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Kazakh Air Astana not to be privatized

Astana, the Kazakh national carrier, will not be put up for privatization, the
Ministry of Investment and Development of Kazakhstan said on Thursday.

for the sale of the airline are not carried out, the report says.

to the Ministry, Air Astana is the only Kazakh airline, having access to
flights to Europe. In accordance with the
intergovernmental Air Communication Treaty, if Kazakhstan does not have the right
to substantial ownership and effective control of the airline, it would
restrict the right for Air Astana to operate international flights to foreign

report noted that Air Astana is a large profitable company, which does not need
financial support from the state.

When speaking
on November 30th with a message to the nation, the President
Nursultan Nazarbayev ordered the Government to develop a privatization program
to include all organizations that are in the state property, including the ones
controlled by such holding companies, as Samruk-Kazyna, Baiterek and KazAgro.

Astana has been flying since 2002 and, currently, it has an air fleet of 30
planes of western production, industrial average age of them is 5.7 years. The Airlines’
air route network includes more than 60 international and regional

The Air
Astana’s shareholders include Kazakhstan’s
Samruk-Kazyna National Welfare Fund (51 per cent) and the British company BAE

Source – http://www.trend.az/

AZAL strengthens measures to prevent swine flu entry in Azerbaijan

Airlines CJSC (AZAL) strengthens measures to prevent penetration of swine flu
virus from Iran to Azerbaijan by
air transport, AZAL told Trend.

this end, AZAL has prepared newsletters for its employees including those
working on the BakuTehranBaku flights entitled
“The First Symptoms of Swine Flu”.

one has brought to the attention of employees, these measures and procedures to
be taken when confronted with similar symptoms”, AZAL said.

the last three weeks, 40 people have already died of the swine flu in Iran.

The State
Customs Committee of Azerbaijan transferred into enhanced mode due to detection
of swine flu in neighboring Iran.
For a while, no any crosses of the state border by the persons with swine
influenza have been identified, the Committee told.

The Azerbaijani
Health Ministry instructed the heads of medical institutions to prepare for the
emergence of swine flu infection in connection with the spread of the disease
in Iran.

Source – http://www.trend.az/

Azerbaijan to use own drones in agriculture

ministry of agriculture of Azerbaijan intends to use special unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to help farmers in the
irrigation of crops, AZ Dynamics company told Trend.

AZ Dynamics
is an Azerbaijani company that produced drones of various capabilities for
local needs.

company said drones will be equipped with a special sensor to scan the fields
and select the optimum altitude for uniform spraying of water or fertilizers,
according to the company.

flight mode is provided in the UAV, so there is no need in the remote control,”
the company said.

enough to indicate the trajectory and the coordinates of the area on the map. At
present, the possibility of the supply of drones for the ministry of
agriculture of Azerbaijanis considered, which will use them for the needs of farmers.”

Source – http://en.trend.az/

Apogee opens Tashkent FBO facilities

Apogee, a Dubai provider of ground
handling, announces the start of its works at the airport in Tashkent,Uzbekistan (Tashkent Yuzhny Airport),
where the company opened its office. It is expected that Apogee will focus on
business aviation flights.

In just a few years, Apogee has well proven in the aviation market and
gained fame through the organization of ground handling services in the CIS, as
well as services for obtaining permits for extended flights.

“Many European and American operators trust us, as regards  care of their flights starting from
resolutions up to rugs for passengers, when relying on the expertise and
foresight of our dispatchers and ground supervisors. Despite the fact that the
territory of the former Soviet Union remains a
major area of
​​our specialization, more and more operators in other countries, too, are
turning to us for help knowing the high level of our work. To date, the
strongest regions for Apogee in addition to the CIS countries include Europe,
Middle East, Asia and Africa. Also, we can
easily arrange care for your flight anywhere in the world”, Apogee said.

Apogee also explained that permission to use the airspace of the
countries along the air route should be received before the physical border
crossing. The procedures and delays in obtaining permits for flight and landing
in different countries are different, due to the rules and laws of each
particular country. Not knowing the intricacies and specific procedures in
specific countries often leads to the inability to obtain permits in time, and
as a result, delays or cancellations of flights. Often the process is further
complicated by a language barrier between the operator and representatives of
the Civil Aviation Authority of the state. Apogee has gained international fame
thanks to the ability to obtain all necessary permits as soon as possible.

Source – http://www.bizavnews.ru/


SITA acquires IT-innovator Type22, Netherlands

the world’s leading specialist in air transport communications and IT
solutions, today announced the acquisition of private company Type22, a market
innovator that is driving the development of self-service bag drop solutions. The
company founded in 2006, is based in Delft,
The Netherlands.

acquisition will strengthen SITA’s position as market leader of end-to-end
technology solutions that enhance the passenger experience. The Type22 self bag
drop portfolio, including Scan&Fly and Drop&Fly, will complement SITA’s
suite of intelligent airport IT solutions designed to improve the entire
passenger process from curb to arrival hall, resulting in reduced costs and
improved customer service.  

Violante, CEO of SITA, said: “SITA has been providing its ‘Self BagDrop’
solution since 2010 with several successful deployments worldwide. According to
SITA’s 2015 Airport IT Trends Survey, 62% of passengers will use
self-service bag drop by 2017. Recognizing the tremendous potential in the
market made acquiring Type22 a logical next step that will make us leaders in
self-service bag drop integrated with common-use systems. The addition of
Type22’s product portfolio and expertise will provide SITA’s customers with
automated self-service bag drop solutions that are perfect for both new airport
terminals as well as retrofitted into existing desk environments.”

Reijnen, Managing Director of Type22, said: “At Type22 we have been entirely
focused on self-service bag drop solutions since 2011 and our team has the
technical experience as well as a keen understanding of the needs of the
customer. With an established strong customer base in Europe and Asia, we look forward to continued growth in these and
other markets adding to the SITA success story.”  

will continue to develop Type22’s products and will provide support for all
Type22’s existing customers.  Members of Type22’s staff will remain
located in Delft,
The Netherlands.

Source – http://www.sita.aero/

Air Bishkek delays its flight because of Airbus A320 breaking parts after its arrival from Moscow – the head of the Civil Aviation Agency

The Civil Aviation Agency of Kyrgyzstan shall decide on organization of
the flight for the passengers from the city of Osh,
as they can not fly with Air Bishkek en route Osh– Bishkek,  Ermek Omuraliev, CEO, Civil
Aviation Agency, told Turmush News Agency, Kyrgyzstan.

Резюме нового директора Агентства гражданской авиации КР Эрмека Омуралиева - Tazabek

According to him, explanatory work is conducted with passengers. “Representatives
of the Air Company and Osh International Airporttry to find free seats on flights of other airlines. Yesterday, December 9th,
at 07:25p.m., local time, Air Bishkek’s passengers could not depart at night fromOsh due to a
technical problem. At around 11:00p.m., we met with the passengers, organized
meals. Then, we found a plane belonged to Kyrgyzstan Airlines, after which, the
passengers had to fly at 02:30a.m., but due to bad weather, the flight was
again delayed. When the weather improved, the passengers took off at 04:30a.m.
and at 05:20a.m., the plane landed in Osh.
A total of 168 passengers were supposed to fly with this flight but some of
them handed over their air tickets and only 65 passengers took off from early in
the morning today. The Airbus A320 plane belonged to Air Bishkek, after its arrival
from Moscow,
had a breakdown. One needed a detail from abroad, on its delivery, at least,
one day is required. Representatives of the company after the delay of
yesterday’s flight immediately announced the postponement of the flight for today
at 06:00p.m. We said that we can not tolerate 24-hour delay”, Mr.  Omuraliev said.

Regarding delays of the Air Company’s morning flight, the CEO of the Civil
Aviation Agency said that one is considering an issue to attract the BAe aircraft
belonged to Air Traffic Company, Kyrgyzstan. “We must also solve the
issue regarding the crew and passengers. In addition, there is an option to
attract an aircraft of Kyrgyzstan Airlines. The aircraft has to make a flight
to Surgut, Russia,
and then there is a “window” and they can operate Osh – Bishkek flight. Now, negotiations are
underway”, he said.

Later, Mr. Omupaliev said that the issue with the breakdown of the
aircraft has been resolved. “At 03:00p.m., one has re-scheduled flight on the Bishkek
Osh air route
to carry yesterday’s passengers and, at 04:30p.m.. local time, one has re-scheduled
flight en route Osh– Bishkek to carry this morning’s passengers”, he said.

Source – http://www.turmush.kg/


Air Bishkek Airlines about current situation with flight departure delays

When preparing for the
A320 aircraft to operate its domestic flight #217 en route Bishkek – Osh on
December 09, 2015, at 06:45p.m., local time, fault was detected in the
hydraulic system, and, because of this, the aircraft was stopped to correct the
problem and, as a result, there was a delay in Air Company’s scheduled flights
for December 09 – 10, 2015.

In order to promptly
address the issues related to passengers of the scheduled flights, we have
taken the following steps:

1) The flight #217
scheduled on December 09, 2015, was moved to 11:00p.m. In this regard, the
passengers who were in the waiting facilities of the airport were provided with
hot tea and hot meals. Later, some of these passengers were carried by  Bishkek – Osh flight at 04:36a.m. on December 10, 2015.
The rest of the passengers will be carried by the flight #233 re-scheduled for
December 10, 2015, to be operated at 03:00p.m. and 06:00p.m., local time.

2) As of 12:00a.m. December
10, 2015, troubleshooting of the hydraulic system has been completed and, as
planned, the passengers of delayed flights en route Bishkek – Osh –Bishkek will be carried by the Air
Bishkek aircraft according to the following flight schedule:

Flight Number and Destination


Departure/arrival time (local)

233 Bishkek – Osh

December 10, 2015

03:00p.m. – 03:40p.m.

234 OshBishkek

December 10, 2015

04:20p.m. – 05:00p.m.

233 BishkekOsh

December 10, 2015

06:00p.m. – 06:40p.m.

The Air Company’s Call Center telephoned passengers about flight delays.

Further, all flights of Air Bishkek run on schedule.

Air Bishkek apologizes to all passengers for
these inconveniences.

Source – http://www.airbishkek.kg/

Uzbekistan Airways may purchase Airbus Neo


Uzbekistan Airways is considering the acquisition of a new line of the
Airbus A320 Neo family, Uzbekistan Airlines told Sputnik.

In 2016, anumber of airlines in the world will begin a broad commercial use of aircraft
of this type, and the data collected will show how it will be effective, and
hence, necessary for Uzbekistan Airways.

Developers say that Airbus Neo, as compared to the base model, jet fuel
consumption is reduced by 15%, while range and payload are increased. In
addition, harmful emissions are reduced by 8%, and noise level – by 10%.

“Currently, we operate ten well-proven medium-range A320s. Therefore, we
study the question of the possible acquisition of new models of Airbus,
designed to replace Boeing-757s, which will be over 20 years old in 2021-2022”, the Air Company said.

According to this source, the Air Company has a hard and fast rule for taking
out of operation the passenger planes with their lifetime exceeding 20 years.
Therefore, there are plans to convert some aged Boeing-757s for cargo
transportation, especially since Uzbekistan Airways has already had a similar
experience. Last year, two Uzbek Boeing-767s were modified in this way at the
aircraft repairs center in Singaporebelonged to Sasco Company.

“Naturally, after the decommissioning of these planes, they will have to
be replaced, and the best choice is A320 Neo. As a result, we will get a rise
in fuel efficiency by nearly 70% at the same range ability and passenger load
capacities. In addition, the entire cabin ergonomics in them remains the same –
to be very easy to retrain pilots and engineers”, the source said.

Another important factor is that a special hangar will be built in the territory of Uzbekistan Airways Technics after a few
years, as it will be suitable for maintenance of such aircraft, the
construction of which uses composite materials. This hangar will be operated
for 50 years and is designed for simultaneous technical maintenance of two
Boeing 787 Dreamliners and four A320 Neos.

Source – http://ru.sputniknews-uz.com/