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Almaty residents offered to fly for free to Borovoye, Kazakhstan

www.Chocotravel.com, a website
selling air tickets, and the Kazakhstan’s
national airline, Air Astana, continue their action when any passer-by can
suddenly fly to meet some adventures. Five Kazakhs have already unexpectedly visited
Astana, Almaty, Shymkent, Aktau and Kazan. At this time, one had to find a
person for a trip to Borovoye,

“Our flight was leaving at six in the morning, so it meant this person was
to be found at about
​​two in the morning to have time to get to the airport”, Nikolai
Mazentsev, manager of the www.Chocotravel.comwebsite, tells. “The problem is that at this time the streets of our city are
deserted and passers-by in this time of the day try to meet other passers-by as
little as possible on their way. So we decided to go to a bar or a nightclub for
such a man”.

In the bar, the crew faced with another problem, as there were more
people there than we needed. If you normally search for a man of the program during
several hours, the tipsy crowd of The Rocket bar was fairly easy to contact. As
a result, we decided to take a lady named Aziza, who worked as a waiter in this
institution. She had never been in Borovoye, moreover, she had never flown in
an airplane.

 “Aziza was fairly light coat, and
the air temperature down below twenty degrees Celsius in Borovoye,” Alexey
Rudnev,  Programme Director, shares his
impressions. “Along the way, it turned out, that Aziza has a sister in the
capital city, so she could fetch down a jacket and a winter cap, and, when
being at the resort, we had to buy a warm tracksuit for her”.

A Rixos Borovoe five-star hotel was responsible for a meeting and
cultural program at the resort. They settled the lady in the presidential
suite, arranged skating on balloons, ATV and snowboard on the frozen Shchuchye Lake for her. Besides, Aziza visited all
the memorable places, plenty knurled dog and reindeer-driven sledges, and also
visited the residence of Santa Claus.

As usual, the project is organized with minimal marketing budget. In
addition to www.Chocotravel.com and
Air Astana, the permanent partners include an AnyKey Studio, KazCom Bank and Tengrinews
portal. In the near future, the organizers promise to find a new “hero” to fly

Source – http://tengrinews.kz/

Turkish Airlines cancels 142 flights for December 30 – 31, 2015 because of heavy snowfall

Because of heavy snowfall, Turkish Airlines has canceled 142 flights for
December 30-31, 2015, according to RIA Novosti, Russia,
with reference to Dogan News Agency, Turkey.

“Dear passengers, forecasted light snowfall, which will begin in Istanbul on December 30thwill increase on December 31st. For this reason, some flights from/toIstanbul’s Ataturk International Airportand Sabiha Gokcen International Airport have been canceled”,
the Air Company informed.

One reported that on Wednesday, December 30, the Air Company canceled its
flights from Sofia, Ankara and Bishkek. No flights will be operated
to Ankara, Sofia,Tehran and Bishkek.

On Thursday, December 31st, one canceled flights to Kazan, Kabul, Milan, Baku, Venice, Bologna, Hamburg, Munich, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Skopje,Sarajevo, Zurich,Riga, Tbilisi,
Bishkek, Cologne, Tel Aviv, Lisbon,Tallinn, Stuttgart,Kuwait and Rotterdam.

Source – http://www.vb.kg/

69-year-old resident of Almaty was three millionth passenger of Manas International Airport

The Manas
International Airport Open Joint Stock Company served its three millionth
passenger on December 30th, and this was a citizen of Kazakhstan.

Aidan, a 69-year-old resident of Almaty, Kazakhstan, was a lucky passenger of the departing
flight en route Bishkek, KyrgyzstanGroznyi,Russia, that was operated by
Avia Traffic Company, Kyrgyzstan.

Busurmankulov, Director of Board, Investment and Infrastructure Development Department, congratulated the three millionth passenger
and gave gifts and Manas International Airport’s
branded watches. In addition, the Airline presented two free air tickets to him
for the Bishkek – Grozniy – Bishkek air route.

are very pleased that we served the three millionth passenger, in addition to a
significant time – the New Year’s Eve. The team of Manas International Airport is happy and
proud with this good achievement. We will build a ramp and increase passenger
flows. In the future, we hope we will serve a four millionth passenger”, he

lucky passenger also shared with his impressions.

 “I am very happy and surprised with such an
event. I fly a lot , but this is the first time what happened with me. I live
in Almaty, but I very often, about 4 times a year, fly through the Manas International Airport. I like to fly
through your airport, service and quality of service is good and prices are
much cheaper. Accept my thanks to the Manas International Airport and Avia Traffic
Company”, he told.

Reference: Passenger traffic through the
airports belonged to Manas International Airport OJSC is increasing annually.
If in 2012, across all 11 airports of the country one transported 1,893,033
passengers, in 2013, there were 2,420,253.

2015, the total number of flights served totaled to more than 28,000, including
over 18,000 international and 8,800 domestic ones.

Manas International Airport OJSC continues to work actively to attract new
airlines to cooperate, expanding air route network, and increasing the
frequency of flights. This year, several new destinations were launched, namely
Bishkek – New Delhi – Bishkek, Samara – Bishkek – Samara, St. Petersburg –
Bishkek – Saint Petersburg, Bishkek – Krasnodar – Bishkek, Antalya – Bishkek –
Antalya and others.

Source – http://www.24.kg/