Cargolux Airlines to increase number of transit flights to Turkmenistan

Cargolux Airlines увеличит число транзитных рейсов в Туркменистан

The Europe’s
biggest cargo airline from Luxembourg, Cargolux Airlines International S.A., will
increase the number of transit cargo flights operated to the airports in Turkmenistan,
the Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper wrote on Thursday.

Since July
1, 2016, the air carrier will operate its weekly flights through the airports
of Turkmenistan.
In total, 11 such flights have been scheduled so far. In 2017, the air company
will daily transport goods through Turkmenbashi and Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

Since last
year, Cargolux has regularly been delivering shipments for various purposes through
the airport located in the seaside town of Turkmenbashi,Turkmenistan, as they go fromLuxembourg to Taipei and from Hong Kong – to Viennaand Budapest.

addition to these cities, European pilots will pass transit goods through the
Turkmenbashi airport to Singaporeand Ho Chi Minh City.
This year, the airline plans to carry out transit flights through the Ashgabat International Airportas well.

choice made by Europeans, as regards the international airports in the Caspian
Sea seaside and in Ashgabat, as transit points along the routes connecting the
cities of Europe and Asia, is due, first of all, to their favourable
geographical location at the crossroads of sea, air, railway and automobile
routes connecting Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia”, the newspaper writes.

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