Kazakh airlines obliged to pass IOSA audit in 2016

Kazakh airlines are obliged to pass the IOSA audit since January 1, 2016
to carry out regular flights, carriers, and this procedure will cost US $60,000
to air carrier instead of millions of US dollars, as previously reported in the
media, according to Tengrinews.kz. Airlines assured one would not expect increasing
the cost of air tickets in this regard.

All this time, the airlines were audited voluntarily, but now the
situation has changed, as this procedure has become mandatory for all companies.
In 2013, the Civil Aviation Committee of Kazakhstan announced to all the
airlines that pass of the IOSA audit will be mandatory since 2015, but the
procedure was postponed for a year.

For Kazakhstan,
this is a necessary measure, which primarily would oblige air carriers to
comply with international safety standards, including 872 requirements. Based
on the 2014 data, the rate of incidents of airlines in the IOSA register is lower
the overall ranking by three times.

“IOSA has helped at least 400 airlines worldwide to improve their
operational safety, as well as reduce the number of necessary bilateral audits
required to enter into commercial agreements with other carriers. After Air
Astana that held such an audit for the first time in 2007, now, SCAT Airlines has
become the second air carrier in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which has
received an IOSA certificate. This is an indicator of the growth of the level
of safety in civil aviation of the Republicof Kazakhstan as a whole”, said Jordan
Karamalakov, Regional Manager of IATA in Kazakhstan.

A few days ago, the media said that the passage of the audit can cost
millions of dollars, and Kazakh carriers do not have such money. And
certification will be another obstacle to the development of the civil aviation
sector. SCAT Airlines and Air Astana disagree with this opinion.

“Officially, the cost of the IOSA audit for an airline is US $ 60,000,
and we believe that this figure is absolutely justified, since passing the
audit, the air company receives a thorough report on the processes within the
structure and detailed recommendations for harmonization of the identified
deficiencies”, said Victoria Ulyanova, PR Director, SCAT Airlines. “Unfortunately,
not all companies can undergo a rigorous audit process, as it requires a fairly
long and laborious preparation stage, without which it is impossible to pass
the audit, even for the money”.

According to IATA official figures as of December 9, 2015, 404 world’s
airlines are in the register of IOSA, including the following Kazakh airlines:
Air Astana – IOSA operator, SCAT Airlines – IOSA operator, Comlux-KZ – operator
of ISSA (standard safety assessment for aircraft with a maximum take-off mass
not exceeding 5,700 kilos), The state airline called Berkut passed its IOSA
audit in 2015, and the registration process should be completed by October

 “In our view, this is an
excellent result nowadays. For this, Kazakhstan has been preparing since 2013,
and, at that time, all airlines were informed about the introduction of the
rules of mandatory certification since January 1, 2015, and last year, the date
was moved for another year, which was given to our air carriers as the
additional time”, Mrs. Ulyanova added.

Successful completion of IOSA certification will allow the companies to
enter into interline agreements with other airlines. That is to sell the flights
of its partners, thus significantly increasing their air route network. Also,
the air route network of airlines will be significantly increased due to code
sharing agreements. This is an agreement on joint operation of flights by two
or more airlines, one of which flies, and another one sells air tickets for
these flights.

Mandatory certification of IOSA is to accelerate the withdrawal of Kazakhstanand Kazakh airlines from the so-called “black list” of the European Union.
Meanwhile, Air Astana has reaffirmed the compliance with international
standards of safety, successfully passed the next fifth audit on operational
safety of the International Air Transport Association, IOSA (IATA Operational
Safety Audit). Previously, the airline passed IOSA audit in 2007, 2009, 2011
and 2013.

“During the last audit that was conducted in May 2015, one carried out
an independent audit of documentation and about 1,000 standards and IOSA recommended
practices in all areas of the air carrier’s industrial activities, including
the organizational structure and management of the air company, flight
operation, flight control and dispatch service, engineering -maintenance of aircraft,
flight safety, aircraft ground handling, cargo transportation and aviation
security. The audit was performed by an international audit company, AQS. One should
emphasize that since the third edition, the operating security standards
include elements of the ICAO Safety Management System”, the Press Service told.
The next audit for the Air Company will take place in 2017.

Currently, virtually all European airlines meet the standards of IOSA,
and the rules of some countries including Latin America, Brazil, Costa Rica,Egypt, Mexico, Turkey,Chile,
etc. include a mandatory IOSA certification for airlines.

Source – http://tengrinews.kz/


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