The Law does not allow rewarding Bek Air’s pilots – Mr. Suleymanov

На месте приземления. Фото очевидцев.

The Kazakh legislation does not allow to reward Bek Air’s pilots who  successfully landed their plane without front
landing gear at the airport in Astana,
, Zhangeldy
Suleymanov, well-known Kazakh lawyer, wrote on his page on Facebook, according
to Having examined the Law on state awards, Mr. Suleymanov came
to the conclusion that the pilots’ feat does not fit into any of them.

According to Mr. Suleymanov, according to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan“On State Awards of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, Kazakh
citizens are awarded by state awards for recognition of their services to the country
for fruitful state, public and creative activity, labour and feats of arms. State
awards of the Republic of Kazakhstan are the
signs of highest distinction.

“Each award is presented in special cases. For example, the title “People’s
Hero” is awarded for outstanding services to the Republic of Kazakhstan,
feats of arms in the name of its freedom and independence. Awarding with the “Barys”
order is made for special services, such as for strengthening the statehood and
sovereignty of the Republic of Kazakhstan; for peace, consolidation of society
and the unity of the people of Kazakhstan, the state, industrial, scientific,
socio-cultural and social activities; to strengthen cooperation among peoples,
rapprochement and mutual enrichment of national cultures and friendly relations
among nations. The “Dank” order is awarded to the highest officers of the Armed
forces, other troops and military formations, as well as the staff of special
state bodies, prosecutor’s offices, national security, Internal Affairs of the
Republic of Kazakhstan. In other words, none of the awards is appropriate to
reward the pilots”, Mr. Suleymanov said.

According to counsel, the pilots can count on such medals, as “For
courage”, “For military valor”, “For Labour” and “Mercy” for their heroic act. However,
according to Mr. Suleymanov, there are certain conditions to be awarded.

“It seems it is possible to award
them with the medal “For courage”, but the Law states that this medal is awarded
for bravery and selflessness in extreme situations related to the preservation
of human lives, such as in the waters on fire, natural disasters; in the fight
against crime. The cases shown in brackets are not suitable for the situation
with the pilots. It’s strange that the Law limits the instances of heroism, as
a feat could be accomplished in other circumstances. Of course, you can reward
the brave pilots with the medal “For courage”, but it will be a little bit
illegally. In any case,  the Law of the
awarding with medals should be changed, or deleting the words in brackets
altogether or adding in brackets something like “and in other heroic cases”, Mr.
Suleymanov said.

We remind herein the aircraft belonged to Bek Air Airlines, Kazakhstan, was
flying  en route Kyzylorda – Astana on March
27th and made an emergency landing in airport in Astana without its front
landing gear. After the incident, the Air Company management has stated they
will present the Crew Commander Dmitry Rodin and the Co-pilot Vadim Smerechanskiy
to state awards.

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