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Air Astana’s premises damaged after the attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport


After the night attack, the Ataturk International Airportin Istanbul, Turkey, has resumed its work in the
morning, June 29, 2016, and is functioning smoothly, according to the statement
released by the Corporate Communications Department, Air Astana.

In this regard, the air carrier will continue operating its direct
scheduled flights from Kazakhstanto Istanbul.
So, on Wednesday, June 28th, one has scheduled two flights: KS 911 to
fly from Almaty International Airportat 05:55p.m. and KC 917 – from Astana International Airportat 06:50p.m. local time.

“In spite of the damage to the Air Astana’s premises at the airport in Istanbul, the Air Company
makes every possible effort to ensure trouble-free operation of its ground-based
services. To this end, the Airline will send two experienced staff from terrestrial
services, Almaty, to Istanbul for work improvement and will load extra fuel into
its aircraft in case of long waiting for landing and taxiing permission”, the
Air Company said.

The Air Company continues to closely monitor the situation at the
airport in Istanbul,
and reiterates that the safety of passengers and crew are a priority.

Source – http://forbes.kz/


SCAT Airlines’ passengers can rebook their air tickets to Istanbul without penalties

of the SCAT Airlines, Kazakhstan,
who have their air tickets for flights to Istanbul,
, may
rebook them on other dates without paying any fines and fees, the Air Company said
in its statement released on Wednesday.

flights to Istanbulwill be made under the terms of the application of tariffs.

The Airline
also announced that security measures are strengthened on all its flights.

Air Astana, the largest Kazakh airline, expressed its willingness to reimburse
the full cost of tickets for flights to Istanbuland Antalyawhen they return without fines, as well as the possibility of changing the date
of departure or the route directions and without the imposition of fines.

was a terrorist attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airporton Tuesday evening, which killed at least 41 and injured about 150 people.

Source – http://www.trend.az/

Delayed Istanbul – Tashkent flight to be carried out June 29

The IstanbulTashkentflight (HY 274) of Uzbekistan Airways will be carried out June 29, said a
message from the airline.

flight was delayed June 28 as the Istanbul Ataturk International Airport was temporarily
closed in accordance with a decision of Turkish authorities, following the
terrorist attack there.

airline said the HY 274 plane is expected to take off from Istanbul at 20:00 (UTC/GMT +3 hours) and the
registration of the passengers will start at 17:00 (UTC/GMT +3 hours).

The IstanbulTashkentflight (THY 368) of Turkish Airlines was also delayed due to the same reason
June 28. All the passengers were evacuated from the airport.

Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport came under a
terrorist attack June 28.

Source – http://en.trend.az/

Uzbekistan Airways did not cancel its flights to Istanbul


The Tashkent
International Airport, Uzbekistan, continues its operations as usual, no any flights
to Istanbulwere cancelled after a night’s terrorist attack. This is reported by Sputnik,
citing Uzbekistan Airways.

to this source, in connection with a series of explosions in the international
terminal building at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport, no any special additional security
measures will be introduced at Tashkent International Airport.

At the
same time, according to the source, the Uzbekistan Airways’ morning flight en
route TashkentIstanbul was not cancelled. Just at this
moment, the plane has been loaded and it has taken off. However, the flight
departed from Tashkentwith a slight delay. Initially, it had to fly at 10:30 am Tashkent time.

“It is
difficult to say right now what will happen to the next flights scheduled for
other days. Everything will be as scheduled if, of course, there are no any unforeseen
circumstances. In connection with the situation in the Istanbul airport, it is difficult to say
anything for sure”, the source said.

remind herein, there were three explosions at the entrance, exit and the
parking lot at the Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport (terminal building) at about
midnight Tashkenttime on Tuesday. According to preliminary reports, as a result of this
terrorist attack, 36 people were killed and another 147 were injured.

Source – http://ca-news.org/

US $13 from airport charges should be directed to obtain new planes

The Kyrgyz
Parliament’s Committee on Transport, Communications, Architecture and
Construction requested the Manas International Airport (MIA) JSC to develop a
business plan for the efficient use of fees collected in the amount of US $15
from each passenger.

to Abdimalik Busurmankulov, Director, Investment and Infrastructure Development
Directorate, MIA JSC, fees from passengers are included in the airport’s

can not survive without an airport tax, because in addition to the capital’s
airport, there are 11 regional ones, and they all need funding”, Mr. Busurmankulov

Attokurov, PM, Social Democratic Party Faction, proposed to develop a business plan
and make an economic analysis for the effective use of these funds. “Perhaps,
US $2-3 could be left to the State Civil Aviation Agency to improve human
resources among inspectors, as Kyrgyzstan should be withdrawn from the EU’s black
list, as well as wages should be increased as well. The remaining funds could
be transferred to the national air carrier, Air Kyrgyzstan, to buy new aircraft
in leasing, as it is clear that it won’t be possible to be excluded from this
black list without qualitative aircraft”, Mr. Attokurov said.

since January 1st, the citizens departing on international flights from
the Manas Airport, pay a fee of  US $15. This amount is included in the airfares.

Source – http://www.vb.kg/

Aviation security measures enhanced at Manas International Airport

the airports belonged to the Manas International Airport (MIA) JSC are operating
normally, according to the MIA Press Service.

So, because
of the terrorist attack, which occurred at the Ataturk International Airport in
Istanbul, Turkey, on June 28, 2016, the airports belonged to the MIA JSC have enhanced
their security measures. All structures of internal affairs on air transport
and personnel of associated airports are involved now to enhance security and
safety measures.

now, the flight 345 has already departed from Manas International Airportto fly to Istanbul,
and there are 135 passengers on board. Earlier, two flights (344 and 348) were
canceled at Manas International Airportas” to due to a terrorist attack in the Istanbul’sAtaturk International Airport.

Due to
enhanced security measures, the MIA JSC recommends its passengers the following:

1. Pack
your luggage by your own;

2. Do
not leave your luggage and other belongings unattended;

3. Do not
receive baggage items, parcels, envelopes, etc. from strangers and anyone else.

regards hand luggage, one has prohibited to bring liquids, aerosols, gels,
creams in any quantities except medicine and infant nutrition into the aircraft’s

Also, inspection
procedures are obligatory for all persons at the entrance of the airport building.

Source – http://www.vb.kg/

The first Bishkek – Istanbul flight canceled after explosions at Ataturk International Airport to be operated today – Manas International Airport

from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan,
to Istanbul, Turkey,
have been restored, as they were cancelled after a series of explosions in the
Turkish airport, the Manas International Airport’s
Press Service reported.

night, the Turkish Airlines’ two Bishkek – Istanbul flights were canceled. But today,
the Airline has resumed its flights. The first one had to depart at about 10:00a.m.
local time, but check-in is still underway. The departure time for the second
flight have not yet decided. The air carrier itself, whose flights have been
canceled, resolves all issues related with delivering of Kyrgyz citizens from Istanbul”, the Manas International Airportinformed.

Source – http://www.vb.kg/

Airport in Istanbul reopens after a series of explosions


The Atatürk International Airport in Istanbul, Turkey,
has resumed operations after the bombings, which killed at least 36 people, the
Sabah Daily newspaper writes citing the statement of the Prime Minister Binali

to him, Turkish authorities suspect that a terrorist group “Islamic State” is
behind these attacks.

connection with the attack, the scheduled flights have been canceled and passengers
were accommodated in hotels.

there was a report stating that in connection with the attack, the Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul will be closed until Wednesday.

a series of explosions thundered in the evening on June 28th in the
largest Turkish Ataturk Airport.

Source – http://ca-news.org/

Air companies do not cancel Dushanbe – Istanbul flights

No any
flights departing from Dushanbe, Tajikistan, for Istanbul,Turkey, where there were attacks
at the Ataturk International Airportthe day before, have been scheduled for today.

connection with the terrorist act that took place in the evening of June 28th,
the airport in Istanbulwas closed, and the resumption of its work was expected today. Many of the
world’s airlines have canceled their flights to Istanbul today.

Spokesperson of Turkish Airlines, which has three Dushanbe – Istanbul flights a
week, said to the Asia Plus News Agency, Tajikistan, that the Airline’s next Dushanbe
– Istanbul flight is scheduled for tomorrow, June 30th, at 05:00a.m.
local time. The Spokesperson promised to announce in advance about any changes
in the flight schedule.

there is no change in the schedule of flights to Istanbulfor Somon Air, Tajikistan, too. “At the moment,
there is no change in the schedule of aircraft departure en route DushanbeIstanbulDushanbe”, Timur
Bandishoev,  Press Secretary, Somon Air, said
to Asia Plus.

recalled, at present, the Airline operates its flights on this air route three
times a week, on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The Somon Air’s nearest DushanbeIstanbulDushanbe flight is scheduled
for Friday, July 1, 2016.

remind herein, on June 28, 2016, there were three explosions at the Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul, Turkey.
One assumes that the attack on the airport was organized by the “Islamic State”.
As a result of explosions, 50 people were killed and about 150 were injured.

to the Tajik MFA, there were no any Tajik residents/citizens among the dead and
injured in the airport’s international terminal in Istanbul.

Source – http://news.tj/


Flights to Istanbul canceled in Astana and Almaty

flights to Istanbulare canceled in Astana and Almaty.    

TK355 flight by Turkish Airlines from Astana to Istanbul is canceled. The plane was scheduled
to depart at 3:25 today.

Besides, two flights (TK351 and TK353) by Turkish Airlines from Almaty
to Istanbulwere canceled as well. The planes were scheduled to depart at 6:45 am and at 10
am today respectively.

As earlier reported, two bombs went off at the main airport in Istanbul in the evening
on June 28.

Source – http://kazinform.kz/