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EU, ICAO’s black list says on existing threat to safety

of all, the black list of the EU and ICAO indicates that we have a threat of
safety”, Baktybek Sydykov, Parliament Member, Republic – Ata Jurt Faction, said
today at the Kyrgyz Parliament’s meeting for the Committee on Transport,
Communications, Architecture and Construction.

only that we have been  in the ICAO’s black
list for 10 years, but we were also included to the EU’s black list. This
suggests that our civil aviation sector is in deep crisis. Rather than remove
the comments, they have only increased from 67 to 128 for 10 years. In this
case, 5-6 of them are very important because they do not only mean the threat
of safety, but also the existence of threats to human life”, he stated.

suggested “to face the aviation sector”, while the industry has not been lost yet.
“No wonder I have asked the new Minister of Transport Zamirbek Aidarov to
pay attention, first of all, to this sector. I thank the air companies which,
despite the crisis and improper operation of the Civil Aviation Agency (CAA), are
working for the people and earn money for the state budget”, Mr. Sydykov said.

At the
same time, he stressed that he did not criticize the new CEO of the CAA Ermek
Omuraliev. “I want to say that you just do not have started with that, even
though you have all the leverage. You say that you have a focal approach to the
ICAO audit. But this should not be. All ICAO standards and regulations must be a
guide for you to act, so please pull yourself together and start working,
nothing complicating about it. The ICAO regulations specifically state what
qualifications should each employee have. Why should you invent something? If
you hire people with humanitarian, philological education, electrical
engineers, I can not understand how you are going to be excluded from the black
list”, Mr. Sydykov expressed his doubts.

conclusion, he agreed with the CEO of the CAA that the finance-provision issue is
important. In this regard, the members of the Committee have suggested that a part
of airport charges, which were increased from US $10 to US $15, to transfer to
the State Civil Aviation Agency. Indeed, as noted by Mr. Sydykov, Kyrgyzstan can
not buy new aircraft on lease nowadays because the aircraft having been operated
in the country from the black list, then will not be accepted in other

By the
way, according to Ermek Omuraliev, at present, Kyrgyzstan has 19 planes and two helicopters
in working state.

Source –  http://www.24.kg/

Civil Aviation Agency and Manas International Airport to present operation report in fall

The Civil
Aviation Agency and Manas International Airportwill present an Operations Report to the Parliament’s Committee on Transport,
Communications, Architecture and Construction in the fall. This decision was
made today at a meeting of the Committee.

The Manas International Airport is requested a
business plan for the use of the US $15 airport tax. “Today’s meeting was
conducted to find out how our Committee can help you. But lengthy answers of
some of the leaders left the impression that the workers of this sector –
untouchables, although the deputies asked you quite professional issues and
among them there are also many people who are aware of aviation,” the head of
Committee Marat Amankulov (SDPK) summed up the discussion and advised the head
of Ministry of transport and road Zamirbek Aidarov to strengthen contact with
the relevant departments.

addition to the activities of Civil Aviation Agency and Manas, the Parliament’s
Committee will have to figure out a statement in the fall, saying that the
agency illegally granted license to Air Manas for the flights. Now, the General
Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Transport conduct check on this fact.

Source – http://www.24.kg/

Over 80 fake medical investigation opinions issued to aviation personnel in Kazakhstan

Over 80
fake medical investigation opinions were issued to aviation personnel in Kazakhstan,
according to Tengrinews.kz, this was reported today by the Vice-Minister for
Investment and Development Albert Rau.

The Kazakh
Parliament was presented with a draft Law “On Amendments and Additions to Some
Legislative Acts of Kazakhstan to Use Airspace and Aviation Activities”.

“Medical support missions are the most
important safety components. In here, we will focus on the control and
supervision. There was resonant crash of a German air company’s aircraft when
one identified the concealment of a pilot’s diseases. Such problems are everywhere.
Because of this, along with other countries, we tighten control over health
care of the aeronautical personnel”, Mr. Rau said.

noted that there are facts in Kazakhstan,
when aviation personnel were issued with falsified medical conclusions.

“Unfortunately, our audit showed that we have
this problem, too. Last year, more than 80 falsified medical certificates were
issued to aviation personnel. In this regard, in line with international
experience, one offers implying certain responsibility on the aviation
administration to provide them with authorities to certify aviation aircraft medical
centers and carry out the issuance of certificates to aviation medical examiners”,
Mr. Rau said.

The Vice-Minister
for Investment and Development separately focused on what kind of punishment is

“One sets
the administrative responsibility of medical experts for issuing false medical investigation
opinions to admit aviation personnel to their work and this is 100 MCI, in
repeated occasions – this will be 200 MCI (…) Officials of aviation security,
that is, in the present law, we have administrative responsibility for an organization.
Now, in addition to the responsibility of the organization, we have also introduced
the responsibility of officials”, Mr. Rau said.

Source – https://tengrinews.kz/

Direct flights from Kazakhstan to New York to be launched in 2020

flights from Kazakhstan to New York will be
launched in 2020, according to Tengrinews.kz. This was announced during a presentation
of the draft Law “On Amendments and Additions to Some Legislative Acts of
Kazakhstan to Use Airspace and Aviation Activities” in the Kazakh Parliament by
the CEO of the Civil Aviation Committee under the Ministry for Investment and
Development of Kazakhstan.

becomes an international financial center. At the moment, we have direct air
links with six financial centers. We plan to open direct air communications
with Tokyo and Singapore in 2018. In 2019, there will
be flight to Shanghai.
And in 2020, there will be New York.
Why New York’s
flight is expected in 2020? This is due to the acquisition of a new aircraft by
Air Astana. Before flying to the United States, the air company will need to
pass the appropriate audit of the U.S. Federal Aviation Service, which requires
a certain period of time”, Beken Seidakhmetov, CEO, Civil Aviation Committee, said
at the presentation of the draft Law.

When speaking
about this, the CEO of the Civil Aviation Committee said that Azerbaijan had been audited during three years to
launch direct flights to the United

 “We already have plans, too, and we have started
negotiations with these countries”, Mr. Seidakhmetov said.

one reported that Kazakhstan’s
national airline Air Astana will fly to New York,Tokyo and Singapore.

to official data, there are 88 international air routes in Kazakhstan. Since
2016, four new air routes have been launched and one expects that six more
international air routes will be launched until the end of the year.

Source – https://tengrinews.kz/


EgyptAir crash: Flight data recorder repaired – investigators

damaged flight data recorder from the EgyptAir plane that crashed last month
has been successfully repaired in France, Egyptian investigators say.

say that work on the Airbus A320’s cockpit voice recorder will begin
“within hours”.

It paves the way for experts to analyze data that could help explain
what caused the crash.

Flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo plunged into the Mediterranean
on 19 May, killing all 66 people on board.

In a statement, Egypt‘s
investigation commission said that the flight data recorder had been
“successfully repaired… by the French accident investigation agency

The voice and flight data recorders, known as black boxes, arrived in Paris from Cairoon Monday so that salt deposits could be removed.

They will be sent back to Cairoso the data can be analyzed.

Also on Monday, the Parisprosecutor opened a manslaughter investigation into the crash.

A spokeswoman told the Associated Press that it would begin as an
accident inquiry because there was no evidence so far to link it to terrorism.

Investigators appear to think the Airbus A320 was not brought down

The flight recorders were recovered from the plane’s wreckage, about
290km (180 miles)
north of the Egyptian coast and at a depth of about 3,000m (9,800ft).

Automated electronic messages sent by the plane revealed that smoke
detectors went off in a toilet and in the avionics area below the cockpit,
minutes before the plane’s signal was lost.

Radar data shows the plane turned 90 degrees left and then 360 degrees
to the right, dropping from 11,300m (37,000ft) to 4,600m (15,000ft) and then
3,000m (10,000ft) before it disappeared.

What we know:

Flight MS804 vanished over the eastern Mediterraneanearly on Thursday 19 May with 66 passengers and crew on board

surface debris was found 290km (180 miles) north of the Egyptian city of Alexandria

was subsequently found in several locations at a depth of about 3,000m

from the plane indicated that smoke was detected in the toilet and in the
avionics area below the cockpit

made a 90-degree left turn followed by a 360-degree turn to the right before
vanishing off radar.

 Source – http://kazinform.kz/

New Airbus A320 touch screen trainer at BAA Training

week BAA Training has finally received the long-awaited Airbus A320 Touch
Screen Trainer (TST). The device will complement customary European standard
aviation education center’s type rating facilities at headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Airbus A320 TST will allow pilots to improve their type rating skills with
device, which is very similar to the real aircraft cockpit.

Training has been providing Airbus A320 Type Rating teaching in Vilnius (Lithuania)
for over 5 years now, and uses every opportunity that arises to enrich pilots’
exercises equipment and experience. BAA Training decided to cooperate with ECA
Group which is able to offer TST compliant with FAA Level and EASA FSTD A Level
1 standards. ECA Group is the only manufacturer which was able to propose a
full solution with a single PC architecture and has been the first manufacturer
to introduce hardware replicas for thrust levers and side sticks.

TST readily available at all times at our training base allows us to add
flexibility to pilot training. This is very important to our customers, who appreciate
the prompt service supply and comfort. I mean not only self-sponsored pilots,
but also customer airlines such as Lao Airlines, Quadrant Systems Ltd., Khors
Air, Small Planet Airlines, DOT LT, TNC Aviation and others from all over the
world, who will be able to choose the slots in Airbus A320 simulator from more
options,” comments Martynas Mazeika, Product Development Department Director at
BAA Training.

Touch screen device is developed using Airbus’ official Data Package combined
with the outspoken BAA Training needs. It meets the highest requirements of the
A320 pilots’ type rating training. The device properly supports A320 type
rating arrangement by filling the gap between theoretical Computer Based
Training and upscale Full Flight Simulator.

Source – https://www.baatraining.com/

CEO of Civil Aviation Committee comments a problem with non-refundable airline tickets

Фото с airlife.ua

CEO of Civil Aviation Committee commented the problem with non-refundable
airline tickets, according to Tengrinews.kz.

the presentation of the draft Law “On Amendments and Additions to Some Legislative
Acts of Kazakhstan to Use Airspace and Aviation Activities”, MPs demanded that
the relevant departments should solve the problem of non-refundable airline tickets.

is one very important point – non-refundable air tickets. A man buys an air ticket
one or two months in advance, but because of some personal or business
circumstances, (s)he refuses from this air ticket. And the money are not returned.
In practice, there is confiscation of funds from the population. I believe this
is wrong. Those people who pay in advance for the work of our airlines should
be entitled to receive this money back. People do not give up air tickets for
no reason. We should get into their position and return the money”, the deputy
Sapar Akhmetov raised the issue.

are complaints from the public on non-refundable air tickets, as far as I know,
this is the airline’s own decision, they are making a decision to refuse from return
tickets, but there will be minimum airfares. Those citizens who buy their tickets
at minimal price will have 20-30 percent penalties in case of returning an air
ticket. There are average tariffs and maximal rates. As regards the latter, penalties
on return air tickets will not be withdrawn”,  Beken Seidakhmetov, CEO, Civil Aviation
Committee under the Ministry for Investment and Development of Kazakhstan, told
reporters on the sidelines of the meeting.

noted that this question is not provided for in the bill under discussion.

Source – https://tengrinews.kz/


Pilot and flight engineer sustained thermal burns, as An-2 aircraft had emergency landing in Almaty Region

An An-2 plane crash landed in the Almaty Region, Kazakhstan, as
a result, two people were injured, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the press
secretary of the regional emergencies department Azamat Zhurtbayev.

“We received this message at 00:46p.m. local time yesterday, June 26,
2016. The An-2 aircraft owned by Tamshy Bulak LLP made an emergency landing in
the Balkhash area, two people were hospitalized. I can say nothing right now
about what caused this crash-landing. The Transport Prosecutor’s Office has
been involved in investigation”, he said.

Meanwhile, the central district hospital in Bakanas, Kazakhstan,
told about the status of the suffered pilot and flight engineer. As it became
known, both are located in the department of surgery with burns of the second
and third degree. “One of them, the flight engineer Aliyev has
​​20-29 per cent of burnt body, whereas
the second one, the pilot Vahidov, – 70-79 per cent. Both are in the mind, the surgical
operation is not required. Condition of one patient is  heavy and the second patient has average injures”,
the hospital commented.

The hospital said that one of the injured lives in Shymkent, the second one
– in Almaty Region.

Source – https://tengrinews.kz/


Kyrgyzstan holds contest to select air carrier to fly to Zhukovsky Airport


Kyrgyzstan is holding a contest for the
selection of the air carrier to operate flights to Zhukovsky Airport near Moscow,Russia, the Press Service of
the Zhukovsky Airport’s operator, Ramport Aero JSC,
reported to the Moscow Urban News Agency.

Kyrgyzstanis holding a contest for the selection of the designated air carrier. According
to data provided by the authorities of this country, the results will be
announced on July 20th. After this, the carrier will be filed a “Form
P” (application for a permit for transit flights by foreign aircraft through
the airspace of Russia– noted by the Moscow Agency) and, by the end of July, this air carrier will
begin flight operations”, according to the Press Service.

The Press Service also added that SCAT Airlines, Kazakhstan, may become the first foreign air carrier
that will fly to the Zhukovsky Airport. “The SCAT Airlines
has already sent the “Form P” to the Federal Air Transport Agency and we expect
its approval before the end of June. Air ticket sales campaign is scheduled for
early July. So, SCAT will likely become the first foreign air carrier”, the
Moscow Agency was informed. At the same time, the Press Service assured that
the Zhukovsky Airport is ready to take flights even today.

The fourth airport of the Moscowaviation hub, Zhukovsky, was opened for flights on May 30, 2016.

Ramport Aero JSC, an airport management company, has previously signed an
agreement on cooperation on airport services with SCAT Airlines in connection
with the start of flights. The same agreement was also signed with Air
Kyrgyzstan JSC, Airline” Aviastar-TU JSC and Sky Greats Airline LLP. In
addition, an agreement was signed with the Master International General Trading
Company to establish a joint venture for the construction and management of the
cargo terminal.

Source – http://www.aviaport.ru/


New terminal for Tbilisi International Airport


By the end of 2017, anew terminal building will appear at the Tbilisi International Airport, George Kvirikashvili,
Prime Minister of Georgia, said today at a construction work beginning ceremony.
Construction of the terminal begins earlier than one scheduled due to the
increasing number of tourists in Georgia.

 “In recent months, one has recorded
more than 25 percent growth that will continue and, with a high probability, these
indicators will be even higher. Therefore, TAV Georgia,
a subsidiary of TAV Holding, begins construction of a new arrivals terminal”, SputnikGeorgiaquoted Mr. Kvirikashvili.

He noted that the Georgian Government is always ready to contribute to
the activities of foreign investors, create an appropriate environment for
business development, at the same time as much as possible to protect the
interests of its citizens and tourists coming to the country. “TAV Holding has already
invested more than US $ 100 million investment in international airports in Tbilisi and Batumi. US $ 60 million will be invested to develop
the airport infrastructure and expand/construct  the terminal”, Mr. Kvirikashvili told.

The Tbilisi International Airport Development Project covers the
rehabilitation of the runway, taxiways, providing the terminal with five new parking
areas and a passenger bridge. Construction will employ up to 500 people. “The
area of
​​the new terminal is 12,000 square meters,
and it will be intended only for arrivals. As regards the existing terminal with
its area of
​​25,000 square
meters, passengers will be checked-in and depart to their destinations”, TAV Georgia told.

After the construction of the new terminal of Tbilisi International Airport is completed, it will
be able to serve 3.5 million passengers per year instead of the current 2.8

Source – http://www.aviaport.ru/