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Dassault delivers medical Falcon 2000LX to China

On 23
Dassault delivered a Falcon 2000LX business jet to Chinese
medical evacuation provider Beijing Red Cross Emergency Medical Center (999). The
large-cabin business jet – a former customer demonstrator – is the first
fixed-wing aircraft in Chinaequipped to perform air ambulance missions, according to the French airframer.

company fully outfitted a Falcon 2000LX airplane, the first wing aircraft in China fully
equipped to perform air medevac services. It is equipped with an electrical
patient loading system, a full medical suite, and an electrical power supply to
support a complete medical module. A stretcher with dedicated lighting, a
three-bottle oxygen supply and monitoring and analysis equipment are part of
the plan’s medical module.

devices including defibrillators, electrocardiographs, echographs and a blood
bank will also be able to assist patients transported by the plane.

says 999 was the first air medevac provider in China to launch a
“three-dimensional rescue package”, combining ambulances, helicopters
and fixed-wing aircraft. “In the decade it has been in operation,” it
continues, “999 has provided pre-hospital rescue and medical treatment
service for over 3 million patients.”

2000LX and its short-field stablemates, the LXS and S, are the latest of seven
different Falcon 2000 models that have been introduced by Dassault since the
first iteration 20 years ago. “Despite its long pedigree, the 2000 remains the
most popular business jet in its segment, with more than 550 units currently in
service worldwide,” the company says.

other medevac-configured 2000LXs are in service with the French air force’s ET
60 squadron – formerly dubbed ETEC.

2000LX is a modification of the Falcon 2000, differs from the previous (Falcon
2000EX) with the increased maximum range of 7,400 km at a speed of
Mach 0.80 and a best-in-class climb speed – 12,500 meters for 18
minutes. As regards jet fuel economy, Falcon 2000LX is the best in the class of
heavy jets. This means that in the case of intensive use of the aircraft the total
cost of the content will be significantly lower than the content of its competitors.
Falcon 2000LX received EASA and FAA certification in April 2009.

Source – https://www.flightglobal.com/

BAA Training signs Cadet Training contract

October 22nd BAA Training located in Lithuaniahas signed Ab initio Cadet Training partnership agreement with BayViet Aviation Academy from Vietnam. According
to the recently inked contract, a group of Cadets will be traveling to Lithuania as
early as spring of 2016 for flight training.

the years of operation in pilot training, we have realized that regulations
which academy operates under play the key role in the quality of graduates’
professionalism and preparation for the airline job. We also have well defined
aim to provide the Vietnam carriers with skilled and well prepared pilots, and
EASA pilot license is well known in the aviation world as a reliable option for
expertise in young pilots. This has made us turn toward EASA as a preferred
training standard and look for strong and reliable EASA approved partners”
commented the CEO of BayViet Capt. Nguyen Nam Lien.

BayViet Aviation Academy is a subsidiary of Vietnam
Airlines – Vietnamflag carrier; therefore, flight academy places major focus on the quality of
aviation training. The quality focus has led BayViet Aviation Academy to encourage
pilot Cadets to be trained according to the highly rated EASA regulations. After
the carefully performed EASA approved aviation academy market analysis, BayViet Aviation Academyhas signed the contract with BAA Training for the first mutual Cadet Pilot
training group.

Cadet Training partnership facilitates dual benefits on our aviation training
academy: it obliges us to remain the strong aviation solutions provider that we
have come to be and also opens up numerous opportunities as we continue
developing the relationships and building expertise in Pilot Cadet training”,
commented Egle Vaitkeviciute, CEO of BAA Training.

long-term contract between two aviation academies already has a group of
Vietnamese students working towards their EASA licenses, and is planned to
graduate the Ab Initio School in the third quarter of 2017.

About BayViet:

BayViet Aviation Academy also known as Viet Flight
training is Vietnambased approved training organization(ATO) founded in 2008. Bayviet is approved
by CAAV (Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam) to provide ATP Theoretical
course, MCC based on EASA standard and flight training in partnership with CAAV
approved flying schools for those who desire to become pilots.

Source – http://www.baatraining.com/

Uzbekistan Airways offers promotional prices for Samarqand flights

Uzbekistan Havo Yollari (Uzbekistan Airways) prolonged promotional
prices to air tickets for flights to Samarqand,
, till
December 27, 2015, the Air Company said in its statement.

the promotional campaign, passengers can buy their one way air tickets for EUR 18,
the Air Company stressed.

The Air
Company also informed that citizens of Uzbekistanwill pay for their air tickets in the national currency, soums, at the exchange
rate of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan,
set on the day of payment.

Source – http://www.uzdaily.uz/

18 flights delayed, six canceled in Almaty because of bad weather

18 flights are canceled in Almaty because of the bad weather.

As the
press service of the airport of Almaty informs, two flights from Almaty to Astana andUralsk have
been canceled. Flight to Semei, Astana (2), Atyrau and two international
flights – to Urumqi and Dubai are delayed.

Flights from Kostanai, Pavlodar, Astana
(4), Aktau, Shymkent, Semey and two international flights – from Beijing and Ashgabat to
Almaty delayed.

The temperature is -5 degrees Celsius in Almaty and the dense fog has
been covering Almaty since yesterday, November 26.

Source – http://new.inform.kz/