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Amadeus, Boston Consulting Group present mobile app for easy travel planning


The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Amadeus have launched a new
itinerary management app available to the consulting firm’s entire workforce
worldwide. With the new MyBCGTrip mobile app, built hand-in-hand with Amadeus,
BCG’s travellers are now set to experience a smoother journey. They are
empowered with the right information when and where they need it the most –
right at their fingertips. This iOS app is now available to BCG’s employees
across its 80+ offices worldwide.

MyBCGTrip is a versatile and intuitive itinerary management app offering
instant access to all trip details, easy check-in, calendar synchronization,
flight notifications and instant alternatives in case of a last-minute change
in plans. Rebooking is as simple as a single tap that connects the traveller
directly to a travel agent. Upon booking a trip, the traveller doesn’t need to
do anything either: the trip links automatically to their profile within the

“Our Travellers are shaping our travel programme”, says Head
of Global Travel for Boston Consulting Group Gehan Colliander. “We have
come a long way since the pure user interface look and feel and are now taking
into consideration the overall user experience. The global mobile strategy we
are developing and implementing using Amadeus technology is an impeccable step
in delivering a personalized travel experience in accordance with business

Designed by the BCG Global Travel team, the MyBCGTrip app is based on
the Amadeus Mobile Platform and personalized for the corporation’s travel
needs. Beyond corporations, Amadeus’ Mobileplatform can also be used by travel agencies and other types of travel

“Our partnership with BCG is bringing their employees a one-in-all
travel companion that can offer a better, more streamlined trip experience. Stressful
situations on the road like rushing to find your new boarding gate or
struggling to find your hotel while lost in a strange city are now a thing of
the past,” comments Michael Bayle, Head of Mobile at Amadeus. He continued:
“Any sized corporation or travel company wishing to offer their travellers a
more enjoyable trip experience while traveling can count on Amadeus to equip
their travellers with contextualized travel information exactly when they need
it in their trip.”

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Plans to build local airport in Zugdidi, Georgia

The Georgian Airports Association (GAA) is interested in building an airport
in Zugdidi, Western Georgia, with its further handling.

To this end, in the case of agreement on all the terms, the Ministry of Economy
will rent the appropriate property to an interested company and formalize an
agreement with it to operate the airport.

Accordingly, the GAA invites all interested companies to express their interest
in the construction, rehabilitation and subsequent handling of real estate subjected
to transfer.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 06:00p.m. local time on June
21, 2016.

Proposals must be submitted to the GAA or be sent to the following

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NordStar Airlines resumes Krasnoyarsk – Baku air service


On May 30, 2016, NordStar Airlines operated its first flight this season
en route Krasnoyarsk, RussiaBaku, Azerbaijan, thus resuming direct
flights between the two cities. Residents of Krasnoyarsk again have the opportunity to
quickly and easily to travel to one of the most demanded destinations in the

Air traffic on this air route will be carried out every week on a Boeing
737-800 comfortable aircraft. One can fly from Krasnoyarskto Baku on Mondays, departure from Krasnoyarsk’s Emeliyanovo International Airportis at 07:20p.m., and arrival in Bakuis at 09:25p.m., journey time is five hours and five minutes. Return flights are
also operated on Mondays, the departure from Baku is at 10:35p.m. and arrival in Krasnoyarsk is at 06:20a.m.
(the next day), the journey takes four hours and 45 minutes.

The first KrasnoyarskBaku flight was operated with a full load, as
it indicates a high demand in this destination. The NordStar Airlines’ regular flight
en route KrasnoyarskBakuis carried out within the code-sharing agreement and this is the flight of
joint operation with AZAL, Azerbaijan.

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AZAL’s arrears on loans with state guarantees exceed AZN 650 million – Finance Minister

Currently, the total debt of Azerbaijan Airlines CJSC (AZAL) on state
guarantees for loans exceeds AZN 650 mln., Samir Sharifov, Finance Minister, said.

 “For now, the AZAL’s debt on
loans under the state guarantees exceeds AZN 650 million”, Mr. Sharifov said on
Tuesday during the discussion in the Parliament, as regards a report on the
execution of the Azerbaijan’s state budget for 2015.

According to him, the Government periodically provides AZAL with financial
support in various forms. This includes provision of benefits to buy jet fuel,
loans under a state guarantee, debt write-offs, purchase of aircraft and other.

“At present, AZAL should give preferences to the efficient use of
aircraft purchased and increase of profitability”, the Minister added.

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Astana to establish air communication with Tehran and Sochi in June 2016

Картинки по запросу Талгат Ластаев фото

In June 2016, one expects that to open direct air links between Astana, Kazakhstan,
and Tehran, Iran,
and Sochi, Russia, will be launched. In the
near future, we will make a decision, as regards the resumption of flights to Ulan-Bator, Mongolia,
according to Talgat Lastaev, Deputy Chairperson, Civil Aviation Committee,
Ministry for Investment and Development, Kazakhstan.

“Launching the Astana – Tehran flight is scheduled for the end of June
2016, that is, as scheduled, the first flight will be operated in late June”, Mr.
Lastaev said at a briefing in the Ministry devoted to civil aviation issues.

As for connection of the Kazakhstan’s
capital with major international centers, then, in his words, there are newly launched
Astana – Amsterdam flights, as well as flights
to Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt,
and  Almaty – Xian, China, air service were launched
this spring.

“The agreement that we signed with Iran, is the first agreement since
the lifting of sanctions. We agreed with the Iranian side about 14 flights a
week from the two cities. Now, the whole world looks to Iran after the
lifting of sanctions, and we believe that this is a good agreement”, Mr Lastaev

According to him, in addition to this, Aktau – Sochi,
Almaty – Sochi and Astana – Sochi flights will be launched on June 5, 2016. In 2017, on the eve
of preparations for the “EXPO-2017”,
there are negotiations to launch flights to Tokyo, Japan.
In the longer term, after 2019, there are plans to establish air service with North America, and the city is being specified. Most
likely, it will be New York”,
the Deputy Chairperson of the Committee said.

He also said that in the near future, his Ministry intends to resolve
the issue to resume flights to Ulan-Bator,

“This process is going. We hope this restriction will be removed soon,
and the issue will be resolved. I think that this flight will be launched”, Mr.
Lastaev said.

According to him, the Mongolia’s
restriction to resume Air Astana’s flights to Ulan-Bator contradicts the Air Traffic

“We have asked for clarification and further on this agreement, we have
the right to appeal to the ICAO so that the ICAO would explain Mongolia… All
parties have ratified the convention, and we have to carry out its provisions”,
Mr. Lastaev said.

“This is our one of the main tasks to develop new air routes, especially
transit ones. The Mongolian Astana – Ulan-Bator destination is a transit one,
so we are actively working with our colleagues. There were appropriate clarification
letters, and there were letters to clarify the situation at the level of the Ministry”,
he explained.

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Turkmenistan Airlines can not find partner to serve Ashgabat International Airport

«Туркменховаёллары» не может найти партнера по обслуживанию ашхабадского аэропорта

to Gundogar website, Turkmenistan Airlines (a state national air service) has announced
an extension of the international tender to select companies for the creation
of the “Duty Free” network at Ashgabat
International Airport
, Turkmenistan

The tender
was announced on March 29, 2016 and it was supposed to be lasted no more than
one month. Following the extension of this tender, according to the new conditions,
one will accept applications from interested companies until May 31, 2016.

In the
same time frame medunarodny held a tender for the selection of companies for
the production of on-board power supply. This competition has also been extended
to May 31, 2016.

reluctance of large and well-known international companies serving the best
airports in the world to work with Turkmenistan Airlines on the proposed terms has
caused the fact that organizers were forced to extend the term for receipt of

present, negotiations are under way, and, most likely, companies will be
selected without any tender, in the manual mode”, the Turkmen Government said.

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UAVs threat: how to stop the mess in civil aviation?


aircraft fever is one the biggest phenomenon today. Starting with a civil
sector and the UAVs usage for personal purposes to the huge military industry
where drones play a tremendous role lately. The scope of the spreading fever is
evidently changing not only our daily lives, different business fields, but
also the landscape of the aviation itself. So how does UAVs impact the civil
aviation? And what actions are taken to ensure the airspace safety?

Are the threats real?

take an example from the recent events – Heathrow incident. The British Airways
aircraft (Airbus A320) was approaching the Heathrow airport from Geneva with 132
passengers and five crew members on board when it was hit by a drone.
Fortunately, pilots were able to land the plane safely and to avoid any serious
harm it could cause. This incident is believed to be the first evident
collision between a UAV and a passenger aircraft in UK airports; however, there were
the numerous reports of close encounters already.

incident revealed the real risk for civil aviation safety that unprofessional
and regulations-free unmanned aircraft operations can cause. The main threat to
airspace safety is drones flying at low altitudes in the airport areas or close
to it. It could cause a real hazard for the aircraft during take-off or
landing. The risk of collision is extremely high. Furthermore, there are still
no clear findings how the radio spectrum used to control the drones affects air
traffic control systems. This could also be a valid threat to the airspace.

what is the situation with the aviation regulatory bodies? Are they taking any
actions to prevent such accidents and to raise the maximum safety level of the
civil airspace?

What about the situation on

to the Heathrow incident, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has formed
a special task force to investigate and identify all the possible risks and
outcomes of collision between drones and aircraft. The research is currently
under the investigation, but as soon as it is finished the task force will
announce its findings and discuss it with all the stakeholders.

suggests that finally not only the general safety issue related to drone
operations is brought to the daylight, but also the specific air safety
threats, affects and danger possibilities are discussed, investigated and
listed out.

has also published a “Technical Opinion” on the safe use of drones in Europe’s civil airspace. The document notes the main
directions for the future work regarding UAVs interaction with other airspace
objects. The future goal is to provide an explicit framework which will ensure
the air safety. So the only thing still missing – the final regulatory rules
for the unmanned aircraft operations and the certification system for UAVs’

Could proper education be a

of the threats are usually caused by amateurs and ignorance towards general
aviation knowledge and rules.

someone driving a car in the traffic without knowing the driving rules. The
same could be applied to the UAVs operators. The airspace is traffic full of
other vehicles, such as passenger aircraft, gliders, helicopters, other drones
as well. If the drone pilot takes to the sky without understanding this,
nothing good could be expected,” shares his opinion Robertas Svabauskas, BAA
Training’s Deputy Head of Training for Aviation Training Ab Initio.

the interview with Live Mint, Rob Eagles, director, air traffic
management infrastructure, International Air Transport Association (IATA),
spoke about drones and the threat to civil aviation. According to Rob Eagles,
the fact that many of the unmanned aircraft operators are new to the field of
aviation, the education, involving such hazards as manned and unmanned aircraft
operating together in the same airspace, should be applied to drone operators.
He also claimed that UAVs should be operated in accordance with air traffic
control instructions and have compatible communications and navigation
capabilities and be able to be seen by air traffic controllers and manned

other words, when entering the airspace drones have to be treated equally to
the manned aircraft, therefore, the same rules, restrictions and requirements
should be applied as well. To acquire this specific knowledge drone operators
should undergo at least the same safety and operational standards training as
manned aircraft pilots do.

every drone operator should learn through the training is general operating
procedures – their safety standards, emergency situations and how to avoid
them. Air law, navigation, radio communication and meteorology knowledge should
also be a part of the UAVs pilots training,” Robertas marks.

How to reach the harmony?

conclusion, we might say that every drone operator should understand the risk
and take the responsibility for the airspace safety when taking to the skies.
However, as long as it is not regulated by law no major changes affecting the
threats prevention could be expected. Only by mastering the general aviation
knowledge and rules UAVs operators are prepared for the safe flies, ensuring
the harmony in civil aviation.

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Uzbekistan Airways offers promotional prices for Tashkent – Samarqand domestic flights

Uzbekistan Havo Yollari (Uzbekistan Airways) has prolonged its promotional
prices to tickets for Tashkent– Samarqand domestic flights, the Air Company said in a statement.

the promotional campaign, passengers can buy their one-way air tickets for just
EUR 23, according to Uzbekistan Airways.

citizens of Uzbekistan will
pay for their air tickets in national currency, Uzbek Soums, at the exchange rate
of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan,
set on the day of payment.

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37 aircraft suspended their flights in Kazakhstan in 2015

As a
result of inspections in Kazakhstan conducted in 2015, four airlines were revoked
their certificates to perform aerial work, this was announced today at a press
conference by Beken Seidakhmetov, Chairperson, Civil Aviation Committee under the
Ministry of Investment and Development, Kazakhstan.

upon identified deficiencies or non-compliance with the certification and as a result
of inspections of airlines in 2015,  four
airlines were revoked their certificate to perform aerial work. 37 aircraft suspended
their activities. Also, one suspended 24 certificates of aviation personnel”,
he informed.

to him, the airworthiness certificate is nowadays issued for one-year period. To
certify a new aircraft or an aircraft that is passed overhaul, the airworthiness
certificate is issued for two years. Technical centers for aircraft maintenance
also issue their certificates for two years. Airports, depending to their state,
obtain certificates for a period of up to five years.

present, 48 airlines are registered in Kazakhstan, of these, 22 carry out their
commercial flights and 26 – various aerial work.

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Any Kazakh airline to be able to fly to EU after removal of restrictions

Сейдахметов Бекен Канелович

After the removal of the European Commission’s restrictions from Kazakhstan, any domestic airline will be able to
fly to Europe, having passed an independent audit, this was announced today at
a press conference by Beken Seidakhmetov, Chairperson, Civil Aviation Committee
under the Ministry of Investment and Development, Kazakhstan.

The Chairperson of this Committee recalled that Kazakhstan has eliminated all
significant comments of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

“Currently, we are working with the European Commission to work out issues
to remove restrictions from Kazakh airlines to operate flights to Europe. Once these restrictions are removed, each airline
that wishes to fly to Europe, must undergo the European Aviation Safety Agency’s
independent audit to get permits to fly to Europe”,
Mr. Seidakhmetov told.

According to him, the Committee’s further work is focused on the planned
introduction of European requirements and is oriented on the British model to
regulate the civil aviation industry.

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