Uzbekistan Airways launches new A320 Full-flight simulator

Uzbekistan Airways launches new A320 Full-flight simulator

Uzbekistan Havo Yollari (Uzbekistan Airways) commissioned a new
Full-flight simulator of the Airbus A320 airplane.

Uzbek airline purchased the simulator from the CAE Company, Canada, which
produces aviation simulators.

simulator will help the Uzbek pilots to improve their skills in conditions
close to real and work on actions of the crew in special conditions.

Full-flight simulator of the Airbus A320 airplane was received in late August. Representatives
of Uzbekistan Airways and Canadian specialists are working on installation of
the simulator.

simulator is new product of the CAE. It is equipped with computers, movement
and visualization system. The crew cabin looks like cabin of A320. Its weight
is about 10 metric tons. After some tests, the State Aviation Supervision
Service gave permission to use it.

At the
first stage, Canadian experts will train eight Uzbek specialists, who will
ensure work of the simulator. First group of pilots of Uzbekistan Airways
started training with use of new simulator.

We note
herein that technical equipment of the Uzbekistan Airways’ training complex allows
the national airline to carry out simulator training exercises for not only its
own flight personnel, but also such training and retraining are offered to
pilots of foreign airlines. Currently, training complex of the Uzbek airline
has training apparatus of Boeing-757/767, A320 and IL-114-100. After
installation of the Full-flight simulator of the Airbus A320 airplane,
Uzbekistan Airways will have all necessary base for training and re-training of
pilots for A320 without attracting foreign educational establishments.

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