Manas International Airport expands its airport building


The Manas International Airport, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan,
works towards expansion of the passenger service areas due to the increase in
passenger air traffic and to enhance comfort level for air passengers.

The Manas
International Airport (MIA) Open Joint Stock Company (OJSC) has decided to
develop the airport building (AB) in a westerly direction, taking into account
constraints of the building and development of the capital city’s airport. So, as
regards the administrative body frame of AB-2 built in 2005 to the main building
of the Manas International Airport,
it was decided to restructure it under the airport terminal with halls for international

one has already finished work to re-profile and expand the extension of the administrative
building to the main building of the Manas airport to create a terminal with departure
halls for international airlines. One has completed works to reinforce bearing
structures of the building and roofing. The design work on the ventilation, air
conditioning and heating for AB-1 and AB-2 (two airport terminals) have been
completed as well. Also, one has completed work to decorate stained glass
facades (exterior decoration) for the AB-2.

It is necessary
to build a transformer substation to provide with full operation of these two buildings.

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