Passengers of Turkmenistan Airlines could suffer in terrorist attack in Istanbul

to, there was a
terrorist attack at the Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport, Turkey, in the evening of June 28,
2016. Several armed men, called as  Islamists
by media, staged a gunfight with the guards, broke into the airport building and
detonated an explosive device set forth under their clothing.

international arrivals area was the aim of these terrorists.

As a
result of this terrorist act, 41 people died, 239 were injured varying degrees
of severity, according to NTV, Turkey.
These data are being specified.

to unconfirmed reports from Azatlyk Radio, at least one citizen of Turkmenistancould be among the victims.

missions of Turkmenistan in Istanbul and Ankarado not comment the situation.

One hour
and 10 minutes prior these explosions, the Turkmenistan Airlines’ flight number
921 landed at the Ataturk International Airport,
as it was flying en route Ashgabat, TurkmenistanIstanbul. The same aircraft took off on a
return flight number 922 inexactly one hour after the terrorist attacks.

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