio pilot training,
various type rating training courses, cabin crew, helicopter pilot training and
ground handling training courses.

Source – http://www.baatraining.com/

Air Manas cancels its flights to Dushanbe

Air Manas (brand name is Pegasus Asia), Kyrgyzstan,
has canceled its flights to Dushanbe,
, in
connection with the refusal of permission to operate flights.

According to the Kyrgyz Ministry of Justice, Ilgar Alptekin, a citizen
of Turkey,
is a head of this Air Company. It’s founders include a citizen of Kyrgyzstan Sayrabubu
Momunova, a company Pegasus Hava Tasimaciligi Anonim Sirketi, Turkey, and a
citizen of Kyrgyzstan Uran Niyazaliev. Passengers’ carriage by air transport is
the Company’s basic activity. The Airline passed its re-registration on April
14, 2014.

Source – http://www.tazabek.kg/

New flight from Dushanbe solemnly met at Manas International Airport

The first flight operated by the Tajik airline Somon Air en route Dushanbe, TajikistanBishkek, KyrgyzstanDushanbe was officially launched at Manas International Airport at 09:50p.m.,
local time, on October 30, 2015.

The plane with the crew and passengers on board was watered from fire
hoses thus creating a “water arch”, a beautiful tradition of meeting a new flight
for the airport. The official part was held in the VIP-hall of the Manas International Airport, where solemn
speeches were pronounced by the representatives of the airline and the
management of Manas International Airport OJSC.

“Somon Air has a reputation of a modern, progressive and reliable
airline. The opening of this flight will increase passenger flow and thus
contribute to the development of transport, logistics, trade, economic and
cultural relations between our countries. Our airport, in turn, will provide
all the necessary conditions for the stable functioning of Somon Air”, Mirlan
Begaliyev, Director, Bishkek Branch of Manas International Airport OJSC, said at
the opening.

“Today, we have taken the first
step towards further cooperation. The opening of this flight is to strengthen
the Kyrgyz-Tajik relations. The Air Company’s plans include development of our
airline and the increasing number of direct flights to the Kyrgyz Republic,
as well as transit flights through the country”, said Edzhas Khan, Commercial Director,
Somon Air.

The Somon Air’s international flight en route Dushanbe– Bishkek – Dushanbewill be operated twice a week, every Friday and Sunday. Return flights will be operated
on Saturday nights and on Mondays.

One should note that, to date, Tajik Air, the Tajik national air carrier,
as well as Air Traffic Company and Air Manas, Kyrgyz airlines, have been
operating their flights linking Dushanbeand Bishkek.

Source – http://www.24.kg/


Somon Air’s new flight to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, particularly pleases entrepreneurs

On November 30, 2015, Somon Air, a Tajik private airline, launched its new
flight from Dushanbe, Tajikistanto the capital of Kyrgyzstan– Bishkek.

This flight (Dushanbe – Bishkek segment) is
operated twice a week, on Fridays and Sundays, whereas the Bishkek – Dushanbe segment – on
Saturday nights and on Mondays.

Flight time is one hour and 20 minutes. The first flight on this new air
route was carried out by the air carrier on October 30th.

Passengers evaluated very positively the first flight of the airline. They
were particularly pleased with the ticket price, which is TJS 545 for one way and
TJS 760 for round-trip.

Especially Tajik businessmen who are involved in importing  Kyrgyz products into Tajikistan highly
appreciated this flight.

“This is especially convenient for us, as we can fly to Bishkek on
Friday night, on Saturday and Sunday, we complete our procurements and we can
fly home on Sunday night to go to work on Monday”, a young entrepreneur shared
his plans.

A press release issued by the Air Company reported that all flights will
be carried out on comfortable airplanes, Boeing-737. In addition, Somon Air
will please its passengers this season with the increased frequency of flights
on several air routes: DushanbeDubaiDushanbe flight will be increased up to three
flights per week, Dushanbe– Almaty – Dushanbe – up to three
flights a week. Also, the increased frequency of flights is expected for such
air routes, as DushanbeSt. PetersburgDushanbe (up
to three flights a week) and Khujand – St. Petersburg– Khujand (up to two flights a week).

At present, Somon Air operates its flights from Tajikistan to Germany, the UAE, Turkey, China, Russia and Kazakhstan.
The airline’s fleet includes Boeing 737-300, -800 and -900 aircraft.

Source – http://news.tj/

Qazaq Air launches its flights to Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan

Qazaq Air, registered in Kazakhstan, informs
that , starting from November 11, 2015, it will operate its regular domestic flights
on the following air routes: Almaty – Taldykorgan – Almaty and Astana –
Taldykorgan – Astana.

Almaty TaldykorganAlmaty







1, 3, 5





1, 3, 5



Air ticket prices are KZT 8,317+

Economy Class








1, 3, 5





1, 3, 5



Air ticket prices are KZT 16,553+

Economy Class

on these air routes will be operated three times per week, on Mondays (1),
Wednesdays (3) and Fridays(5).

Source – http://www.itplus.kz/