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SSJ for Kazakhstan’s State Border Service makes its first flight

A Sukhoi Superjet 100 designed for the State Border Service of
Kazakhstan made its first flight from the plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia,
on February 25, 2016. According to,
this was the 101st SSJ aircraft with its serial number 95096 and
97002, as a temporary registration.

As previously reported by BizavNews, according to the public procurement
website, since the middle of August 2015, there has been an open request for
proposals for the customization of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft for the Kazakhstan’s
State Border Service (with its superior interior to equip the RRJ-95 aircraft for
the State Border Service of Kazakhstan).

According to the annex to the technical requirements, the passenger
cabin is designed to carry up to 59 people. The passenger cabin is divided into
five zones including the front service area, the first, second, third cabin and
the rear service area. There are plans that the interior of the “first passenger”
will be equipped with two swing-out chairs, two tables and a sofa, whereas the business-class
has 12 seats and the economy class contains 45 seats.

Also, the specifications stipulate that the passenger cabin shall provide
some place to install satellite communications systems and Internet on board.
In addition, there are plans to install a passenger entertainment system on
board including AirShow, 22-inch monitors, quietest headphones, DVD and a BLu-Ray
player, USB ports and personal remote controls.

Currently, the foundation of the air fleet of the Kazakhstan’s State Border
Service includes such aircraft, as Antonov An-72/74, Tu-154, Tu-134AK,
AN-30A-100, An-26, Yak-40 and Mi-8AMT (MI-171 / MI-172).

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Embraer shows its new E190-E2 aircraft

the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, presented the first copy of its new Embraer
E190-E2 built aircraft. The show took place on February 25, 2016, at the
company’s plant in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

new airliner is an improved version of the popular Embraer 190 aircraft
equipped with the latest PW1900G engines, specially designed by Pratt & Whitney, Canadafor this type of aircraft.

The first
flight of Embraer E190-E2 is expected in the second half of 2016, while supplies
of these planes should begin in 2018.

A remotorization
program called “E2” that was launched in 2013, will affect two more models,
namely Embraer-175 and Embraer-190.
the new configuration, these aircraft will be marked as
E175-E2 (start of operation is scheduled for 2019) and E190-E2 (deliveries to
be started in 2020). Currently, the Brazilian manufacturer has orders for 640 E2-grade
aircraft (267 firm and 373 provisional orders).

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Geographical student expansion changes the face of the academy


end of February marked the beginning of Ab Initio ATPL Integrated and PPL
license training courses for the new group of students at BAA Training. European
standard flight training school welcomed a very multicultural group that is
comprised of students from New Zealand,Bulgaria, France, Taiwan,Iran, Latvia, and the Netherlands. The age of the
students range from 18 to 44 years and they all arrived to the aviation academy
to fulfill their own dreams and goals.

type of geographical student expansion is a positive sign of academy’s growth
both quality and market share vise. “We are happy to welcome such cultural,
national, and age diversity to our aviation academy as this proves the power of
aviation to break any boundaries and the desire to follow the dreams ignoring
the age or any other social standards”, commented Ms. Indre Sveistryte,
Director of Ab Initio School at BAA Training.

students who enrolled in ATPL Integrated course are the first ones to be
eligible to receive BAA Training scholarship which has been planned and
introduced to the public late last fall. “This group is particularly important
for us because one of them will be granted with BAA Training scholarship for
the outstanding academic achievements. This is our flight school’s attempt to
prepare motivated professionals for the aviation industry by helping and
incentivizing those who are talented and want to achieve greatness”, resumed
Ms. Indre Sveistryte.

new group of students chose ATPL Integrated or PPL license courses for airplanes,
however, some of the PPL (A) students will continue to pursue their commercial
pilot licenses by completing full CPL Modular course. All these students by the
end of the summer will already undergo their first solo flights. Currently,
academy is a home for almost 120 students from 33 countries who are enrolled in
ATPL Integrated, CPL Modular, PPL (A) and PPL (H) courses, as well as Aviation
Management and Engineering Science in Aviation Transport and pilot license
degree programs.

Training is an international aviation training center, is entirely consistent
with the European standards of training for aviation professionals. The company
offers an experience of tailor-made training programs, combined with the
personal care of each client.

Training is located in Lithuania,
and it has more than 20 years of experience in the field of aviation training. The
company’s roots date back to 1938, when the Aviation Training Department of Lithuanian
Airlines was established. As a complement to the training base in the central building,
BAA Training offers its training in different countries of Europe, CIS and Asia.

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Two flights cancelled and four delayed in Astana

flights are cancelled in Astana and four flights are delayed due to weather

As of
7.44 am, a flight from Almaty to Astana and a flight from Astana to Almaty are
cancelled. Two flights of Air Astana from Uralskto Astana a flight from Astana to Uralsk and two
flights of China Southern Airlines from Urumqito Astana and from Astana to Urumqiare delayed.

The weather in Astana is foggy, the temperature is 0-+2 degrees Celsius.

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Thermal imagers installed at Uzbek airports to reveal infected people

Картинки по запросу аэропорт тепловизор фото

measures are being conducted in Uzbekistan to prevent dangerous infections, including Zika virus, to appear and spread
throughout the country, Dilorom Tursunova, deputy head of the State Department
of Sanitary-Epidemiological Surveillance of the Uzbek Ministry of Health, said.

thermal imagers have been installed at all international airports, railway
stations and customs posts to reveal infected people,” Tursunova told
reporters Feb. 26.

said that Zika virus has not been revealed in Uzbekistan.

disease caused by Zika virus refers to transmissible viral infections
transmitted by Aedesaegypti mosquitoes in tropical areas. The first cases of
the disease were fixed in European countries.

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Georgia to have new airline soon

airline Air Georgia will
operate on Georgia‘s
aviation market, Georgia-Online reported.

Air Georgia will
operate in the field of business aviation. It will be based at the Tbilisi international

and comfortable six-seat business jets will make flights in the direction of
all countries of Europe and Asia from March 1.
The prices will be quite affordable.

service package includes transfer and VIP-services.

In the
future, the airline intends to increase the fleet.

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Air Astana explains the rules of carriage of lithium batteries

Air Astana, Kazakhstan, announces that in order
to ensure safety, spare lithium batteries, rechargeable batteries and their
components, as well as electronic smoking devices may only be carried in hand

Transportation of the above items in checked baggage is permitted only
if the batteries, accumulators and their elements are securely packed and
terminals are isolated from the circuit.

Please note that the carriage of small personal motorized vehicles
powered by lithium batteries, is totally prohibited in all types of luggage.

Examples of such vehicles are presented below:

(a gyro-scooter);

(a scooter);

(a unicycle gyro-scooter);


(a compact electric monocycle) and other similar items listed above.

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Second plane crashes in Nepal in two days

The second airliner belonged to Kasthamandap Air crashed in the
mountains of
Nepalin two days. According to the Associated Press, there were 11 people on board.
Before the crash, the aircraft had some technical problems.

One noted that the crash site is in a remote area – the way to the
nearest town takes at least four hours.

On February 24, 2016, the plane carrying  23 people crashed in Nepal, all of
them were killed.

Since 2013, all Nepalese airlines have been banned flight operations to the
European Union countries for security reasons.

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Astana International Airport to be expanded in anticipation of EXPO-2017

The authorities of Astana, Kazakhstan, has a plan to expand the Astana International Airport on the eve of the
EXPO-2017 international specialized exhibition, according to Malik Bekturova,  Manager, Business and Industry Department,

She noted that by the end of the Q3 2016,  one will complete the construction of new
roads leading to the location of the EXPO. Also, one will complete the
construction of thermal power plants and energetic stations.

“We will also expand our existing airport to increase its carrying capacity
up to 1,775 passengers per hour in order to create the best conditions for
tourists. However, we will build a new rail terminal”, Mrs. Bekturova said at
the second meeting for international exhibitors.

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AZUR Air’s aircraft makes emergency landing in Tashkent

EN route from Moscow to Thailand is the Boeing 767-300 made an emergency landing in Tashkent. According to preliminary data, the aircraft of the airline Air Azur with 327 passengers on Board made an emergency landing at 03:38 Moscow time after activation of the sensor of low oil level in the engine.

A Boeing-767-300
aircraft belonging to AZUR Air, Russia,
made an emergency landing in Tashkent,
, at 05:38a.m.
on February 26, 2016. This plane was flying en route from Moscowto Thai island of
, the Press Service
of the Russian West Siberian Transport Prosecutor’s Office reported.

were 327 passengers on board the aircraft. According to preliminary
information, the Boeing-767-300 made this emergency landing in Tashkent after activation of the sensor of
low oil level in the engine.

the Airline plans to provide two reserved Boeing 757-300s to send the
passengers to their destination at 04:00p.m. Tashkent time.

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