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How Mongolia becomes catalyst for conflict between Air Astana and Aeroflot


Confrontation between Air Astana, Kazakhstan,
and Aeroflot, Russia,
must not come to a standstill due to the passage flights to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia,
experts say.

The dispute between Air Astana and Aeroflot continues diving. Despite
the fact that the beginning of open confrontation have been able to repay,
solving the problem with mutual Airlines to Moscow and the Kazakh city, is
still a stumbling block, to whom appeared the new flight national airline
Astana – Ulaanbaatar, is still questionable. Or, as we are assured the
negotiators, at the discussion stage. How long it will last and whether it will
lead to a new escalation?

Recall that the conflict between Air Astana and Aeroflot suddenly began
to grow until it reached its apogee ad mutual curfews Kazakh airlines to Moscow and Russian flag carrier in seven cities of Kazakhstan: Aktau, Aktobe, Almaty, Astana,
Atyrau, Karagandaand Shymkent. It happened just this past weekend. As assured the Russian side,
the aeronautical authorities of the country blocked the flights of Air Astana toMoscow because the Kazakh aviation authorities
banned Aeroflot to operate its flights to Kazakhstan. That is, in their
opinion, it was the only response a protective measure on their part. Besides
that, in fact, the root cause of a succession of reciprocal prohibitions become
conditions of the Russians, “Air Astana” on a new flight Astana – Ulaanbaatar, which should
start to fly with this summer. The fact that the new flight Kazakh airline,
making a voyage of our capital in Mongolia, should go into Russian
airspace and fly over its territory 300 kilometers. For
this our partners EAEC require a «Air Astana» additional royalty payments. A
flight path from Kazakhstanto Mongolia through the
territory of the Russian
is referred to Trans Siberian Air
Routes. In turn, Air Astana believes that, according to the definition of the
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the airways, used for
carrying out flights from Kazakhstanto Mongolia, China and South Korea, do not belong to the
system of Trans-Siberian Air Routes.

In addition, Air Astana has recently been in connection with Russia’s
selfish approach, which they believe to be a blind eye to the principles of
good-neighborliness. How to assure in domestic airlines, we did not apply any
restrictions on the use of airspace by Russian airlines in Kazakhstan for
the passage of a third country, so why should the Russian aviation authorities
have unilaterally unfair to his closest neighbor and ally.

Meanwhile, the Russians themselves, in principle, prepared to make
concessions on royalties of the new flight of Air Astana, but instead, they require
to provide even greater service: to provide the Kazakhstan’s market for one more Russian
air carrier in addition to Aeroflot. And this is unacceptable from the point of
view of the interests of the domestic civil aviation. After all, if earlier in
the Kazakhstan market for
flights to Russia and back
to competing between Air Astana and Transaero, and after the bankruptcy of the
latter – Air Astana competes with Aeroflot, that if we accept these conditions,
the national airline will have some risks to virtually lose air transport
market in Russia,
which will control the Russian airlines.

Therefore, as we were assured by Air Astana and the Civil Aviation Committee
under the Ministry of Investment and Development of Kazakhstan, the
negotiations are continuing. In fact, after the parties have still allowed
mutual flights each other at home, paying off the conflict in the bud, and then
all the flights are operated as usual, a stumbling block has not been moved
from the dead point. Astana flights – Ulan Bator,
which served as the original cause of the dispute, close to the corkscrew, the
aeronautical authorities of the two countries, and has not received consensus:
royalty, the second Russian air carrier on the market of Kazakhstan and flights to Mongolia through China?

As for the practice of charging royalties for flying over the territory
of some states in the third country, as we admitted Karamalak Jordan, the regional representative of the
International Air Transport Association (IATA) for Central Asia, this practice
exists in Russia.
At the same time, he stressed that the collection of royalties for transit
flights of aircraft is entirely the prerogative of the commercial agreements
between the parties. Actually, both the Treaty and will: IATA is nobody’s

At the same time, we ask a question: is it worth to do so? Should a flight
en route Astana – Ulaanbaatar“to become that copy that breaks down good relations? How close are the
economic, business, cultural and tourism relations between Kazakhstan and Mongolia? As far as the new flight
will be filled, is it profitable and promising?

As the head of the association “Center for the Development of Tourism
Industry” Olzhas Shintaev explained to us, as his organization is considering
hiking trails throughout Kazakhstan, unfortunately, Mongolia is not an
attractive country in terms of passenger traffic: not only the citizens of
Kazakhstan will go there for tourist purposes and business missions. The same
can be said about the reverse: the passenger traffic from Mongolia to Kazakhstan will also be at the
minimum level.

market is very narrow, small population, interest in this country we do not at
the proper level, it is a kind of terra incognita. Although, of course, I
welcome the opening of this flight as a kind of a beginning, an attempt to
establish business relations and contacts continue in the future, maybe someday
it will lead to an increase in mutual interest between the two countries. But I
think that now is a purely economic point of view is simply unprofitable
because of the flight to Mongoliato lose money, and the passengers on the flights already fulfilled with Russia. I
myself, unfortunately, got into a situation where because of the conflict of Aeroflot
and Air Astana spent the night at the airport waiting for your flight. And like
me, it was a lot. We have a single economic union, a common language and we
simply can not afford to quarrel and did not agree because of the flight to Ulan Bator”,- Mr. Shintaev
commented to us.

In turn, Denis Krivosheev, representing the Tourist Agencies Association
of Kazakhstan considered that Astana – Ulaanbaatar flight, though at first glance it may seem frivolous pretext for conflict
between giants air, but keep in mind that it is skillfully used as an excuse to
whip up passions and escalate confrontation.

“By itself, the issue price of flights to Ulaanbaatar and back is very low, but there
is another question. Just this story has become a catalyst for urgent
contradictions between Aeroflot and Air Astana. The reason is the fierce competition
of two major airlines, which becomes crowded market. Here, everything is much
deeper than Mongoliais”, he stated.

Source – http://ca-news.org/ 

Qazaq Air launches Almaty – Kyzylorda flight

As a part of the transition to summer air navigation flight schedule, Qazaq Air, Kazakhstan,
will launch its direct scheduled domestic flight en route Almaty – Kyzylorda on
April 9, 2016, according to the Press Service of the air carrier.

The new flight will be operated twice a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
In this case, the Airline is considering the possibility to increase the number
of flights to Kyzylorda in the future. The flights will be operated on modern
comfortable Bombardier Q400NextGen aircraft.

Cost of one way air tickets for the flight from Almaty to Kyzylorda,
including all fees will come to KZT 12,497+. Flight duration is one hour and 45

 “We hope that the launch of
regular flights on the new air route to be added to the Airline’s air network will
contribute to the development of air transportation in the region”, said Adele
Dauletbek, Commercial Director,  Qazaq
Air JSC.

The Almaty – Kyzylorda flight will complement and expand the Airline’s air
route network. Currently, Qazaq Air already operates its flights from Almaty to
Astana, Shymkent, Aktobe, Atyrau, Kostanai, Pavlodar and Taldykorgan.

Qazaq Air JSC is a young airline that was created to serve regional/domestic
air routes in Kazakhstan,
it is 100% owned by Samruk-Kazyna JSC. Its air fleet consists of three new
modern and comfortable turboprop Bombardier Q400NextGeneration aircraft having 76-78
seats each.

Source – http://kazinform.kz/

Passengers using Dubai airports to pay new tax

Картинки по запросу аэропорт дубаи фото

The emirate of Dubai, whose airport is the world’s busiest for
international passengers, has announced a new tax on travellers to help finance
expansion, as Gulf governments grapple with plummeting revenues, The Guardian

The 35-dirham ($9.50) fee will apply to all passengers – including those
passing through Dubaiin transit – on all flights from 30 June, according to a statement carried by
WAM state news agency.

It is the first time Dubaihas announced a passenger tax, which is imposed in many airports worldwide.

More than 78 million passengers passed through Dubai international airport in 2015, keeping
its place as the world’s busiest for international passengers since overtaking
London Heathrow in 2014.

In February, Dubai Airports increased the capacity of its main airport
to 90 million passengers with the opening of concourse D, at a cost of $1.2bn.

Dubai has a smaller second airport,
Al-Maktoum International, which opened in 2013 and will receive 120 million
passengers a year once completed.

The receipts of the new tax will be channelled into funding the
expansion of Dubaiairports, the statement said.

Although part of the oil-rich United Arab
, Dubaihas dwindling oil wealth, and its revenues are diversified compared with its
oil-dependent Gulf peers.

But the whole region is struggling to cope with a sharp drop in oil
revenues since crude prices nosedived.

Situated on transcontinental air routes, Dubai is one of several Gulf-based airports
to experience prodigious growth in recent years.

About 100 airlines fly to more than 240 destinations from the
international hub, which is also home to carrier Emirates.

Source – http://en.trend.az/

AZAL’s new campaign: Double miles on flights to Berlin and Paris

Новая акция от AZAL: Двойные мили на рейсах в Берлин и Париж

Azerbaijan Airlines
(AZAL) launched a new campaign as part of its AZAL Miles frequent-flyer

Participants of the
program, who will fly to Berlin and Paris in the period from
April 1 to June 1, 2016 , will be able to earn twice as much status and travel

Baku – Paris – Baku flights
are operated 4 times a week – on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. Departure
from Heydar Aliyev International Airportat 06:35 in the morning Baku time, arrival at Charles de Gaulle Airport – at 10:05 local time. Departure
from Paris – at 11:25 local time, arrival in Baku – at 18:35 Bakutime.

Direct Baku – Berlin – Baku
flights, which were resumed in late March, are operated twice a week – on
Tuesdays and Sundays. Departure from Heydar Aliyev International Airport at 07:00 in the morning Baku time, arrival at Tegel International Airport – at 09:55 local
time. Departure from Berlin – at 10:55 local
time, arrival in Baku – at 17:25 Baku time.

Flights to Paris and Berlinwill be operated with comfortable Airbus A320 and A319 airliners, which have
economy and business class cabins.
Detailed information about AZAL Miles frequent-flyer program is available at:

Those who are not a
member of the program yet, can be registered on the following link:

Source – http://www.azal.az/

AZAL to present free air tickets to veterans within campaign on the occasion of May 9

Azerbaijan Airlines
(AZAL) announced the launch of a new campaign, dedicated to May 9 – 71st
anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Within the campaign the
Soviet Union Heroes and those awarded 3 degrees of the Order of Glory of the
Soviet Union, the Great Patriotic War’s participants and invalids of I, II and
III groups, widows of the military, wounded, contused and died in the Great
Patriotic War will receive a free ticket in any direction of AZAL’s route
network . The campaign also provides a free ticket for one accompanying

Ticketing within the
campaign is available from April 11. Date of departure: from May 3 to 12. Date
of the return ticket is at the discretion of the passengers.

“The Azerbaijani people
have a great merit in the achievement of the Victory in the Second World War. We
have great respect for those who gave us this victory. It is a great honor for Azerbaijan’s
national carrier to give veterans the opportunity to visit any city within our
available destinations” Vice President of CJSC AZAL Eldar Hajiyev said.

Veterans can get their
air tickets in AZAL sales offices, as well as in the representative offices of
the airline in foreign countries. To purchase air ticket within this campaign
it is necessary to show a document which confirms affiliation to the category
of the Great Patriotic War veterans.

For more information on
the terms and conditions of the campaign, please contact: (+99412) 598-88-80;
*8880 E-mail:

Source – http://www.azal.az/